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Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Millbarge, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. dcmoose528 New Player

    gods of old briefing 4 is still unattainable usps
  2. Millbarge Developer

    it will be in the patch notes when it goes live.

  3. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    It might have been in the patch notes but its still broken this needs to be fix or the briefing needs to be moved its been over a month .
  4. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    Any word when the briefing in artifacts will get fixed ?
  5. Gibsgod Wielandt New Player

    Pff... Really, already 2 month left, since DLC was launched, and STILL that Briefing cannot be fixed? Why? What the reason might be? Just move that briefing (gods of old briefing Kalibak Report #4) to place where we can get it without textures bug. Maybe it's hard work, dunno, but seriously, 2-3 times it was in Patch-notes, but for real - nothing to change.
  6. PhantomVision New Player

    Today all new collections (gold) were disappearing in the IntergangCrimeWave operation area in Metropolis.
    If u try to pick a collection there it just disappears and u get nothing in ur inventory .
  7. Millbarge Developer

    I am unable to reproduce this internally. Is this still happening?

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  8. PhantomVision New Player

    It got fixed the same day. Idk what caused it but i was able to farm collections normally when I tried again
    few hours later. Collections were disappearing only earlier in the morning, same day in the evening everything was normal.

    Btw: That thing was just happening with the ICW operation area, other collections around Metropolis were working fine.
  9. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Unable to collect any collections from Khandaq. The node disappears, a green object goes into my character's body, but no collections appear on my screen; they do appear in my inventory if no group members are nearby, though. If a group member is nearby, there is also no need to roll because the collection never appears for the need/greed/pass loot. Please investigate.

    So in regards to the title of this thread: All of Khandaq is a bad location for collections if any group members are nearby.

    *This may only be a problem with collections a character has not yet collected. Already collected pieces are behaving normally. Further testing is needed.
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  10. Artillery Zero Well-Known Player

    I had the same problem yesterday while doing Hive Moon Base(pre 30).
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  11. JimsArcade Well-Known Player

    This WotL2 collection in the Metropolis Battlezone cannot be obtained unless you have a shield ability:


  12. Friboc New Player

    Hi, sorry for my enligh.

    This bug is still running in the game, frustrating chances to get collections, and drops all around the game, even in the new areas. Seems like a general problem in all the drops.

    Please, fix this issue asap.
  13. Millbarge Developer

    I've moved this node internally. Once it gets through QA we will push it out to the Live Servers.

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  14. Imsms08 New Player

    Still no word on the Old God's #4? It is still outside the map.
  15. Silverstreak New Player

    What's the status of fixing Kalibak's Report #1 briefing in the Necropolis? I saw that the geo was fixed so that you couldn't get it that way, but the briefing itself is still not obtainable. Thanks!
  16. GrumpyBigBee New Player


    I have all other briefs and this one is white as if Ive collected it but either I havent or it didnt give me credit...


  17. 01SUPERMAN01 New Player

    The authors orders investigations are no longer showing up in any of there locations
  18. GrumpyBigBee New Player

    I created a new good guy and the HIVE brief #4 doesnt show up for him either...

    USPS server
  19. Millbarge Developer

    Please check your locations again - I finished this briefing today and everything worked fine. If you're referencing online locations you may want to check a different source as those locations may be wrong (locations and/or labels)

    When you go through - if you are still having issue - take screenshots of what you feel is where so we can compare data.

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  20. Millbarge Developer

    Do you mean Luthor's Orders?
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