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  1. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    Yes but the meter burn in that particular game is used to either allow you to do variable combos(everything chains) or perform more powerful versions of special moves. Every combo in that game or any fighting game that uses a special move requires a cancel that is free. Meter just enhances that combo or special move via faster frames, decreased vulnerability , or more damage.
  2. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    Same can be said about not clipping. All the top tiers will drop, and the 60%er mid tiers will be at the top. This game used to be called Fire Dps Online a while ago.
  3. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    no one forces you to clip you can play however you want...... cast your powers and wait for the animations if you wish but just know you will always be a medoker player. but just embrace it and play how ever you want because its not going anywere.
  4. Jack New Player

    Never change clipping. Clipping makes the game fun and enjoyable in a fast pace environment. Although it's not essential to learn it does help you be a better troll, healer, tank and of course dps.
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  5. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    And, I'm sure that the Fire Toons were very happy about that.
    The point is that clipping is not uniformly applied and if clipping is mandatory to be successful, then players are pigeon holed into sectioning powers and or power sets that clip.
    I still think that all clipping should be penalized with a nerf...
  6. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Not a lot is "uniform" in this game - different powersets have different abilities, with different base damage, different modifiers, CC and so on. If clipping was impossible - DPS players would find the power-set/weapon combo that has the best animation time to damage out ratio and everyone would have to play that, in order to be accepted into group, unless they were already over-geared. So pretty much like it is now, except now if U put a bit of effort into optimizing Your playing technique, U can succeed as DPS with pretty much any power-set(provided U're adequately geared), even if some of them are harder to master than others and some require different level of support from the rest of the team (some need more power, for example).

    It would be difficult to estimate how big a nerf that would have to be. If DPS were penalized for clipping, by reducing damage, while the top tier content remained demanding in terms of fast burn - they would clip even more, to get even more attacks per second, to off-set the penalties. 4-troller raids as standart, anyone. Alternatively - they'd stop clipping and started running 5 DPS raids.

    Not to mention the fact that powersets that don't rely on clipping as much - would have a ridiculous advantage, unless significantly nerfed in some other way... That's a lot of nerfing across the board, which wouldn't go down well with pretty much anyone. And ultimately - wouldn't help in terms of actually balancing the game.
  7. H.. Committed Player

    This is very Key Point - and makes you question - Is this Really what the developers wanted when one said "Animation Cancellation is intended to be part of the game???
  8. Poo New Player

    I dislike clipping since it takes away from casual gameplay, but whatever, I use it cause I would be kicked if I didn't.

    As long as content is NOT developed around clipping I'm fine.

    Anyone wanna make a vid of Nex or Dox runs without clipping? Can it be done? Idk if I could play w/o clipping now.
  9. Agnetta Dedicated Player

    its not an exploit, its called "charging up" some people look down on it, like using hometurf stuff or sodas in duels. you could also try charging up a weapon attack, like do staff's tap 3 hold 2 combo and time it so you do the first hold right when the duel starts.
  10. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Okay...fair enough. The other side of that coin is that ... Why isn't it uniform across powers/power sets. In the Gadgets tree for example, fear gas and photon blast are not as effective if they are jump cancelled (damage nerfed). Thermite mine does not drop at all if you don't let the animation finish...It can be clipped by accident and loose the power and cooldown, but get no mine.

    The new powers are being built with clipping in mind, but there needs to be a more consideration of the 'older' powers. If clipping is properly a part of the game, it needs full acknowledgement in the power trees. That's the only reason I'm saying nerf it uniformly or not at all.

    I would have a hard time, not clipping - now too...Some powers have just become a means to get to the next power cast and there is a part of me that feels that the art of the game is lost in that.
  11. Jamie New Player

    I definately think it is cheap but if its part of the game I'll just learn how to do it and deal with it. Thanks for the info.
  12. HeirToThaThrone Committed Player

    How would you nerf healers, trolls, and tanks? Cause we clip with all powersets in all roles, not just dps.
  13. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Good luck controlling nexus and paradox as the main light controller with out clipping. If you don't clip your pot move you are most likely going to die.
  14. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

  15. Dump Truck New Player

    Clipping is part of the game. While some animations can be cancelled, their vulnerability window is not. What you need to do is educate yourself as to the vulnerabilities for each Legends player, here is some great videos on that, as well as each power set.

    Once you know the moves, it is much easier to punish someone clipping... and give them some of that bursty clip damage right back.
  16. ZeroAccess New Player

    Didn't read the entire thread as it's just stupid nonsense countered by nonsense and then every now and then someone was smart that had a point but blah.

    Anyways clipping is fine and makes the game a little more fast paced which let's be honest if we had to wait 4 seconds after casting a power to cast something else the game would move fairly slow.

    I do however would like the animations to continue as it'd make the game visually more appealing but eh.
  17. Poo New Player

    Ya know, I never really thought about this before...

    If you don't have a league, and never really get too into conversation with other people (or read the forums), how would you ever even know about clipping?

    You'd be pulling your hair out not understanding why your damage (or whatever) is always so low and you are getting killed in PVP all the time.

    I was 1/2 full T4 before I ever really started playing group content and then joined a league. That's how I learned about clipping as well as how to properly distribute my SP's.

    I dislike clipping. To me it makes the game too fast paced and clumsy. Maybe if people weren't sooo preoccupied mashing through a combo set they may get out of the way of a "one shot" once in a while.
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  18. Jax Prime New Player

    Viva La Clipping!
  19. Foe Evah New Player

    Clipping was never an intended part of the game design but rather a side-effect. There had been a lot of heated discussions about it in the past (check archived PC forums), until eventually they declared it legal and settled with that--most likely because it was too complex to address. Most of the complaints came from PvP, of which they have changed tremendously since the game's inception--one very notable feature to aid against gank-clipping would be the late introduction of counter (blue) auras. Nexus and Dox were meant to be difficult, and if they were indeed unachievable without clipping, devs would most likely make an adjustment to that (or if they were too easy due to clipping, increase its difficulty). Then again, clipping had been declared legal much before dox and nex were released...the game isn't exactly at its prime.

    OP is obviously new and there used to be a lot of people who would agree with him, just as there were people who would defend the "technique". It's been long since the older players have settled with the proclaimed norm. I guess what I'm trying to say is, this is a dead horse, but it has been beaten when it came crossing the bridge.

    It wouldn't hurt for them to add it to DCUO Wiki or some form of quasi/official site as a brief guide of what it is and a few examples, though.

    Kroger Brand.
  20. Toxiic Committed Player

    Don't want to clip? Try Hea.. Tro.. Tan... Walking?
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