Combo Powersets and Countering

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    I'm having a slight memory failure, likely due to the gray hairs that have started cropping up in the years I've been away. I remember once upon a time that combo powersets could counter using their moves. Okay, let's be real, I'm Light so when I say "combo powersets" I mean Light. :cool: Anywho! Why was that changed? Was it 100% PvP related? That it was unfair that Light could combo/clip from a Block Breaker so they couldn't be countered?

    If that's the case, I almost wonder if that's even still possible. I'm finding the dovetails on some powers along with the sheer amount of combos we have to make combo-ing in PvE content nightmarish. I believe we have 13 powers that combo (not including chucking the light weight from spin). Of those, 10 have a combo from holding range and 9 from holding melee. Sure, that leaves a couple powers that allow me to be ready to counter a boss in content. The more common scenario seems to be try desperately to remember how to end each move early and try to weapon which time the window is often gone.

    In a utopia? Bring back combo counters. Or at least some of them. In the more likely reality? What are others doing? Jump spam to get out and then lunge? Ranged weapon tap spam until you get out and then lunge?
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  2. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    That was adjusted during the stats revamp when combo damage became based on the might statistic and cost power. I do miss being able to counter (especially when I see a tell in either PvE or PvP content but the appropriate counter input will cause a combo). Overall I can live with it in PvE content especially.

    PvP is still fun but is kind of all over the place. The PvE adjustments have made some of the powers quite unbalanced for arena's but with a good group its still a good time.

    I usually try to jump cancel if possible to catch the counter window or flash a block. There isn't a great way that I've found to manage it but I think having a weapon that has a fast lunge helps some.
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