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    I played this game from day 1 of F2P, but took a break in about 2014 or so and didnt return until last year, in that time the game went through some major changes, including stat revamps. But now combo powers no longer dont use power on their combos, an from my playtime this makes them drain their power very very fast especially Rage.

    I just want to know why exactly was this changed most of all, switching the dmg to full might im completly fine with but the extra parts just make abilities cost triple or more of the normal power usage. On top of that if you use any pet, mainly the robot sidekick which has become pretty standard, you get less power regen in general an its even worse. I know you can use the grim at 200 to remove that regen loss but thats FAR too much time an posibly money to get up there. Using something like the omeghedron could be a choice, i have never used it personally so i do not know how much it would really help but again another artifact simply to get power when its pretty mandatory for certain artifact builds for certain powers to be useful.

    I dont want to say turn them back to 0 cost, bc i know alot of people would oppose that, or at least i would assume, but how bout a 50% reduction on subsequent combo powers? even just 25% would do alot for them.
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  2. Toshknight Loyal Player

    Advanced mechanics were added in like 2015, so we could combo into 2 other weapons. with the main weapons we have chosen, sadly the 2 weapons that we combo into are pre selected but its awesome, they polished and balanced Hard light to where you can't do the Snap Trap/Fan jump ranged rifle repeat clip anymore, or w/e it was, "cant remember exactly, mind is crappy" hehe, but there are other ways of doing massive dps, when it comes to content So much has been added.

    they changed DLCs to episodes meaning We got War of the light 1 and war of the light 2, we were suppose to get War of the light 3, but they changed to episodes. releasing, smaller bits of content so they could do more for us more frequently, in short term it did cut short, the War of the light complete DLC of 3 , and the same with halls of power. but all the new stuff is tooled very well.

    Cosmetics have gotten a very big polish, and we get more iconic stuff now. allowed by the IP holders at DC Comics, certain IPs like Green lantern, Batman, The flash, have let us use so much more then we use to be able to have access to, Emblems. Flash cowl. Batman Cowls, pretty much anyone's costume is in the game,

    i'm kinda glossing over stuff, so if i miss things yea, just reply with more :), but

    The new materials. tab, was added to give us even more customization to our characters color and look/ effects , more auras are added every week it seems , they recently added a Movement Style Tab, they haven't done much with it yet, but the possibilities are endless. they gave everyone this weird start style. to test it out i dunno or as a promo for the movement style tab, its kinda dumb but as i said , the future possible things they could do with it are crazy, they recently added for flight the Green lantern , red lantern and sinestro corp , Aura movement, not sure if that's apart of the movement style tab or what, more on that in the next paragraph. with the movement tab, they could say, add maybe a different style of lightning, or hell a trail of water, who knows... all kinds of stuff, bats lol i dunno, the negative speedforce, tons of stuff is possible. "im hoping for a style for powers. which i think will come, with all the success of the game, and IP's changing their minds and allowing stuff that would have never been allowed at launch, but now is available.

    the accessory tab, which is another thing they added lol. you can have stuff floating around you, kinda like another pet/trinket thing but permanent and more expansive then what trinkets can do, such as, you can have a construct mini helicopter flying next to you with no timer, it stays on, there are tons of things for the accessory tab,

    When it comes to the Episodes they have added a heck of alot more zones, and we aren't restricted to PS3 memory capabilities, so the PS4 can handle a bit more, and with the ps5 coming, i have a feeling, at first we will just be using backwards compatibility on the PS5, to play DCUO, but maybe this game will cross 3 generations of Consoles :) and hopefully they let those poor Xbox one players join our PS4/PC cross joined servers, i have had so many Xbox players join my stream, saying they have no one , its sad, but its a SOE Game "Sony Online Entertainment" so i can see why they didn't bring the Cross platform back then, but today it's different, we can play COD warzone with pc/ps4/xbox all in one server, so maybe that will change,

    Basically things have only gotten better, the only thing that still kinda sucks, is the chat system, we need Cross Faction chat, and further more they need to start the player out in the world as Neutral to pick hero or villain and we need to be able to chat with EVERYONE in game, and even group with villains in the open worlds. cause this is not world of Warcraft, we should be able to change from hero to villain. Lets be honest, double crosses and side switching happens all the time in comic books with the characters, Chat bubbles is another thing needing to be added so you know who is talking to you and for Roll-play reasons as well. when we do emotes and all that stuff. the text in chat only doesn't give it the effect it deserves. provided below is a screenshot of what i'm talking about anyway. it works trust me, i've followed Daybreak/SOE since 2002 with Ever-quest ever-quest 2, SWG, matrix, and now DCUO and This dev company did the Chat and faction system i speak of very very successfully with Star wars galaxies back in 2003 - 2010 , letting us join the rebellion, with faction gained, and if you decide you wanted to be apart of the empire you start doing imperial missions gaining imperial faction , and joining the empire. "i know it may be a little hard to understand but it's been done beautifully.

    That being said, if they did this chat and faction revamp system , this would be amazing totally getting rid of Heroes and villains, stuck in the Watchtower more so then the villains, hating and trolling each other and fighting with each other, when they could be networking, Roll playing , Setting up events , Raids and Real time world occasions with the opposite factions, Connecting the games player base more then it's ever been before, and all kinds of stuff i couldn't even list cause this is already a huge thread reply. but, im just very passionate about DCUO, and Daybreak Formerly known as SOE Sony online entertainment, can do it, and they do it well. "and the player made Chat rooms" are not enough if you're going to say get over it or that's how its going to stay, cause i know someone will hate on my ideas,

    Ever since I've played i have always been positive, i do not Flood forums with the same thread, but i will bring topics up every couple months, and remind the developers that there are people that want these things, we always get from forum Keepers, that say "WE'VE SEEN PEOPLE ASK FOR THIS FOR 9 years , GET OVER IT ITS NEVER GONNA HAPPEN", if you have that attitude , nothing new would have ever been added that the players wanted,

    Stay positive , have hope , and if you love this game, if you put money in this game by subscribing there is nothing wrong with asking for things to be added, don't let the people that reply to every thread that have requests. that may not be the time to be added, saying "it will never happen" don't let them get you down. This is The only Good Live service DC game and its a MMO, and i'm not including mobile games or the injustice games, cause those are great in there own categories.

    since i added so much i am going to copy this reply and make it a thread, i hope we get some Positive feed back, not just negative Nancy replies.

    Cheers everyone, have a great day and have hope

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  3. Tsavorentless Dedicated Player

    For Light every combo pretty much doesn't run outta power but one. HCcHCcHcClip Ghand Yank repeat.

    That combo above burns power like crazy and when in a raid Light has the most power in and since it does it strains healers.
    It is basically one of the best single target in the game but with Solar amp heatvision the seperation isn't that great.

    Overall lights power back mech needs a lil more on super powered or they increase the dmg for ho much it uses.

    I have 541 sp with ally
    My base mods blue power and I still run out and it seriously strains the troll trying to dish to heals.

    Not only does it need something for the power back is for single target the supercharge strafing run needs more 1st hit dmg and half it's aoe ticks to make up for it.
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  4. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    Are you ok?

    I ask because your all over the place and totally missed everything being asked.

    Advance Mechanics had nothing to do with weapons, don't know what you were trying to help out with the rest.

    Pretty sure the OP was looking for a different type of answer, like yes they made all powers use might instead of precision and now all powers have the potential to outperform other powers (even though there will never be true balance).

    But ...

    It still is way better than when advanced mechanics had it's run.

    They are still there but, they did allow more flexibility depending on playstyle and if you want to be top or mediocre.
  5. Trexlight Devoted Player

    If youre having Power problems, its sounds like your loadout needs fixing aka dont use Robot Sidekick and sorry if it sounded condescending that wasnt my intent.. The change was made during the Stats Revamp so Combo powers werent OP. If we could do our Abilities and the Combo didnt cost power, we would be sitting there with no Power issues at all.

    Currently The Abilities have their Power Cost and the Combos after it are 50% of that power usage.

    Ability is 100 Power, Combo is 50 Power

    Of course not having the Numbers on the screen to verify but through my testing this is how I saw the Power Bar change.

    Ever since the Revamp, Power Usage in Loadouts need to be watched carefully. As a Rage DPS myself, I dont have Power issues where Im drastically hoping for the Controller. Youll need to look at your Loadout with your Abilities, look at your Stat Points. So far the issue I see is you using Robot Sidekick while a Combo user. The people who are using RSK are indeed probably using Grim at Rank 200 so thats really the only path to using it as a Combo user. Omegahedron is a good choice too but I havent seen Combo users use it at all but its certainly an option.
  6. HL4LYFE Well-Known Player

    my rage loadout, is the SC generator cliped with the mechanic for the dmg aura, out rage x3 cliped Echain combo into lacerate, melee cancel back into the SC gen repeat, i dont use robot side kick on any power, i dont even use the earth pets or sorcery pets ect just bc the regen loss is too much an those pets specifically just dont do much aside from 1 power an then basically nothing else bc all there power is gone
  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Omegahedron is a decent one with combo use, it's one I use on all my Might characters. But problems can arise if a combo is interrupted (especially with Light). If you get interrupted multiple times starting a combo over or starting a new combo can really drain the power bar if you aren't paying attention.
  8. The Anxient Loyal Player

    What resulted is making the combo powers use way more power just to stay in line with the other might powers. It's not balance but it'll be defended as "every power shouldn't be the same" , "it's your loadout" etc. Atomic and hard light require optimal clipping to keep up but that clipping makes them much more power hungry.
  9. The Anxient Loyal Player

    Omegahedron is a joke. You can use it to help with power issues but it is a damage loss when you consider that other powers don't need it and can use that 3rd artifact slot for a artifact that adds more damage.
  10. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    To each their own. :) The Omegahedron has more than suited my needs, and I'm not of the "MOAR DAMAGE!!1!!1" or "gotta chase the latest Artifact" mindsets. Every time a new Artifact makes the scene, I take a look at what it does and see if it's something that will suit my needs better than what I already have. But that's a bit beside the point. :D

    If my targets are dropping before I do, then I'm doing enough damage. And if I have enough steady power, I'm more likely to do more damage to begin with.
  11. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Never had real power issues with any combo power in relevant content. I have a Soder Cola I can use, in raids, there are eight potential supply drops, Controllers still can build up SC like crazy. In Alerts without a trol, I could maintain even the GH-HC combo indefinitely with only my soder and hopping from supply to supply. Never had a boss encounter where I couldn't combo anymore.

    The argument that controllers struggle to power heal a healer because of a combo power also doesn't work really. First and foremost since it usually will also target the healer (three most fatigued members). This is no prio heal like the healer one.
    Second, in healing heavy situations, there will be a supercharge from the controller anyways, healers too have a soder and can utilize supply drops.
    I healed random lfg group with capable HL might dps and didn't have any problems, I also played Controller in such groups.

    I understand that there are different playstyles and everyone is free to use any artifact they like and spec how they want.
    Even though I now am going to generalize a bit I'm confidant that most complaints about power usage use the same loadout for everything, don't use soders or utilize their own and others supply drops.
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  12. Toshknight Loyal Player

    so... you ask if i'm ok, to mock me, but then tell me what you think.?
  13. Trexlight Devoted Player

    "Every Power shouldnt be the same" is a very optimal defense to the argument because its true but even playing the game, there's not much difference in playing sometimes where everything still feels different. I havent seen Power issues from any Combo Power unless the person cant control their own Power Usage. Outrage and Dreadful Blast are the largest Power usage abilities so they resemble not just 200 Power Cost but closer to 400 and they have the damage to show for it. The high the power cost the more damage they do and I know its harder to balance the Loadout with Power Usage but it can be done.
  14. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    I wasn't mocking you, was serious because you went on a tangent in hopes of helping but totally missed with the response.

    I totally get why you would read it like that in this climate we all are in.

    My other reasoning was not to you, it was in response to the OP concern with power, trying to not derail the thread with a discussion on things not asked for but sticking to the subject.