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  1. Dirty Fred New Player

    Seems like theres gonna be a ongoing FAB with this strange threads every week now O_O!
    Last week it where the HL combos that was under attack from Nooblings...
  2. General Zod 10000 Post Club

    Can we return to our daily Wave threads? Or green aura ones........
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  3. The Doctor Loyal Player

    Just go away. CS specifically tells you it isn't an exploit and you reply by telling them it is? Player #97158 who is unwilling to learn something new in favor of hoping for a nerf. Shame on you.
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  4. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    Why all the complaining about clipping anyone can do it. The forums should not be where everyone goes to complain but a place to help others and report the occasional problem and by problem I don't mean this is OP change it I mean real problems like the mic glitch on ps3/4 stuff like that not this crap over and over
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  5. Whiteroom New Player

    Yup, this is a very good point. I brought it up in another thread how there are a lot of illegitimate QQ threads that do nothing more than get in the way of discussing real problems or issues.
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  6. Archangel Rafael New Player

    What did you start gaming yesterday? Tons of games have clipping. too many to list. Most importantly Unreal Tournament 3 has clipping. UnReal3 as in: the engine used to make DUCO. DCUO had clipping in beta day1. It certainly was designed knowing that clipping was in there.

    What do you think, long ago there was no clipping in DCUO then someone added it ?
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  7. Theterriblethunderlizard New Player

    I can sympathise with this guy to an extent. Clipping isn't in the tutorial and by tutorial I am referencing the entirety of lvls 1-30 which is essentially a tutorial and story platform for the rest of the game. The only powerset that I recall clipping being made clear in is Hardlight. So, let's be honest and say that even though the devs may except clipping as part of the game, they have made virtually no effort to educate in-coming players as to how to clip and get along with the game. True, ultimately everybody should look up a guide to start to get a good handle on their powerset, but at the same time, you should be able to pick up any powerset learn it on the fly as well and that includes with clipping.

    I think the guy would have benefited far more from DCUO being more up front about clipping animation and how it works. He wouldn't have gotten to a point and hit the shock of a different game at lvl 30.

    Being jerks to this guy isn't solving your problem. Being jerks to this guy is going to cause him to take his money elsewhere and you'll be left with a game with fewer players *less income and less content as time goes on. Being jerks with this guy fails to address the underlying problem that though devs have embranced clipping because it's too hard to be rid in the game, they haven't gone so far as to let newcomers in on the little secret at the noobs expense.
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  8. Chungweishan New Player

    It would be nice if clipping and animation canceling were explained. It would definitely lessen the /reports from newcomers. One of those quick tips they could add to the Loading Screens. "Tired of seeing a full animations from a combo? Use a power." "Some powers can quickly be transitioned with other powers." "Seems like players are hiding moves? Turn on the Combat Icon in Settings to see if they're blocking, block-breaking, or lunging."

    Like I wrote in another thread, clipping looks dumb. It's jarring to watch regardless of it being allowed.
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  9. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    You could start a green aura thread...

    After all the restrictions imposed by DC Comics are relaxing a little..... Iconic Lantern logos on the armor....

    Can you hear the sweeks and chirps?

    "Why can they have a red aura for a Red Lantern, but I can't have one for my Green Lantern?"

    Not to mention the the people saying...

    "If a Blue Lantern can have a Golden Aura and a Red Lantern can have a Blue aura. - Why can't I have a green one for my Green Lantern toon... I'm following the IP more than them.

    Not to mention the Toons with Pink auras and the Green Lantern logo.... pandemonium I say!

    It'll be fun! :D
  10. REEEPR New Player

    I wonder if every lead guitarist had to hear this same bunk from their rythm guitarist? "Dude, i don't finger tap so no one should be allowed to" "Now can i please have a towel to soak up my face that you melted off?" Unskilled indeed.

    You put clipping in a bowl, it become the bowl. Put it in a glass, it become the glass. Be clipping my friend...

    Damn, you guys remember when people used to try and excel at whatever it was they were doing?
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  11. winter13 New Player

    Clipping is not skill. True skill would be completing wave WITHOUT clipping
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  12. HOLY FORCE New Player

    I watched the HOBBIT today and wow to my shock it was 3 hrs long. I was saying to myself that the devs at DCUO should have helped with the movie. The special effects would be so amazing and they could CLIP the movie to half hour. I hope they get hired on as the special effects team for the next Justice League movie. They can clip all the special effects out and condense the movie down to 10min. I would have more time to play DCUO. I just realized you guys are right ,all that skill and timing I used to learn all the weapons is a waist. Instead of tap tap hold hold I can just tap tap clip and get all the perks. Thank you community for helping me see the light. WRONG. Oh and if you hate this post so much you can just clip clip clip clip and not read it LMAO.
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  13. The Klepto New Player

    Lmao!!!!!!! Haha hahahahaha another post on clipping. You die quicker in PVP. That means you get to leave and Q up again faster than wasting your time.
  14. Whiteroom New Player

    Complain till nerf is the name of the game nowadays. Why try to play.
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  15. Whiteroom New Player

    Clipping removes the walking scenes. But nice one. keep having the same fun in PVP! :)
  16. shadwfyre New Player

    If clipping was intended from the beginning ALL powers would be clippable.
    Since they aren't, saying it was intended is false.
  17. Radium Devoted Player

    Everything did clip in the beginning. They changed moves to clip and not clip based on what type of move it was.

    So they:
    A) Showed the ability to remove clipping
    B) Decided to keep clipping as an integral part of the game
  18. JustSome_Chick New Player

    It wasn't intended, but it wasn't deemed an exploit. The animations are sometimes long but not a necessary factor in gameplay either. Since it was neither necessary to have the long animations (but some players loved it) nor is it strictly an exploit to shorten the painful time of cast for some powers, the devs are keeping it.

    Love it. Hate it. Play around it or don't do PVP. I'd say "Nuff Said" but I'm sure it won't be.
  19. shadwfyre New Player

    Cancelling a power was intended to let you use a block, heal etc. Clipping a power to do another power & retain full damage from both(or even more than 2) is an exploit of the cancelling system.
    Any power you clip should do NO damage.
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  20. deltablues New Player

    Hey guys let's stay on topic and get back to talking about how awesome red lantern power clipping is going to be.
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