Community CR requirements are unnecessary

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  1. Lightful New Player

    The same thing always happens.

    High tier content means highly geared players needed to beat it. Wrong.

    What I've come to notice is that in these higher tier content, you're usually dead or alive. 1 shot or not. When hit heavily, I've seen (skilled) healers bounce me back to full health right after. Even with full T5, the one shots have not changed.

    I remember when Prime was the hardest raid out. Narrow minded players would call for 87+ cr for Prime. Mean while a League 4 man'd it with all T4 pieces. So...does that mean a FULL group of full T4 players was really necessary?

    I believe strategy < cr and sp. A full T3 group could breeze through Prime if they remember to put the pods in, role out of bunker busters, avoid hot floors, dodge purple balls, roll in when healer drones are out, take out healer drones. As a full T4 group would have a VERY difficult time if they did not know these strategies. Still possible to beat though.

    However T5 raids have taken a turn. Strategy is now key. Regardless of how many skill points you have and how high your CR is, if you don't know what you're doing or if what you're doing is not a analytical strategy, you will not succeed.

    As a matter of fact, didn't a group or league already 5 man Nexus? Is a 97 CR+ group still necessary? I believe they were PC which is an advantage to an extent. The only disadvantage I've seen being a PS3 player was the shields you receive on the final boss not rendering properly but even communication blows that out of the way.

    Community CR requirements are unnecessary in my opinion.


    - Thanks for reading.
  2. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Is it necessary no, but it's our best indication of survivability ATM...if I put a group together for Paradox, I'm going to invite the people I see shout with the Highest CR because that indicates to me that the player has the ability to POSSIBLY survive an attack that would take down a lesser geared player which is the only thing I care about in the T5 raids

    When people shout for high CR Players for Nexus and Paradox I get that, but when I see "Need 90+ CR Beast DPS for Gates" I can't help but chuckle

    CR doesn't even begin to determine the skill of the player, but without physically playing with them prior it's our best option to recruit
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  3. SoylentBob New Player

    Not everyone shouting for high CR wants to be carried.
    Some just don't want to be dragged down.

    Some players can't afford huge repairs.
    Some players don't want to waste Replay Badges on a doomed Raid.
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  4. melvinpox Devoted Player

    Props on your name. Wondering how many people actually get the dual reference.
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  5. Lightful New Player

    I see your point.

    Can't argue that. +1
  6. Lightful New Player

    You make it sound like its the inevitable. As if you're not 97 CR then you're going fail regardless, you do not pass go, you do not collect 200, you do go directly to jail.
  7. SoylentBob New Player


    "Robert Thorn" usually pulls Omen references.
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  8. Pop a Trinket dey sweatin Dedicated Player

    I really wish people would get over the CR requests. Beyond the fact that it's their group and they can build it however they want to, CR is the best indicator of whether or not Random person 'A' will be able to contribute to your raid.

    A person with a high CR likely has more experience in T5 content vs someone with a lower CR. Someone with a higher CR has more room for error than someone with a lower CR. Two people of equal skill, the one with better gear will be the better player.

    If you want to, start a group and you allow any old person into the group as long as they meet the minimum CR requirements. Good luck with that.

    Everyone knows that there are some better players with lower CR ratings...And when you find those diamonds in the rough it's great. But you will waste a lot more time looking for those players than you will just happening upon them.
  9. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    i put together an all 97cr+ Nexus run this weekend

    It was the smoothest pug Nexus run ive had yet

    During the last boss fight, the only time ppl talked was when they got a shield or if they went down....

    its was pretty nice and laid back everyone knew what to do and where to be
  10. SoylentBob New Player

    Not at all.
    Perhaps you ran Day 1 with CR89s. Perhaps it was challenging, even with League regulars, some CR90, even after other players published caveats and tactics.
    That's time served.
    Now "you" and your mates are vets with gear to prove it. You probably don't want to start over again.

    That doesn't mean you won't. Maybe you like the challenge. Maybe you have Alts that won't be carried and have to earn their stripes.

    If you're a "new" guy, start a new guy group. I see plenty of open /SHOUTs for Raids (usually have /LFG off), so there are others looking. If you think such groups are doomed to failure, that gives you insight into why others want higher CRs.

    You can still boost your CR running Daily Challenges and Alerts. The drops from Challenges alone should bump you into the 90s without big Mods. The price of V Plans is negligible compared to the days when the cheapest Alpha Plan was $5M. V Plans are cheaper than their III and IV counterparts. If you don't have the MoTs to recycle your Mods, maybe you need to spend more time in T4 and under missions.

    Other players dedicated more time. They did more grinding. They did more farming. Maybe they spent more time socializing to get players to carry them or give them Mods or cash. Going by the World Updates, they even spend more time scamming.
    Don't begrudge them trying to save themselves a little effort after all that when letting you tag along is clearly a huge time-saver for you.
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  11. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    they dont have to waist replays because noone is forcing them to use them
  12. deltablues New Player

    I would agree that wanting seven other people who have put in the same time and effort as me isn't unfair. I'm at 97 and I got there by doing the alerts and solos every single day and modding everything and I'm not really interested in running these(very difficult in my opinion) raids with people who haven't done the same.
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  13. Smart Bomb Well-Known Player

    I've run into this recently. I have a full t5 villain, lots of SP etc. but found myself bored of grinding all the same stuff from dlc 7 already, so I decided id hop onto my hero who i've had since launch but never really used (she was on a very dead pve server before the merge).
    I only spent an afternoon on the hero side, doing solos and duos - got my cr up to 68 and thought id try a classic like Smallville then BOOM kicked after i'd queued in ''you're undergeared''. I laughed a bit at this, tried another and got the same thing, this happened 3 times in a row! I've not experienced this on the Villain side (though I'm sure it happens there too). So now i've resigned myself to just keeping my villain main and maybe pop back to the other side when I next feel a bit curious.
  14. Jamie New Player

    I've already seen CR97 for FOS2 requests. Some people get a little carried away with the requests but I can't think of a better way that we have to get an indication of skill level with out actually seeing the person play. When I PUG I just que up and see what happens.
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  15. SoylentBob New Player

    Just to put some perspective on the issue, my T4 Healer in Healer gear and stance was coming in at the top of the scorecard (most Damage) in T2 Alerts. That's not to brag; that's just how ridiculously overgeared a toon can be compared to at-level players. Just because I can solo Weather Wizard or Zoom doesn't mean it's worth the effort to insist on running bounties solo every time. I don't have to solo Krona when his 1st Death Ray wipes the rest of the group (particularly now that I don't even have to block), but I don't have to wipe or revive newBz that will just die with the next Death Ray. If I go with other overgeared players, Krona doesn't even get to fire his Death Ray. The cut scene takes longer than the fight. Orbital Strikes hit after he falls and pets are still on cooldown from the previous boss. Players leave before rolling loot, because the Battery didn't drop

    and anybody in Healer stance is not topping the scorecard unless there were 4 Healers.
  16. neptunesBeard New Player

    I think you mean strategy > cr and sp.
    Other than that I agree with you.
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  17. Larfleeze New Player

    I get that "CR doesn't equal skill", but there's a huge difference between someone in full T3 and someone in full T5/TT.

    If I shout for 90+ CR DPS for Gates I'm going under the impression that the dude in 90CR is going to be a monster if for no other reason than the raw stat advantage they have. Even better when they actually know what they're doing and end up pulling a million and a half damage when the next highest was 500k.

    CR doesn't equal skill, but put a full deck of at level gear on and go do Khandaq or FoS, then put your full T5 /TT on and tell me it doesn't make a difference.
  18. Lightful New Player

    Whoops. Didn't even notice it.
  19. neptunesBeard New Player

    No problem. Sorry if I sounded like a grammar snob. lol
    You a USPS3 hero? You mind if I add you? I need friends on that side. lol :)
  20. Gokaigerbay New Player

    Yea, Strategy does matter. But gear does matter in some 'one-shots'

    Yea, the ones in Paradox that hits for 15,000+ yea nothing can do about that.
    But in full t4 gear, in prime, the purple balls aren't that dangerous anymore. And you have an extra second or two to get out of bunkers/tentacles.

    Did Prime for the first time in a while since t5 came out. With people in t5 or close to it. The one-shots don't matter anymore. People take purple balls in the face and still live with 30-40% HP. Blue Flames from Brianiac which usually spelled doom for people that didn't see it in time, can yawn before reacting and still live.

    But also yes. Some people take too much value in CR. In shouts, I don't only look at what CR they're saying, but also there name. If its familiar I'm more likely to pick them. Because really. full t5 cr97 are a dime a dozen now. And there really isn't that much difference stat wise between a cr95 and 97. Especially if they got all their big pieces first. The difference between a 5-6/8 T5 healer and a 8/8 T5 geared healer if you already have the big pieces, with the small pieces like feet/hands/waist assuming you had the cr83 green pieces is like a total difference of 40-55 resto counting all 3 pieces together.
    Even the HP isn't that much. Like 100more HP or less, and 80more defense.

    Kind of an amusing difference.
    Since the biggest jump from T3 to T4 was HP/Def, and main stat upgrade was pretty minimal.
    While the jump from T4 to T5. The HP/Def was minimal, but main stats on the big pieces more than doubled the t4 stuff.