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  1. VillNess Well-Known Player

    Hello! Right now maximum combat rating is 90 or 91? Before Hands of Fate dlc it was 89 right?

    I thought I will get to cr 89 once I get my last t4 piece but now I still have cr 88... I have 71 weapon (131dps from steel solo instance) 73 face, 78 neck, full t4 with all pieces modded with IV mods, two Promethium lockbox rings 78 lvl with IV mods in both of them and the 75 utility belt trinket from daily box from Home turf solo mission.

    Why am I still cr88? Did they change something like cr going up more slow? as before Hands of Fate dlc people had cr89 with full t4 modded and the best other gear and don't I have the same or even better (like trinket?)
  2. Solarstar New Player

    I think you need the Helm of Omnipotence from Prime and a PvP item to get your CR up to 90.

    Truth is, Combat Rating is broke because it take everything that has a high Item Level into account rather than what you have on your toon.
  3. Paradox Well-Known Player

    In order to go from CR 88 to CR89 you are going to have to have some "Runes of the Norseman" gear modded with T4 mods. I am not sure how many but I know it's more than one. Norseman gear is generally considered tier 4.1 and is obtained from codexes that drop (not consistently) in the final battles of Black Dawn and Vengeance (on the hero side).
  4. Nitefelina New Player

    I think just full t4, gold neck and rings, full t4 mods, and the 73 face got me to 89. However I may have had a t4 pvp weapon on me at the time. The t4 pvp weapons are the highest cr weapons in game so you might need one of those. Or as stated before a few norseman pieces will do it. 90 however requires full norsemen or the helm of imnevergoingtohaveit.
  5. Paradox Well-Known Player

    Yes, the T4 PVP weapon might do it to get to CR 89.

    I have a toon with T4 gear and one Norseman piece fully T4 modded, level 78 neck, level 78 rings T4 modded, and 131 PVE weapon, and the CR is at 88.
  6. Potent New Player

    T4 PvP weapon should do it.
  7. Flashhh New Player

    yep you will need a t4 pvp weapon for 89 and then for 90 or full norseman or helm of omnipotence.Getting all of them plus the 76lvl mask
    from inner t4 alert will probably get you to 91!