Community Style Initiative: Call for Suggestions

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Mar 2, 2021.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Welcome back style enthusiasts! We are looking for your suggestions for a new gear suit style to create for the game as part of the Community Style Initiative. Not sure what that is? Learn all about it here.

    The first step here is for us to cast the widest net possible for your suggestions. After that, we'll narrow the options some and ask for your votes.

    A few things to keep in mind:
    • We are creating one full gear suit.
    • Suggest DC characters you would like a suit inspired-by.
    • And/or suggest specific costumes or types of costumes you have seen in the comics.
    • There are many obstacles to getting a suit into the game. Please understand your suggestion may not be chosen or may not be possible.
    That's it. Now, who do you want to wear?
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  2. Sammy Well-Known Player

    The Only member of the Justice League who doesn't have a style yet!


    Also Supergirl or Powergirl would be great!
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  3. Eve YouTuber

    I know Donna got a full gear set in Metal I, but she has quite few styles that can work in game:

    (New 52)

    Yara Flor:

    Hawkgirl of Earth 2

    These are my top 4 That I would love to see have in game especially with having characters inspired by them :)
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  4. Avenger 0ne New Player

    Personally speaking I would love to see a style based on The Ray. I always dug that flight jacket look that he had.
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  5. MrStoob Well-Known Player

    In all honesty, the in-game Superwoman's current outfit being made available would do, which is basically the middle one.
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  6. Janterra New Player

    I have to agree with the first reply, Martian Manhunter should definitely be the next to be added.
    Even if I really want the ability to change the color of your ring and light constructs to another corp.
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  7. RsSwope New Player

    Deadman with the curved collar. But more specific would be a 'ghost' or invisible skin for characters like this or Spectre.
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  8. FullMetalTitan Committed Player

    Anything lantern based.
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  9. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    I always really liked Bunker's original style in the New 52 Teen Titans run. It's a nice, simple slimline that gives it an asymmetrical look the way the two tone colours are split. He has some cloth string things coming out the back which would be a neat little addition if cloth sim could be applied to them. I'm not sure if it's possible as a hand style given how skeletal structures work, but if the hand style could be this kind of psionic construct that'd be cool.[IMG]
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  10. CatBuglard New Player

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  11. JakarrKingDCUO New Player

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  12. Maskedlb1 New Player

    Designer and Red Lion
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  13. Deadjokes New Player

    John Constantine Style with Five o'clock shadow
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  14. Sara LanceDC New Player

    Bleez's gear and Yara Flor style from Future States!
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  15. Owlman Earth 3 Level 30

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  16. Jakargo New Player

    More Atlantean, new Genisis, apokoliptian. And another Mr miracle suit
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  17. fysiK New Player

    [IMG]Superboy variations Jon Kent Rebirth and Jon Kent Rebirth 31st century[IMG][IMG]
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  18. MissThatQueen New Player

    Hi, I’m a huge Barbara Gordon fan, and I would LOVE if we could get a new set of Batgirl gear for us Batgirls on DCUO, especially we would love our very own cowl just like Barbaras Batgirl, with the hair sticking out and the Eye Holes. It’s a big dream of mine, I would love it so much if this actually becomes a thing because I am really tired of having to make my own cowl and I’m sure these other Batgirl fans are too, this also could help the Stephanie Browns and Cassandra Cains in the game too. Would love our really own Batgirl Emblem as well.
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  19. Drumkill72 New Player

    A plain slimline with no textures. One color for each piece. No hands on the chest or feet on the legs. Plain and straight. I bet a lot of people could use parts of that for various toons.
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  20. Knavion Level 30

    My initiative for possible new styles:

    Classic Nightwing

    Justice Titans (Earth-32)
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