Community Livestreams: Speedrun Tournament!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Nov 24, 2020.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Hi all!

    If you caught out community livestream last week, you know that we're about to begin a speedrun tournament. If you didn't, make sure to tune in for the next stream on December 4, 2020.

    Here's the deal:
    • Teams of 8 players will sign up for the tournament.
    • A raid will be chosen the day of the livestream.
    • Two groups will start the raid at the same time, and the first to pop the scorecard wins!
    • Winners will advance in the tournament bracket, to be continued on later livestreams.
    • Teams from all servers are welcome.
    • Teams must have a team captain, who must be present for every match.
    • If a team member has to drop out or can't make a date, they can be replaced before the livestream.
      • Players cannot join multiple teams.
    • Before each livestream, a sign-up thread will be posted here in announcements for that date.
      • To sign up, the team captain must post their (appropriate) team or league name, their character name, and the character names of their other 7 team members.
      • This will be first-come, first-plays, but please continue to sign up even if there are many teams ahead of you. Teams may drop out, and signing up every stream will get you priority.
      • By signing up for a date, you are committing that your team will be there. No-shows will forfeit and be out of the tournament.
    • We will contact your team captain to confirm your team is on for that date, and with further instructions.
    1. Get a team captain and team of 8 players.
    2. Sign up for a livestream date in a thread posted the week of that livestream.
    3. Speedrun through a raid for your chance at fortune and glory.
    The first sign-up thread will be posted on November 30, for the December 4 livestream. Please ask if you have questions!
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  2. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    I'm checking with my league. Are they all at the same hour? 3PM PT? For European players It can be abit late (around midnight)
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  3. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I think fnl should return
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  4. Hraesvelg Always Right

    So is your objection that it isn't EVERY weekend? Because this is functionally the same thing. The devs hang out, play the game, watch players play the game...generally just have a good time.
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  5. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    is there anyway to know before what raid is going to be run? We don't want to sign up to run a raid from 3 years ago when we just one shot everything. if we can know before the sign up threads what raid is going to be run then that would be nice.
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  6. zNot Loyal Player

    I would assume The newest elite raid. Would make the most sense to me
  7. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    thats what im hoping. I dont wanna sign up and have to run fos 3 in 10 seconds. i rather compete to finish something thats hard and fun like the latest elite or even previous elite raid from last episode.
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  8. zNot Loyal Player

    The older Elite raids would be too quick and not fun to watch its more exciting to see people doing competition at high level so on and only the New Elite raid would be a good way i would advice them to do the newest one since they should promote the current episode to people thats how i think.
  9. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Not everyone wants to run elite though. It really should depend on the team, and not forced by the devs.
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  10. zNot Loyal Player

    Thats true! Maybe they can do one for regular players one for Elite players? Each stream.
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  11. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Or see if the team is up for the difficulty- maybe ask in the sign up for their preferences (Want to run elite Yes/No) and really good players will have the chance to do the elite. The more casual one will do the raid, so time wise it will make sense for 2 elite groups and 2 Regular groups.
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  12. zNot Loyal Player

    Yea we will have to see how long the stream will go for and what we can expect since it will be the first time and a new thing for the devs and for the players maybe some stuff will go wrong etc.
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  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Can see a quick issue there tho, we can already do the new reg raid in under 10mins so we would choose to do that vs elite which can be 20mins or 80mins depending on rng basically.
  14. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    That's why I said elite vs elite and regular vs regular (2 groups for each)
  15. Danne0075 Well-Known Player

    I mean it is a tournament. It should be elite raids which people compete in.
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  16. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Not really. It wasn't elite when they did FNL was it? It can be both elite & regular and still be a challenge to finish it fast. They won't force players to run the elite content. Mostly because not everyone are prepared for it or enjoy the level of difficulty.
  17. Ice Lynx Dedicated Player

    Sounds like a good idea. If there are many teams willing to participate, they could sign up for different categories. Make streams and tournaments more diverse.

    And if some want extra difficulty, maybe devs could force additional rules? Like, no artifacts or no augments, allow only a certain amount of SP to use, and so on, something like that so people can show off their amazing skills? Just a thought. :oops:

    I won't participate (even if I wanted, I don't have so many friends, lol) but it would be fun to watch nonetheless. :)
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  18. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Yeah something like that would be cool. Have a place for both, don't push away one side of the game for the sake of another side.
    Both Elite and regular should be able to participate. And yes, enforcing some rules should be challenging as well. They can do it in regular.

    Idk if I participate, that depends if the people I asked can\want to. So It's still a floating question mark at this point lol. But I'll watch for sure :)
  19. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Dude, what?
    I hate when people force big words when they dont have to..

    I wasn’t aware that there was a stream every weekend of the year, I thought these recent ones were for the extra life charity
  20. Hraesvelg Always Right

    I...what? I didn't use big words. The previous streams were centered around Extra Life, but the team decided at some point they wanted to keep the streams rolling every other week. I figured since you were on the forums you saw the announcement the other day.