[Community Vote] Taking Up Torikumu's Mantle

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MarvelHawkeye, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. MyDpsIsBetter Dedicated Player

    I swear you are by far my favorite on the team, your always upbeat, proud of your work, take criticism and generally great with people.
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  2. Megzilla Developer

    That is so kind of you - thank you! Totally made my morning :)
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  3. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    I knew the styles base concept was based on striker/Monarch build, don't get me wrong I do really like Striker and Monarch build in fact I have a few Monarch female characters as well of male Brutes, mind I will admit I skew more towards Brute for males as they don't blend in with the various other strikers in game but that besides the point. All i'm saying is we need equal representation for all the body types for style showcasing video's in game just so people do not have just one source or reference to go on.

    Apologies for the rant or if it felt like i was attacking you or undermining striker/monarch builds.
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  4. Megzilla Developer

    Not at all - I totally understand where you are coming from. :) And totally fair feedback. I'll actually take this into account when creating marketing materials to get some more brute bodies in the mix. Thank you!
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  5. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I understand your point here, but have to admit I don't really agree. Not that I don't believe in representation because I do as a proud SJW. But I think you're creating a false equivalency between the purpose of these things.

    The purpose of using the Striker or Monarch bodytypes specifically is to showcase the style in the clearest most representative way possible that is the most meaningful to the most amount of players playing. Since there is no difference at all between those styles at different heights, simply showing styles on one or both of those 2 bodies will target probably 80% (It's probably even more, but generalizing) or more of the audience showing those players what that style will look like on their characters' body.

    On the other hand your goal is representation of different types of bodies in the real world. In the real world that makes sense because real people are involved and they don't get to choose their body type so representation matters. In game however, everyone chose their body and most chose one of those 2 bodies and 1 of 3 height options. Also keep in mind the bodytypes offered are all still idealized versions of bodies anyhow -- none of them is an approximation of real world bodies that needs representation. In a way treating them the same undermines the real importance of bodytype representation actually because you're conflating it with a choice or preference when it isn't.

    So in the end, you're comparing the need to show people what they'll look like in game, on a character build they chose; with a desire to represent a wider variety of real bodytypes in real world media because real people don't get to choose their body. It's apples and oranges in needs, importance, significance and so on.

    The other thing to consider, is that content creators (typically not paid unless it's a popular channel with a lot of views) have to take the extra time to build content to those bodies. Would it be nice if whoever did each of the 3 bodies? Sure, why not since it would reach everyone? But it's a lot of extra work from capturing to editing to cover the last 20% or less of people not using the main 2 bodies, while the content they'd show by default would give players enough of an idea what to expect even on their less common 4 body choices. You're asking content creators to do a lot of extra work for very little benefit to them or the community based on a real world concern that isn't relevant ingame.
  6. Zoe· YouTuber

    Personally I was going to grind Grail's style to showcase it as well but I got burnt out when I did it with Birds of Prey to get both purple and episode gear to showcase, I had to farm it since currency wasn't granted in those two episodes. I skipped Wonderverse, but did it again with LLTL. Again I'm burnt out before the content is even out. But this is the thing of being content creator. If the currency would be just granted each time\the gear, I would happily showcase it on all body types, but I prefer striker as well as I use it mainly on my characters. I never use brute, but I do have little characters (Around two at least) but it doesn't make much of a difference to me.
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  7. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    If you do take up this work, just know that you don't have to do it alone. When I made the guide for the Starro event (which later became the Deluge episode), I used information posted on test threads and videos by testers (with permission and credit of course) to supplement what I had time/capability to contribute. Tori had been making videos for some time at that point, but I believe they were mostly just linked in the forums through his signature. His content played heavily in that guide. After that, he ran with the idea and expanded/refined it. Dropped collections remained a community effort for sourcing their location and several people funneled collection pieces to him on test for the good of the community. So make sure you post a test character's name somewhere so the community can help you get the rewards.
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  8. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    To be honest I usually agree with you mostly everything you say in a debate or correct people about. But your opinions on this matter is not looking past the fences with the argument i'm getting across, you in part you are mashing up reality and the game with your reply when only im pertaining to the game. Striker and Monarch are not the only clear representive body types in game, wen there 6 different one's player's like you or myself can choose from by technicality of you response there only 2 representations. Popularity doesn't mean anything in long run there still 6 representations regardless at however you look at it. Just saying Striker and Monarch are only clearest you basically being biased maybe not intentionally or i'm overanalysing or being oblivious can never really tell with myself any way.

    Looking at my comment now I see a issue as I mean't to to put Monarch and Striker. A oversight on my behalf as put Brute twice.

    On topic content creator yes it more work for less benefit I won't disagree with you there, but as a content creator your supposed to show aspects of the game then not just one build each to the creator discretion though styles are all encompassing with 6 representations not just one.

    But my point of view aside as this derailing from the topic at hand.
  9. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    This is literally what I've just said to you. You've taken a good intention and important issue in the real world and applied to ingame where it has no relevance at all because players 1) choose their body and 2) none of the options represent a diverse real world approximation that requires representation anyhow. In this process this even somewhat trivializes the issue of representation you're attempting to inject into the situation by comparing it to a superficial choice like you have. It's worth pointing out that if DCUO's body options reflected less idealized proportions this would be a valid nuance to bring up, but it doesn't obviously.

    No, that's not the job of the content creator, actually. The content creator's job is to present content they and their audience is most interested in. That's it. In my reply I specifically laid out the goal of the content creator. To showcase the content most relevant to the largest amount of their audience. So if only 5% of players, and probably their audience, uses the Sprite body, it doesn't make sense to spend time getting that Sprite gear (like Zoe points out) and then shooting and editing content around that. It's a waste of time and energy for a fraction of players it caters to who are just as well served by seeing the same style on the 2 main bodies.
  10. Beastmaster Well-Known Player

    You have your views. I have my views. We'll leave it as agree to disagree instead of pointlessly debating.
  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    If you are on the test server trying to make videos, please feel free to hit me up for help. Just like Tori would.
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  12. Zoe· YouTuber

    That will be amazing for any content creator that tries to promote the game. I'll take your word on it :)
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  13. Swiftduck Loyal Player

    that....explains ALOT
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  14. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    Maybe he would like to work on a video right now :) perhaps the test server should be turned back on ;)
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  15. MyDpsIsBetter Dedicated Player

    Your going to get negativity, do your thing people will also appreciate your content.
  16. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    Your approach on the forums has the touch of a conversation. That's a difficult thing to achieve. It's seen (that which is really unseen) in the frequency and the way you choose to respond. I get the feeling, every voice is heard that responds to you even though it's text. You choose to hear it no matter good or bad. I also believe in public praise of people that are deserving and too often it's taken for granted.

    We could all stand to learn something from "the art of conversation" you use. Many times things get lost in translation. To be straightforward; your a reason the game stays relevant because you get what people are asking for in styles. I know I made some suggestions for stylized back ups and didn't think they would show up in game so soon. I don't know if creepy critters & beastimorf backs ups were already planned, but they weren't out when you were asking for ideas. I mentioned some animal backups and then to my surprise there were those 2 kinds. They weren't exactly what I mentioned, but they were some really nice editions. The werewolf howling at the moon, I don't get tired of seeing it. That was a cool idea whoever had it. And there is still room for otgers like gorilla/monkey backups, pack of wolves, lions, cheetas, laughing hyena, etc.

    Personally, I'd hope to see some different snowmen or ice creatures back ups for winter seasonal. Others may want orange lantern backups or elves. Personally, I like one style themed backups (all snowman, all reindeer, all elves), but also having 3 different backs ups (maybe reindeer, elf, snowman or whatever mix of creatures) is a good option if both mixed and same like kind are available.

    Anyways, you just seem like a great worker that gets things done.
  17. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I would say definitely take Mepps up on his offer of help. Tori used to do the same as you, grinding out stuff on test and then being completely burnt out on the content by the time it hit live. I won't get into details, but he put a huge amount of work and a lot of hours into each piece of content he made. Remember that at the end of the day this is a game you play, it's not your job. As soon as you stop enjoying doing it it's time to consider taking a break.
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  18. Zoe· YouTuber

    Yeah definitely, if he can do the same with base items it will be a great help since this is the two main things I'm trying to cover when a new DLC launches - is styles and base items. I have no doubt Tori put a lot of work into his content, It's shown in every video. I will definitely ask for help because I don't want to get burnt out - I want to enjoy the content on live and only test what's needed on test.
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  19. Megzilla Developer

    Oh wow, thank you so much KN1TE. I really appreciate all the love - it means a lot that you took the time to share that with me. It is really exciting whenever we get the opportunity to directly fulfill any requests we see. A recent example that comes to mind is the Wonder Woman Lasso - I saw that asked for so often! But definitely other aspects of the game (base items, henchmen like you said).

    I don't remember exactly what we have planned for winter seasonal but I'll note that the henchmen (I assume that is what you mean by backups) are interesting to you guys!
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  20. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    When Lairs were first introduced, the 3 "henchmen" as you call it, were labeled "backup" for heroes and "henchmen" for villains by the marketing team at launch. I've been calling them backup since then and would call them that even as a villain.

    I'm assuming that in house, you all just call them henchmen now when you speak of their development.

    Also, I think a lot of players agree with KN1TE when it comes to interaction from the developers. I was honored to even meet a lot of you at the two SOE Live's I attended. (2013/14)

    I would like to apologize for anything that I may have said rudely, I get heated sometimes. I'm a lot better than when I started going on the forums.

    So about this Ted Kord Blue Beetle style... ;)

    I kid, but seriously, love your, oceans, batuba, red five, and charon's interactions. It's refreshing. I kind of am sad I missed a lot of this because of my break. During that time, it was limited interaction. As a player and a forumite, I greatly appreciate it.
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  21. MyDpsIsBetter Dedicated Player

    We appreciate your approach here. You can honestly tell you want the game to succeed and it reflects in the you interact with us, even in the streams a few weeks ago you could tell.
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