Coming Soon: New Rewards Outside of Mark Relevancy

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Phill Committed Player

    [QUOTE} More gimmicks to try fix problems caused by making the poor decision of tier/cr based mark rewards lockouts.

    Instead of just admitting they made a mistake (like so many times before) and returning things back to the way they were, they once again come up with a convoluted scheme that is going to create more problems than it solves just like most of their other overly-complex, covert, marketing strategies.

    They never learn from their mistakes and they keep making the same ones over and over.

    They tried to squeeze blood from a turnip and now that it has blown up in their faces they are trying to placate people and lure people back with schemes that end up costing them more in reprogramming costs and they are still trying the same greedy structure with marks of victory hat may-or may-not drop.

    Just admit you were wrong and stop trying to enforce a cr/tier lockout on mark rewards: it was another failed idea of yours that cost you more in the end. Now you are trying to sneak in a "there is a chance of a mark dropping" scheme because you didn't learn from the initial error.

    A random, rare, mark of victory drop? Another mistake; just roll it back to the way it was= a simple fix to correct the mistake. [/QUOTE]


    100% agreed....The time and money spent on GU47 is still trying to be justified. Also after the so called fix of GU 47 with GU 50. Lower content is now running like T4 was after GU 47. Sometimes the mobs are ok and others they are crazy spawning rates with outa whack stats. One boss might be way OP then the final boss is a piece of cake. Very very bad updates. When did someone decide the lower content was trivial to the DCUO player base? Why someone would try to say any content is trivial is beyond me. Whoever decided that the lower content was trivial to the majority of DCUO's player base must have bought their magical mind reading crystal ball from THIS GUY.............
    Joe Johnson.

    I do think that these things are better than nothing but............. You can polish a turd all you want but it is still going to be a turd.
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  2. Lex Sanders New Player

    Pennies on the dollar, you said.
    If I was a T6 running T4, with the "pennies" I could've bought 4 complete iconics from lower levels ( FOR STYLES ).
    Now I have to run T6 everyday for a few years to complete my iconics.
    Great job...
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  3. Lex Sanders New Player

    Here's a thought: just put the iconics as style drops in lower tier content !
    Do it !
  4. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    we'll have to see the drop rate of Mark of Victory which is the only useful thing in this new loot table.
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  5. chev New Player

    I say we should be able to do walk-ins again. Experienced players will be able to get toons up fast, while inexperienced players won't anyway because they don't know about it. :p
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  6. HardPiece New Player

    Thx Mepps for this new reward system.
    I think this is a good idea.

    I have a suggetion to do.

    I would like to find EXCEPTIONAL RECOVERY KITS in out of relevancy instances, and TOTAL RECOVERY KITS (as markeplace item) in prometium lockboxes.
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  7. Ex Nihila New Player

    i agree on the drop rate, cuz the way things have been it might just be a disappointment again. But on the other hand i think the other stuff isn't that useless, probably kind of depends on how far you've progressed in merit-feats, etc. raising those might be a good idea as it was already mentioned.

    exobits imo are always a good thing.
  8. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    We used to run older missions for things like paying rent or buying some crafting supplies like the various catalysts.

    So why not just add 1 MoV to the weekly boxes??

    It will give us a reason to play them missions at least once a week.
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  9. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Yes, yes they do need to grant the community reasons to stick around. If it is not this reward system, it is something else. So once more: Daybreak does "need" to give features (ex: reward systems) to attract and/or keep members.

    It seems DCUO does not have the luxury to stand by the point of view in your post. In my experience, people say "if you don't like it then leave" when they believe there is no where else for whom their speaking with to go. Furthermore, that their absence will be inconsequential or negligible. Well, currently there are "places" to go and members leaving may likely make a notable impact to the game. So please, many members within the community may need to rethink how valuable each player is to it.

    Bottom Line: Daybreak offers interesting and seemingly helpful solutions to DCUO (e.g. the reward system posted in the OP). However, they reveal and execute new DCUO features "too late".
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  10. Heart Well-Known Player

    How was the new mark system bad decision exactly? It allows them to release new content monthly and that is what the old system doesn't allow. Monthly releases were request from players as well as simplified mark system that doesn't have symbols.
    How is this addition to the mark system another mistake? o_O It is obviously their version of what some people asked. Sounds little ungrateful to me.
    So how is the old mark system better than new one?

    If you at least would have answered those in your post it would have been even slightly constructive as there would have been reasoning behind your opinions. Just a tip for next time you try troll in forums. :p
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  11. viva_la_nate New Player

    Awesome. We needed something extra to play old content. Queues are way too long at the moment for old instances making it difficult to gear up an alt / friend and getting feats. Looking forward to it! :)
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  12. bagofboom Committed Player

  13. dogmaticus83 Active Player

    Very good news.

    I "love" reading especially on FB site, that "DCUO is dead", "the Devs don't listen to the players", etc. Well... this is a good example that you guys ARE listening.

    Looking forward to the implementation of this - it's a really good move imho.
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  14. TrueColors Well-Known Player

    Thank kvetching...just thanks for listening on this.
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  15. bagofboom Committed Player

    Good job DCUO. I never had any complaints about the game with the last couple of updates as so many have so anything that you all tack on is just gravy for me.
    In gaming, as in life, things change. It's inevitable. And things will ALWAYS change in some way or another. We the people have an obligation to adjust our thinking and desires in order to acclimate ourselves with that change. Not everyone will be happy with everything every time so WE as a community have to do OUR part. Give constructive feedback and march on. Play or don't play. Pay or don't pay. But to have the expectation that everything will ALWAYS be exactly what we want is ludicrous and a waste of time and energy.
    Be like water. If we come upon an obstacle in our path we flow around it and over time we will create a new and beautiful bit of scenery that wasn't there before.
    I, for one, LOVE DCUO. And have since day one. Some things haven't been perfect but I've pushed on and adapted and now at cr 126 I'm comfortable and happy daily. Sure there's the grind and the trials and tribulations that come along with all change but at the core, the very heart of the game, it's an amazing experience I enjoy profoundly every day. We should all learn to take it as such.
    I don't discount anyone's opinions and I never would but it's a game. We don't control it. OUR JOB is to ride the tide, be like water. And HAVE FUN!! Long Live DCUO!! :cool:
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  16. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    You are so CORRECT! I hate these ungrateful whining beaches! The devs work hard and nothing satisfies some of these guys! Keep up the good work developers, the guys whom don't like it can play elsewhere!
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  17. Jay Smeezy Dedicated Player

    Since you guys KNOW what you want in a game maybe you should create your own! Sick of you whiners that complain about EVERYTHING these guys do to accomodate the community and not not just your crying @$$3$!

    Play more PS4!
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  18. MrMigraine Devoted Player

    Brilliant, as always.

    Thanks for always listening, team. :D
  19. Circe New Player

    Something is definitely very off here. With all the things you have to buy in the game with MOV, I don't believe a rare chance at 1 MOV is even close to being a good compromise. Prices of MOV for things are definitely very wonky as well. Before update, Central City weapons were a key purchase for all my alts gearing up, but now I can't even get myself to buy them. Lower tier gear and weapon (!) purchases definitely took a huge hit.

    Also, everyone who didn't buy permanent Mainframe stuff before update is pretty much screwed (basically some of my alts >.>). There's just too much IMO.
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  20. redwolfyogi Well-Known Player

    This i completely agree with. It takes almost 2-3 weeks just to get the mainframe stuff up alone without replaying content. Then you still have to buy gear. Its so much to buy, especially for alts. If anything mainframes should be account bound or have a token to put in the shared bank to turn on the same mainframe goodies on alts, would help alot.
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