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  1. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    Good job dude, you use other sites to prove a MUTE point.

    Pushing out a lot of power means I am not playing my role correctly? Really?

    So when healers push out alot of heals they are not doing their jobs correctly?

    When DPS push out a lot of damage they are not doing their job correctly?

    When tanks have the highest 'incoming damage' they played their role poorly?

    You brag about your damage out? What was is 150k? And you honestly believe that the 150k won the raid. I am not saying it is not helping, sure it helped, but could it have been doen without? Yes, because a good DPS is easily pushing out over six times as much. Now ask yourself, could the raid have been done without the power that was pushed out? No.

    In a raid where a troller pushed out 600K power, as opposed to a raid where the troller pushed out 900k power, which raid would the team be running better. Lets eliminate all other variables, same tank, same dps, same healers, same instances, same play styles. Which run would be better? The one with 600K power going into the team or 900K?

    Pushing out that extra power is easy and does not cost trollers a single thing, all they have to do is have their power dump be active more frequently in their rotations. and at the same time it will shut the mouths of any player who complained about pwer.
  2. Delta795 New Player

    Dude you are fighting a losing battle, just pretend you're french and surrender. This guide is suitable on how to play a battery troll, which does not lead to everyone being better but becoming more reliant on our power out abilities. I can't even envision hitting recharge everytime is not on cooldown. And before you blast me for being terrible and not knowing my role, I have solo'd every single raid in this game successfully.

    Please refer here if you want a true overview on how to play the role "Controller"
  3. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    I point you to the reason behind the post and something I have repeated many times.... The BASIC responsibility of a troll is to give power, once a troller has mastered that aspect of their class is when they should go into the other aspects of the role.

    This guide shows how to do the BASIC duty of the controller role, which is to give power. Spamming the power dump when the group needs power is an easy, effective way of making sure the instance runs smoothly without complaints on power.

    Trolls have to at least learn when they are going to need to power dump consecutively before they use their power to CC or Debuffs.
  4. Delta795 New Player

    From your 1st post regarding power dump
    "This is the move that you will spam throughout every single instance. Especially during raids, when the party is fighting ads or a boss, both controllers should be using this move from cool down to cool down. The move has a 2 second cool down for a reason, it was made to be spammed. If you are a troller and your power dump is not in a state of perpetual cool down because you pop it every chance you get while the group is using a lot of power, then you are doing something wrong."

    Nothing wrong in using PD in a cycle, however to spam it like you said is not only impossible (you won't have the power) but INSANE.
    Sure there are times when we need to be an energizer, but to put this as our main focus is wrong. This is part of the reason newer controllers get screamed at for not giving enough power out.

    I will and have starved people of power for not understanding how to regen their own power. if the bolt is up, and I'm putting out power dumps and that part of my job is done. You can agree or's up to you. however look at the overall response you are getting from pretty experienced controllers here. It aint pretty
  5. risen New Player

    Exactly, I spam to dps sometimes cause they can burn down ads but PoT is what gives power back. I only came in this thread after seeing the idociocracy on gamefaqs to see if anybody validated his views. Obviously not like I said pushing out that much power means 1. Your group is trash and taking way too long 2. You're not doing the entire job of a controller. Controlling the field.

    Your "guide" may be about a battery but its misleading and will cause more noobs to play their roll badly. I learned by reading hours on hour and watch videos from trexlight and ppl who are experienced. Between PoT and my battle drone and self management of a solid group I only need to push 180 to 250 on a regular basis. And ever see my team drop below half if it ever gets that far
    This is why you have word of power and supercharges. You should be the one taking tips from the more experienced class controllers you may have played since beta but as far as I'm concerned you should stop playing.
  6. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    The reason that the overall response "aint pretty" is because most of the responses were made without those people taking the time to read the guide. Some people try to read but get fixated on one part of the guide and ignore the overall message.

    And it has been my experience, and like many people on here, I have been playing the game since BETA, that most new trollers are not able to keep up in power not because they spam the power dump but because they over use their CCs, Debuffs and concentrate on their position on the scorecard.

    The overall message of the guide does place a heavy emphasis on using the power dump because it is trying to break the overall consensus that the power dump is an emergency power regen move only. It is a move that should be used a lot more casually and frequently then the majority of people think it should be.

    Part of our job is to teach other roles when to use power, and sometimes cut them of if need be. But to say that the job of a controller, in its most basic potential is not to give power to the group is where people are mistaken. Giving power is what I choose to over emphasize in this guide because it is being under emphasized by too many controllers. And it shows when you pug a raid and the less experienced troll is sitting on a full power bar while the team is going on half empty and they then choose to use that power to apply debuffs and CC trash mobs.
  7. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    You are just close minded and love to go with the flow when you think you are bashing someone because of the anonymous nature of online forums. Again, I reply to comments that are negative for the sake of being negative like yours simply because it is the polite thing to do, do not think for a second that you or any other comment on here has actually "hurt" me.

    Chances are you have not read the guide all the way through, or have read any of the changes made to it, which means you will continue to be misinformed and misguided whenever you comment. On top of that, you, like other people, will say proudly that you do not plan on reading or re-reading the guide as if that's a positive trait. News flash, staying ignorant to change is not a desirable quality.

    If you push out low amounts of power, and your group is still successful, then you need to thank you group for going easy on you as a troller and curving their power consumption to match your low power out.

    My guide is not on being a "battery" troll, my guide is telling people how to do something that every troll in the game needs to be able to do no matter the type of play style they have. The simple fact is that if you are a troller who refuses to give power when the party needs it, and in fact uses that power to do other things, you are doing a bad job.
  8. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    Again I urge people to actually go through the guide and form their own opinion on how well it relays the message it is trying to send instead of just reading what other, under and mis-informed people are saying about the guide and trolling.
  9. risen New Player

    No I didn't attack you I only stated what everybody else has countless times and instead of being "polite" you got super defensive and started getting off topic saying the same things over again. Anonymous forums?!/BuzzzdLightYear?__user=100003365772656

    Not so anonymous anymore. If you can't handle constructive criticism even if you're gonna just take it with a grain of salt then refrain from putting your guide in the forums it's clear nobody actually agrees with you because even though say its a battery guide you defenitively stated power out is the MAIN reason for a troll and that in its self is WRONG. Bottom like and that's the only thing I was trying to get across before you turned this into a slug fest. Somebody close this thread it's straight negative
  10. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    I'm just gonna tell it how it is here. most trolls I come across suck, a lot of you on here do to by the way you talk. There is almost never a time when you shouldn't be using your instant power, if its not on cool down it should be. Your job is to give power not to do subpar dps or CC. Leave those things to the dps and tank. Those of you that say cause dude puts out a lot of power he's not doing his job are stupid. All you people are the lazy trolls that don't keep everyone's power up. Cc is dead so stop wasting your power and give it to the dps to kill stuff or the tank to pull it.

    I hate when I have to run with a troll outside of my league cause I get stuck with one of you guys who think your debufs and stuns are more important than the dps having power to kill. Your sole purpose is to supply power stop being lazy and hardheaded with all this cc crap and know your role. Trolls that don't spam their power are the ones that make raids last longer than they should and when dps don't have power that's when everyone starts to get overrun cause nothing is dieing.

    Here's how your troll in a raid with two trolls:
    Hit ur instant tap range a few time then instant again yea you'll run outa power eventually but drink a soda and your good to go. Simple as that everyone has power and the raid is over before you know it.

    Now I know your gonna have something to say but suck it up and stop being lazy. the troll community on here is terrible with how you tell people to troll that's why there so many bad trolls out there. And I don't wanna hear I've been trolling since beta. Good you've been a bad troll since beta you've had a long time to learn your role and you obviously didn't. And don't say spamming your instant is boring or the unskilled way to troll that's what gets the job done.
  11. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    Yea, just keeping taking out one or two lines and using them out of context to serve your needs in this weak and over used argument.

    As far as people agreeing with me, the ones that read the guide, said that it does what is stated it was going to do perfectly fine. Basic trolling. You bring the point that people do not agree with me and that is false, people said that being a battery is not the only thing a troll can do, which is something that goes in line with the message of the guide.

    FYI telling me that I am wrong is not constructive criticism. There have been posts with actual constructive criticism and I have commented to those post by welcoming the criticism and changing my post accordingly. Every person that said that being a battery is not the only way to play troll, that's fine, the guide says that too, but since they did not bother to read through it then they felt they had to say it in a comment. Which is when my red flag went telling me, "well this person obviously did not read".

    And again, yes, giving power is the MAIN responsibility of the troll, that does not mean it is the ONLY responsibility of a troll which is what you and others who did not bother reading make it seem is the only message of the guide. When in the guide itself it says this is BASIC requirements for trolling, bare minimum, novice level stuff that will help novice players and serve as a friendly reminder to pro players like most of the people on here to give power when trolling.

    The guide's goal is to make sure that people are not putting excessive attention on debuffs, and cc, while neglecting their power replenishing responsibility.

    People call me a broken record, guess what, that is because you are not bringing up any issues that have not already been answered in the comments and in the process of being corrected in the guide. So please, stop repeating what has already been said by other posts.
  12. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    One of the main things that the more experienced trolls will take away from this, if they bother to read it without getting offended is to simply use their power dump more often. It is a simple message that a lot of people take as an attack on their play style and it is not an attack on their play style. Simply incorporate your power dump move more often in what ever it is you are already doing. I have to go super hard and over emphasize the use of the power dump because there are a lot of people who under emphasize it and choose to NOT use it when the party is in dire need of power.
  13. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    Using your defense debuff and clipping it with your power dump.

    Using your PoT and clipping it with your power dump.

    Using your attack debuff and clipping it with your power dump.

    Using your heal debuff and clipping it with your power dump.

    Using your power dump at the beginning and end of every weapon combo.

    Using your SC and clipping it with your power dump.

    Using your CC move and clipping it with your power dump.

    This is the definition of spamming your power dump. And most of this those moves can be done in between the cooldown times of your power dump, aside for maybe building a higher Tier weapon combo. So if you study your own game play, you will see that spamming the power dump is not something that is "INSANE" nor impossible. It is actually the most important aspect of the job.
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  14. Sylar-Man New Player

    I'm pretty sure it would be better to clip the weapon attacks with your CC move or debuff then clip that with your power dump. Its a whole lot faster than doing a cc move clipped with the power dump then doing another weapon combo and clipping it with the power dump.
  15. CrappyHeals Devoted Player

    The trolls on these forums are to stuck in their ways to even acknowledge the thought of constantly using their instant. what if they didnt have enough power it incase some adds and roll them around while the dps try to kill them lol.

    New people come to these boards to look for advise and help learn their rolls an almost all of the guides on here are great except for learning how to troll cause of these guys telling everyone debuf this stun that. this one dude once told me he had a set rotation of a stun debuf in every weapon rotation. noting like making the other troll work overtime cause he keeps using useless powers.

    Times change and maybe back in the day groups needed stuns and debufs but now days everyone is over geared and with all combos and clipping that everyone uses trolls have no time or power to waste on stupid stuff. id love to run with some of these guys to see if the can really back up that their good trolls. My league is power hungry these guys wouldnt last 2 min in lol.
  16. TheDark Devoted Player

    Spam is to consecutively cast Defib as soon as the cool down is gone which is horrible advice. That one player above basically said to just do that. No where in there did he mention time for weapon combo's to regenerate power. Just spam. That is horrible advice.

    Clipping your CC/PoT/Debuff/Weapon Combo's with the Instant power heal is different the spamming. Your definition is different than what new players will understand the word spam to mean (consecutive). The group's I'm in and have solo controlled always have power because I do what you mentioned. I have a balance in my CC and Power Out because of clipping it with Defib.

    I've done my job keeping PoT up because I take advantage of the double tick. That is our main job. Keep the bolt up. I assist the team in 2 ways when I use Defib to clip . They get power and take less damage in when they attack targets that aren't attacking back due to my CCing. Healers spend less power on heals too.

    CCIng is done by weapons, powers and consumables. You could devote your power bar to transfer and still CC with consumables and weapons. There is no excuse to be lazy. Lazy are the Controllers who spam the Instant Power Heal and nothing else. No weapon regen. Just spam. Not only are they lazy but have no understanding of the role in terms of power regen.

    Some of you think when we say CC it means to literally stand there, ignore the power transfer and just control NPC's. No. Even I disagree with that approach. Balance has always been key. If you only reword what you say and carefully choose you words you can turn this around. It's your choice of words that sparked the argument in the first place.
  17. Sylar-Man New Player

    We don't and don't want to play in your league so nobody cares that you league is power hungry or that you think we wouldn't last. If you can't do it all and still keep a group powered up then that is your bad but for those of us who can I don't understand why you think we are doing it wrong. Play your way and let other people play theirs. If you are in a raid where the controller is doing something you and the rest of the group don't like then let them know and if they choose to continue doing it then kick them but if they aren't making your job harder and the group is still powered up thanks to both of yall then don't go looking for a reason to kick them because they are playing differently than you.
  18. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    so you say: weapon combo>>clip to CC/debuff>>clip to power dump...repeat

    is faster then : weapon combo>>clip to power dump>>CC/Debuff>>clip to power dump..repeat

    the only difference is that in your example there is one less power dump. of course it would be faster, there is one less move to do.

    the rotation that i would advice would simply clip the weapon combo with the power dump, and then go into the debuff/CC..very little difference expect that the focus shifts more towards power regen rather then combos and cc/debuffs. Which is the main message of the guide, shift just a little towards giving power fellow trollers.
  19. Sylar-Man New Player

    I wouldn't recommend the repeat part but yes weapon combo/CC move or debuff/power transfer. Giving two power dumps would probably end in wasted power if the DPS aren't actually casting as fast as you are which if they aren't HL then they probably aren't since I don't know many DPS which have a move they can use to clip with that has a short cool down like a controllers power dump move and I strongly doubt that a Mental or Gadget DPS would have defib or PE in their loadout.

    So basically if you can get in two power dumps before the DPS can fully use the power of 1 power dump then that was really a wasted cast by the controller.

    I personally won't let a group get to 0 power but by keeping them above 75% that leads them into spamming their powers which will eventually come back to haunt the controller because they will constantly have to try to keep them there. I like to keep the group at enough power to cast their next move in their rotation which is normally around the 45% mark by not overcasting my power dumps and that sets the pace for the DPS to know that they can comfortably cast their rotation without worry about being out of power.
  20. drzdonn Well-Known Player

    The guide itself says that trollers job is not to simply spam power dump. The words I choose were ones that would hopefully tell new players that giving power is their top priority, not their only job, but it is more important then CCing and Debuffing. That does not mean that they should not CC or Debuff or build weapon combos, but that when the party requires them to give instant power as much as possible, they should be willing and ready to do that.

    Look at the guide as a whole, do not just take a sentence or two from one early part and summarize it in those sentences. If you want a summary of it, just look at the last part of the guide, it is a "RECAP" of the entire guide, a summary for those who were lost in what the guide was trying to do.

    It would be impossible for a troller to spam a move because of the cool down, the guide says and hints that the troller has things to do in between every power dump. But stresses that the power dump should be used more then every other move on the load out.