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    It sounds like you mostly run with precision based DPS. If you run with some heavy might based DPS (fire, elec, some nature builds), one of their full rotations will deplete about 3/4 of their power bar. I think two power dumps would be just about right to mitigate that power consumption.

    And like I said in the guide, I am assuming the reader has some knowledge of the game and roles. Using a power dump when everyone's power is full is like pouring juice into a cup that's already full, its basic knowledge that transcends even the game not to do that.

    Nothing is set in stone when playing our roles in DCUO, except for the fact that controllers should be frequently hitting their power dump when the party needs it. Many of the times, even before some of the revisions to the guide, when I said to spam the power dump I also said "when in battle" or "when the party needs it", this should be telling the reader that trolling is a very dynamic role that requires them to read each situation and alter their play style and rotations accordingly, as long as the basic requirement of giving power is being met.
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    Naw I pretty much role with a mixed group. I hardly ever run into the precision based DPS other than the HL DPS but they use more power than anybody else most of the times. I just controller similiar to a DPS with the way that I clip like a mad man. I Basically hate being put in any animation where I can't move and I hate wasting time so I attack all the time during the raid with my weapon which keeps my power regenerating then I clip the weapon combos with a power whether that be a debuff or a CC move then I clip that with my power dump and then start the process over with my weapon combos sometimes not clipping the weapon combo if im trying to reach the 2nd tier. Sometimes if I know the pace at which everybody is using their powers I'll deplete my whole power bar stacking DoTs on a boss and then drink a soda or pop a speed drain (if i actually have it in my loadout) to get it back up.

    I just know that I have a lot of freedom when I control because I regen my own power very frequently either by drinking a soda, using a speed drain, popping my trinket, or due to me constantly using my weapon combos. Its just depends on how i've judged the group. sometimes I run into a healer who uses the most power and I'll sacrifice somewhere to keep them powered up but I know for sure I'll never not get my debuffs in where I like them, or CC where I see fit, or put out a lot of damage, i'll just make sure to use my trinket as soon as the cooldown is over, drink more sodas, and use my speed drain whenever its up to keep the healer or whoever else powered.

    I'll never cut my fun short just to try to make someone else happy since we both are paying to play this game.
  3. Sore Steadfast Player

    Nine pages in and we've identified we're not so different, you and me.
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    Noted and understood. And that is fine, but just like my guide informs new players and reminds old players, be careful not to become (and you do not seem to be one who is heading towards that path) one of those trolls who is sitting on a full power bar while the team is lower then 50% on power, and instead of using that power to replenish the group's power, they use that power to place all their debuffs and CCs on the mobs.
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    Guess so.
  6. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    The guide has been significantly updated, upgraded, and otherwise changed to take into consideration most/all the constructive comments, criticisms and replies made.
  7. Sore Steadfast Player

    Nice improvement.
  8. Tesseract Prime Dedicated Player

    Two things:

    1. Dominance is no longer a must have stat. It is useful up until the required dominance for content is met. Beyond that it only adds to shields. Restoration also adds to shields, and depending on which shield can actually be more efficient to spec into. I still pick up dom, but I certainly wouldn't tell people it's a must have stat. Definitely not worth a power point.

    2. Pot section needs re-worded. You make it sound like letting pot run out is a terrible sin. It's not, you just get a double tick five seconds later. This will add up over the course of a raid, and early re-casting is preferred, but is not essential.

    Over all the guide seems mostly correct but doesn't say anything that isn't already said elsewhere.
  9. Nobody New Player

    ^ This!

    While it has some good information in it, this is yet another "SHUT UP AND GIVE THE DPS POWER" threads. If you want to sit around all day and spam your power dump move in the corner while everyone else has fun, be my guest.

    We were NEVER meant to be batteries. We're called controllers for a reason. Furthermore, if we were just meant to be batteries, why would the devs give us just two moves that give back power when the game first came out? Were just meant to put our P O T move and power dump move in our loadout and ignore the other four slots?
  10. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    its obvious you still haven't read more then a few lines. You are stuck on repeat, and need to learn how to read.

    The guide clearly shows that power dump and PoT or NOT the ONLY functions of a troller. Seriously dude, actually learn to take things as a whole, do not just fixate yourself on a few lines when there is an entire body of work to take into consideration.
  11. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    Yea, I hear you. And I will always be updating this, but I won't include things that exceed the purpose of the guide. This is not or will ever be one of the "everything you need to know" guides. This is a tip, hint, reminder to older controllers to not forget that giving power is their main responsibly (literally no other class can do it like we can) and a simple "how to" to new trollers on being able to do this basic part of their job.

    The reason I stress the PoT is because that is one of the basic things all trollers need to master. That is the one of the things every other class depends on the troller to be more then good at because that is one of the things only trollers can do.

    About the dominance: take into consideration the target audience. While this guide can help both new and old trolls, most seasoned trolls will not take anything new away from this aside from a reminder to give power. However, newer trolls, who might not have the gear necessary to simply be able to rely on their gear for the dominance, will benefit from knowing where and how to increase their dom.
  12. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    Again, for those that could not wait to read till the end of the guide before leaving a silly comment, I re-post the end of the guide as a favor to those less patient individuals.

    Brief About Me: I am a long time, loyal player of DCUO, I played the game during BETA, and it is still one of the main, or the main game I turn on my PS3 to play. I have had many toons in DCUO, I'v played each power at least once through to level 30. That being said I have just one character that I play with. (Putting myself out there a little) My main and for all intensive purposes only toon is a hero called MassRelay. His power is mental and movement is speedster, 121(as of 2-26-13) skill points and 89cr.

    Reason for this post: I always thought that if people were serious about playing this game that they would do some research and find out a couple of details about their powers/roles in the game to make sure that they are playing as best they can. But apparently even though they say they know what they are doing I find myself having to "coach" other controllers on the BASICS of what they should be doing. My hopes is that some people will read this and learn then spread the knowledge. This does not mean I am the only experienced troller on DCUO, there are many players who can play the role just as well if not better then myself, unfortunately there are a lot of people who control poorly. Hopefully this will make good controllers more common. I will focus on PVE raid controllers. I will assume that if you are reading this you already have some basic knowledge of the game and roles.

    Some might ask, what is the "basic" job of a controller? I will answer your question with one of my own. What is the one thing that a controller can give to their entire group that no other role can match?
  13. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    To those people that do not believe a troll should be a battery:

    All trollers are, at their core a battery. This is the BASIC role of a troller.

    I do not believe that a "battery troll" can even be considered a "play style" because it is impossible for any troller to only give out power. Just as no troller should go without giving any power. It is a quintessential part of the role that the other classes in the game depend on more then the other duties of the troll.

    Trollers do not get bashed on, kicked out, cursed out, or yelled at because they took too long to put a stun or CC or debuff on a trash mob, some of us are subject to that negetivity because we either do not know how, or refuse to give out power when it is our job to do so. This guide is meant to help with that specific problem in the community.
  14. Death Throe New Player

    I disagree with you in this. Although the longer more information intensive guides are great they can be a bit overwhelming for n00b just getting into trolling. Being a battery is the easiest introduction to the role. Most players will eventually get bored with simply being a battery and seek out information on how to diversify their role. You may not like the tone of his writing or that he fails to mention other kinds of trolling but the information on being a battery troller is solid, for the most part. :)
  15. Sylar-Man New Player

    It was more of the way he initially discredited the other parts of trolling that I disagreed with which he has since corrected. Its one thing to say that to start out you want to primarily give power but IMO he made it seem like if as a beginner controller you could give power as well as CC and debuff that you were doing it wrong. That has since been talked about and changed in his guide.
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  16. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    Yea, the initial version of the guide did "go hard" on the other aspects of trolling, but I felt that saying that the guide covered the "BASICS" of trolling would be enough to justify the over emphasis on trollers focusing on power out (it was not).

    Regardless, I did come on here with the mind set of; and since posting the guide have; re-rewritten the guide, and edited it and added things, and taken away things, etc, etc, to better relate the message that was my goal.

    The intended message being something like: if you are a new troller, be sure to learn to keep your party full on power, and if you are a seasoned troller, do not forget to keep your party full on power. A simple enough message, but one that I think needed to be said and explained.

    The guide is not finalized, and as long as I play DCUO I will always come back to the guide and tweak it as I (with help from the community) see fit.
  17. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    I was curious how most of you view melee controlling? I have a mental controller and I can't stand half of the ranged weapons in this game. With my playstyle I can build a faster combo with melee weapons than I can with ranged weapons. Which melee weapons would you suggest? I am currently using martial arts, but would love to try Dual Wields or Staff
  18. Defibrillate New Player

    There's no problem in melee controlling (or even melee healing) so as long as you know when to roll out, when to not attract aggro, and more importantly, when to use range attacks. Martial Arts is a good start, especially that Smoke Bomb attack for the lols. Also, if you're considering melee controlling and you're still trying to get the feel of it, I suggest add a shield power in your loadout. (If I'm not mistaken, Mental has a shield)
  19. BreakYoself New Player

    yea yo. main man right here can do it all son. anyone who says you cant melee troll aint good. period. no excuse they just suk so they tell everyone they cant do it either so they dont look bad. step they swag up yo.
  20. Apolloin Well-Known Player

    Yeah at the moment I am carrying telekinetic shield,but I was wondering if grandeur is better?