Compilation of finished content that is not in the game.

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  1. Wildcat Committed Player

    wow, I see this for the first time, nice
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  2. AV Loyal Player

    Every time this gets bumped I cry inside that we still don't have Amazo, Captain Atom, or Mad Hatter in game. Also Metamorpho, or Plastic Man... Maybe someday we'll see stretching/elastic powers Q_Q
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  3. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    Should be up to date now. Feel free to tell me if I missed anything while editing.
  4. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    We have Amazo now.
  5. AV Loyal Player

    And Captain Atom and Plastic Man.
  6. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    And Metamorpho :)
  7. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    Alternative version of Shielded Robot style
  8. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    Alternative versions of Demonic style

    Alternative version of female Gadgeteer style

    Alternative male Insectoid helmet style

    It appears there used to be "Kirby Tech" style. Chest style from it is used in Fourth world set for some reason

    "Tech Power Armor"

    Heavy Manhunters
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  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Wow I love this one, nice find! The head piece on this looks amazing. The cape looks great too, but also a little bit similar to the OP back we got based off Mordru. I'd love to get this full set in game some day. I know we have the chest, shoulders and legs already, but if they were refreshed and spruced up I'd totally wear the legs, I've always loved those ones but on my female character I only have the glowing survival mode version and I never got the custom colour version, only colour locked ones.
  10. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    We do? I know almost nothing about female styles but based on pictures from the wiki only ingame Fourth World chest appears to be from that set. Are shoulders and legs from some other sets?
    Screenshots by the way are from here:
  11. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Hmm, just had a look myself and you're right about the shoulders. They must just look similar to another set I've seen. Seems the regular Fourth World legs are actually different to the ones in your picture, but the female ones from Happiness Home Survival Mode back in the day are 100% the ones in the picture you posted as I have them on my female main, but with the two circles and the lines attached to them set to be glowing. I remember when I got them I was thinking, whoa I've never seen these before! It's one of my favourite leg styles, I just don't get to use them much because the glowing parts are colour locked, and so is the metallic trim that comes with SM styles.
  12. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Ooooh, as a player that only started seriously playing in 2018 and was not around for stuff like the alpha, beta, and early versions of events/seasonals, looking through these (the ones that still show, anyway) is fascinating, so much history. I had no idea about any of these other than Wally and the sheer fact that early versions of seasonals were different from what they are now. Seeing that Mad Hatter model and loading screen makes so much sense. I saw those and thought "so THAT'S why he's an avatar on the forums despite not being in the game!" A lot of these would be awesome to see as future styles.

    According to the wiki's page on character personalities, they at one point thought of including expressions for us to choose: (IDK if that'll work if you use it, image wasn't working when I tried to copy/paste or embed it for some reason)

    It would have been really nice to be able to give our characters fitting expressions to add that much more personality and character. Closest we have is a few skins with certain expressions but they're still old and plastic-looking and don't have options for characters of different races or ages (no jolly old man or grinning child), which is also frustrating with skins like Wise and Youthful. All my characters have such serious RBF, which works for some of them but not so much others.... especially not the ones with the flirty or comical personalities lmao.

    And, that early Joker model is horrifying......
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  13. Lt Skymaster Dedicated Player

    wth why do these models look so much better than the ones we have in game from old styles? Considering these are the same age?
  14. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    IDK exactly how it works, but sometimes an asset, for numerous reasons, can look a bit different in the preview from whatever software it's made in vs when it's actually put into a game, especially when the model/character it gets put on starts moving and bending and stretching body parts (I know I have a character that used to have iirc the one piece top and the reverse slimline bottom and it would always do some really weird stuff when she would fly and some of the stances characters take from their personalities can make some styles look super weird, as can some emotes). Frag, even just between in-game creation or build modes and in active gameplay things can look different. My Sims have often looked somewhat different and weirder once I start playing with them vs when they're in Create-a-Sim and that's just within a game itself. So I'm not surprised to see this happen to some styles or other assets, but it is a very frustrating thing for both players and devs.
  15. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I want these so badly!
  16. Chewsy Well-Known Player

    That menu redesign many years ago was definitely a step in the right direction. The UI in this game desperately needs a rework. Wish the devs would revisit that project.
  17. Pingvinozavr Dedicated Player

    Don't think those places are in the game. From here
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  18. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Are those early versions of the nightclubs and police stations? I want that nightclub with the dancefloors. Imagine a bunch of supervillains doing a bunch of random and extremely different dances on a dancefloor in the nightclub lmao. And how amazing would it be if Iconics would sometimes come dance on the dancefloor as well?!
  19. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I know it never came but what ever happened to Sirums? It was supposed to be a power before Munitions.
  20. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Cancelled in favour of Water. I'm not sure if there was ever a specific reason given, but I do think they were having issues with the whole grappling mechanic thing they wanted to do for it. That and also probably the association of serums with drugs.