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  1. Lightful New Player

    Is there any particular reason why supercharge doesn't gradually increase out of combat mode? At least in PVE?

    The removal of duel mode in an instance has made it a pain to increase super charge. Why is pummeling the only way to increase SC? Why does the power bar have this principle applied but not SC?

    I really can't think of a valid reason. Is it fair that the community as a whole has to suffer for the few exploiters?

    It almost comes off as lack of concern or utter laziness that a solution couldn't be found for such a simple matter. Perhaps it's not just an impression.
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  2. Miahztwin Committed Player

    They take away SC crystals and Dueling. lol Now I always have to think strategically, use a SC here, use one there, and build it here...Hassle
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  3. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I can charge my SC within minutes in any duo or alert. Not that hard.
  4. Lightful New Player

    That's not the point.

    Why do I have to que up for an alert just to increase SC? Why doesn't SC imitate the power bar?

    In raids, this is a hassle or at the very least an annoyance. There's no reason why SC can't gradually increase.
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  5. LL New Player

    They have stated it is working as intended. They don't want you just to have a strong power right off.

    I don't get why you think it's a big deal for pve. If you pvp I could sort of see your point.

    Either way just use a sparring target before you go in. Problem solved.
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  6. GLCosmisArrow New Player

    The point of a Super Charge is to be built in the heat of battle that's why it's empty every time we sign in. You have to earn it. They took dueling out of instances because it was being used for a glitch, no one should be dueling in a PVE instance anyway.
  7. Lightful New Player

    That "strong power right off" isn't game breaking at all. Previously, when you were in a raid and you couldn't just dip out and fight a sparring target to increase SC, you would dual one another. This was very common and it didn't cause the success of a raid run. Many still failed regardless of still having "a strong power right off the bat".

    SC alone isn't so much of a big deal. It's the ideas and principles around it that irk me.
  8. LL New Player

    Well the devs gave the answer about how super charge was supposed to work when they removed the crystals.
    I guess you will just have to be irked. :) They said it is working how they want.

    It's really only a big deal for pvp anyway. You also can get around it.
  9. Lightful New Player

    I know it was taken out, did you not fully read the post?

    Why shouldn't anyone be dueling in an instance?

    "Heat of battle"? Really? So relentlessly tapping square on a dummie is earning SC? Huh...
  10. Lightful New Player

    What was their answer? Never heard anything on this from them.
  11. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    The whole point of SC is to earn it during combat. That is why it does not auto charge like health or power. This is its entire purpose, you earn the big move during the mission. If it is that important to you then you can "cheat" by using a sparring target.
  12. Lightful New Player


    My questions still feel unanswered. I'm really curious on their intentions.

    Why is it game breaking to have SC gradually increase? I mean, they allowed dueling in instances allowing a full raid group to have full SC before every fight. So why can't SC increase during out of combat PVE when it has the same effect?
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  13. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    I have already answered your question directly...
  14. Miahztwin Committed Player

    Yeah its really dumb. We were able to duel in instances to build SC for over 2 years and then they take it out because they don't how to fix the dueling in instance bug properly? really? Thats always a DCUO fix for you. If they can't find out how to fix it directly then they take it the source.SC can be the difference between a wipe and loot. When I use all of my SC during a boss fight and then wasted it because we wiped, i'd like to have a SC again for emergency.
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  15. Lightful New Player

    Not entirely.
  16. LL New Player

    The answer they have given you is basically what was said. I wish I could remember if it was a thread or a FNL video where they said this but I don't remember. Either way it was a big deal because the pvp people got really mad when they took out the yellow crystals charging it up right off.

    I'm sure someone will know where they talked about it.
  17. Lightful New Player

    I don't agree with their intentions or views either way...but you're right, it'll just have to irk me.
  18. GLCosmisArrow New Player

    Because you are in a instance to complete it and earn the marks not to duel, if you wanna duel stay in open world or go pvp don't bring it into a PVE instance.
  19. ZEUSofGODS Dedicated Player

    To answer your questions:
    1 - The supercharge does not gradually increase because it does massive damage (or heals, power, ect) in seconds... So it is intended to be used strategically vs waiting in another room till everyone has full sc to one shot a boss..
    2 - power bar has this principle because the power bar is part of ur characters abilities, and being an mmo, u should be able to use ur abilities often...
    3 - sc are meant to be earned in battle so dueling was an exploit people used to simulate combat to gain a sc...
    4 - Exploiters? Based on your comments about dueling, seems like u were one as well...
    5 - there is no solution because this is intended...

    That seems like all ur questions and comments are answered... And if u expected a dev to answer this thread, really look at ur QQ... It's completely invalid... So the devs probably won't ever respond to this..
  20. Lightful New Player

    1. Dueling was aloud in T5 raids allowing everyone to have full SC before every boss fight and MANY still failed.

    2. Is SC not apart of your character's ability? Then wth is it? Lol

    3. Yet it was never game breaking regardless of the fact you could increase SC before every fight.

    4. How did you possibly conclude that? I never asked for dueling to come back.

    5. The point of this thread was a solution or an answer. Your answers come off as ignorant and haven't stimulated my curiosity.

    How is it invalid again? A claim backed up with....nothing and yet my post is the invalid one?