Coming to Daybreak Games, according to EG7 investor presentation: a Marvel game

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    This line from the EG7 report stands out to me in a big way:

    Page 11, Fifth point under "Introduction To Daybreak."

    See here.

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    I'm pretty sure the graphic designer or intern messed up. Most likely it was meant to be DC Comics.
  5. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    What specific evidence are you basing your "pretty sure" on?

    Do you really think an investors report wouldn't have, you know, issued a correction to such a hugely important bit of information, if it was wrong?

    (Note: absent relevant evidence, all you're doing is throwing out a guess. Also a highly unlikely one, but never mind, we'll see.)
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    Saw this the morning and got pretty excited...until I did some research. Rumours of a Marvel game being developed by Daybreak sprung up last year. There was a Reddit thread detailing reports from employees who were laid off in December 2018 who said that there was a Marvel game in development but that it had "top down issues" and it is widely believed to have been cancelled. As far as I see it there are three possibilities: 1) The Marvel game was never cancelled, 2) The Marvel game was cancelled and started again, possibly from scratch or 3) The Marvel game was cancelled but the licensing agreement is still in place as these types of agreements tend to last a number of years, but you don't necessarily have to make use of said agreement. I think the most likely option is that the unannounced project is a Marvel MMO, but we won't know for sure until the unannounced project is...uh, announced.

    Said Reddit thread is below.
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    You're right, I'm guessing. But whoever prepared the investors report can **** up putting the document together.
    Who knows the upcoming game from DI could be a Marvel MMO.

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    I don't have any further information than that single line that says there is a Marvel license agreement, so I'm not going to speculate as to what it means as regards type of game.

    But I did want to reply to this one line, because while obviously we can't know what the contract language was or is between Daybreak and Marvel, I do know something about intellectual property contracts, and while there certainly are exceptions, in general they have clauses requiring the party acquiring the property to make use of it within a defined amount of time or the rights revert to the owner of the rights.

    I 'm reasonably sure that few people in any intellectual property industry (games, movies, books, recording, artwork) license rights with a contract that says "take as long as you want! We don't care if it doesn't come out for forty years! Just have fun!"

    I'm reasonably sure that instead the language would be something along the lines of "licensee must show significant work on the property, making use of the licensed material within six months and must demonstrate significant progress every six months until 24 months have passed, at which time the game must be released to the public market. If these deadlines are not met, all rights revert to the rights owner immediately."

    I'm not in any way suggesting that a deal would have any of those specifics. Maybe the development time would be as much as four or five years, or even so long as significant work is being done on it. But the contract is apt to have something more alone the lines of a structure including specific time benchmarks to be met. So far as I know.

    Rights are worth far too much to just be left lying around in a file cabinet for years. That just doesn't happen with a live and reasonably hot property, as both Marvel and DC Comics are in the 21st century.

    Marvel wouldn't be happy to report to their shareholders that some specific game rights have been licensed for years with zero income resulting. Not unless, at the least, they could also report that work was progressing and here's our estimated market date.
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    Finally, maybe decent Marvel Universe Online with custom characters and iconic NPC like here, not another one countless "Catch all Pokemons" gatcha Marvel games.
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    I do grant that, given the utter lack of any other mention of "Marvel" in that report, it is possible it's a simple error. A pretty big one, though.
  11. Proxystar #Perception

    I find somewhat curious that marvel would agree to a licensing deal with the same company that also has a licensing deal with its direct competitor and vice versa.

    I mean anything is possible, but would it also make a lot of sense for the same developer to split their community between DCUO and any potential MUO when the fans generally tend to be the same audience?

    It seems a bit contradictory to me
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    Well, heck, although it's been decades, time was when all Marvel Comics were, in fact, distributed by DC. DC for a long time limited Marvel to only eight books a month.

    And, of course, Marvel and DC have collaborated on joint projects more times than I can count off the top of my head. (JLA/Avengers, Spider-Man vs Superman, etc.)

    So given this history of co-publishing that dates back to the early 1960s, it hardly seems unthinkable that Marvel and DC would continue their policy of over half a century of collaboration when they wish to, does it?
  14. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    All in all, at the moment I'm leaning towards the idea that the mention of Marvel is indeed just an error.

    But I hope it isn't.
  15. Proxystar #Perception

    I'm aware, yea about their past, but as you've even admitted, it's been decades since any collaboration, they've spent decades going their own directions so despite their past, no, I remain somewhat pessimistic such a collaboration would occur, despite admitting, the thought did cross the part of my mind that likes to be more optimistic lol :)
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    xxWolfeream321xx and his 600 clones....
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    After what Disney did days after purchasing marvel to gazillion games / marvel hero's omega , I have zero faith in any marvel licienced MMO title.
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    I thought marvel’s game was gonna be an mmo and it would take down dcuo..
    Turns out it wasnt a mmo instead it was garbage and dcuo probably sees more new players in 2 weeks then that game does in a month, i saw it on sale for $25 on black Friday
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    The Fox acquisition by Disney is gradually going to adjust the landscape, but for the most part, Marvel games have stunk for the better part of a decade because Disney very adamantly insisted that Marvel destroy it's most valuable intellectual property. "Hey. Your most popular stuff is X-Men and has been consistently over several decades, alternating occasionally with Spider-Man. Well, we don't like the X-Men because Fox makes the films, so avoid using tons of your most popular characters and try to convince the world to care about Kamala Khan more than Wolverine."
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    I like Marvels ... but I'll be honest, I hope the new project is not related to Marvels.
    If there was an opportunity to choose which famous universe to transfer to the MMO, then personally I would like to see "Mortal Kombat onlin" ...
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