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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by SinisterGrin45, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. SinisterGrin45 New Player

    Alright I know how to raise my combat rating up the problem is I don't know what affects it. Like my inventory and bank is full of my lower tier gear. So my question is what gear can I delete/get rid of but not lower my CR?
  2. Vexedbit New Player

    CR is based on your highest item level in each slot. So if you have 43 head and 53 head, you can delete the 43.

    Also the item doesn't have to be equipped or even in your inventory to count. Bank will also work.
  3. Archangel Rafael New Player

    also CR never goes down. Once you equip the gear once you can get rid of it.
  4. Vexedbit New Player

    Not true. If you delete the highest item for that slot, it can reduce your CR. This has happened to several people. Use to be lots of threads about people accidentally salvaging their gear and lowering their CR.

    Also you don't have to equip the gear for it to affect your CR.
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  5. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    it does go down if u delete the highest gear
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  6. chipzes Committed Player

    I think there was an Update a while ago that made CR only go up.
  7. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    nah it does go down :) trust me on this
  8. chipzes Committed Player

    I just went on Test Server and i can now confirm it doesn't. Also I'm sure Mepps confirmed this in another thread some weeks ago.
  9. RSL New Player

    that's horrible and asinine considering the playerbase that treats CR as the important metric vs actual stats
  10. Tirion Fordring New Player

    Would that be the same if you remove a mod? Meaning, CR won't go down right when mods are removed right?
  11. Archangel Rafael New Player

  12. Archangel Rafael New Player

    It's the community's fault for being asinine in their devotion to CR. A metric that was not intended to gauge character strength but to gate content to prevent obscene levels of carrying.
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  13. RSL New Player

    yeah but the idea that CR is so precious apart from stats... that you let someone destroy the gear... wear something with LESS stats and call it just as 'powerful' is horrible. is this how everyone gamed PVP gear in PVE, you didn't even have to KEEP the PVE gear you needed to get the CR? i really want to use a curseword to drive the point of what a stupid decision this is. what were the devs thinking?

    "oh i have CR 86 so i can get in nexus but i destroyed 3 pieces of gear... so i'm wearing two pieces of unmodded 81 i got from BIA and a piece of t4 i got with these leftover marks i had... so i'm fine to queue up for this instance. and DON'T INSPECT ME BRO™!!!!!" WTF
  14. Archangel Rafael New Player

    agreed. Maybe the best thing would be to get rid of CR entirely and just have a "tier gate". Instead of the CR rating a character would just have a place that says "teir (x)" in the stat sheet and that would gate you into content. Then players would put so much reliance on it in assessing others. You're going to get clueless players in pugs no matter what you do. CR isn't helping that situation at all anyway.

    mmo players love their "levels" and stats and numbers so much that anything like CR is going to get used the way players use it now. "CR 84 for gates" etc. I have seen posts where the devs are currently very unhappy with the community implementation of CR in this respect. Didn't they see this coming? I sure did.

    Yep. Once you stick your CR at any number it never goes down. You can run around gear-less (naked) and your CR is permanent. Only goes up. Never goes down.
  15. Poo New Player

    Somehow I missed this. Wtf are they thinking?
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  16. RSL New Player

    note to the new players: this is not advice. this is merely stating how the CR mechanic is implemented. you should be wearing the gear that gave you that CR.

    you KNOW someone will need to eventually be told that explicitly.
  17. RSL New Player

    how can we enable the lazy player to keep playing while not giving a flip about the players who work hard and pay attention? you know... the usual approach the devs have to the playerbase.
  18. RSL New Player

    i love this game but man... do the devs make a lot of choices that reward bad players instead of good ones. so backwards. good for the wallet i guess.

    i'm not talking about nerfing nexus, etc btw. tbh the majority of players had a hard time with it and those who didn't just liked using it as a measurement for their ******. and they miss having that. while groups STILL have hard times in there. lol so funny.
  19. Poo New Player

    So I can now take off and delete all my gear (both in my inventory and bank) put on PVP gear (that doesn't work) and go into Nexus???!!!
  20. Poo New Player

    And btw, I always though it was out of control stupid that your CR was effected by gear you aren't even wearing.

    CR (since that is what determines ones ability to do certain content) should ONLY be based on your currently equipped gear!!!

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