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    The OP needs to go read battery's guide for controlling. It is much more complete, accurate and has better info to back it up.

    This is nothing more than an attempt at self gratification, poorly written where he relies on his "qualifications" as a long time player for people to believe he knows what he is talking about. His research is neither complete or thorough. Where is a downvote when I need one?
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    Melee trolling is very doable but I strongly suggest you range until you are familiar with the instance. You may not want to jump into melee the first time you do Prime for example. There will always be instances, such as prime where ranged attacks are the key. I've been looking for a 131 brawling or MA weapon recently for trolling. Sometimes I feel silly trolling ACE with my 131 hand blasters.
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    Whenever I feel like using a melee weapon when trolling I do prefer MA. TK shield I would recommend using it in overall situations, the cool down on it isn't too long, and it absorbs a good amount of damage.

    Granduer is good for those moments where you find you have too much aggro and need to redirect that aggro towards a tank or anyone else for that matter, or you need to pick someone up, granduer almost guarantees a successful pick up.
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    You do an awesome job at being negative just for the pure sake of being negative. Good job, you troll (not the role) successfully.

    The purpose of this guide is very clear from the get go, if you failed to understand it (and you probably are seeing as how you are redirecting me to a guide that does something that this guide was not made to do, now or ever.) then I feel sorry for you.
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    I agree but.

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    Go read someone else's guide and maybe you will see where all your knowledge falters.

    It is not negative for the sake of being negative. It is negative because the mentality and tactics you profess are diluting this game and creating lesser players, not better ones.

    You are right battery's guide Teaches people to play a controller and shift with the battle and know what they need to do. Yours does not.

    Seems you do not even know what a Troll is on the forums either.
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    Granduer would be better. It has a shorter cooldown, requires less skill points to spec into, absorbs just as much damage, drops aggro off of you, frees you from control effects, and is just as clippable.
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    It seems people are assuming "Crowd Control" should be priority number one. And while every controller tree's 1st un-lockable power is a move that provides power back to the group and offers a form of crowd-control, the effects listed under Control (For the Controller Role) state providing power-over time. Healers do not always have a heal in their first un-lockable Power-Tree slot. Controller's on the other-hand have a move to provide Power to your team-mates.

    Regardless of what someone says - controllers still have a deciding factor in how the Raid/Instance will be played out. If a controller decides to not share power the group will struggle for the duration of the raid. (A Healer can choose not to heal and let members die off - A controller may starve individuals until they beg for power - If a DPS does not want to kill something then oh-well it'll die eventually if the other members decide so. I would say a Tank has say, but unfortunately it is possible to complete every instance (Sometimes Faster) without a Tank. (Yes even @ Tala you do not NEED a Tank, but admittedly it seems to go smoother with TWO Tanks). Now running Dawn or Prime with no Healer or No troll - seems like a much wasted effort. Running those same instances without a Spec'd DPS is still do-able - every character can choose to switch to the Damage Role for a reason - whether they are proficient at Damaging is another story- but it is becoming more common that someone who is a support role can switch to Damage role mid Raid/instance and do sufficient damage.

    Basically a Controller can still dictate pace-of play by the rate in which Power is dispensed to the Team & in the form of providing crowd control either by casting power or using stun/juggles/knock-down weapon combo's. (Literally One way is more power efficient than the other, but again timing and positioning can make a huge difference in when knowing when to cast a move for the Control effect...stunning/poly-morphing/juggling an Orbital'd Boss/Avatar for instance.)
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    It's awesome how you think I have not read other guides, it just proves how little reading you've actually done.

    The reason why I wrote my guide is not the same reason why Battery wrote his, or why Yui and Tesseract Prime wrote theirs. Your fault is in thinking that all guides that pertain to one role should be the same.

    So anytime someone writes a guide that is not the same as the one that one of the regular posters on here who you idolize wrote, you automatically try to bash those other guides. Again, I feel sorry for you.

    I've already posted, and re-posted, and re-posted the reason for this guide, if you are too lazy or simply unable to understand the reasoning then, just move on dude.

    "do not even know what a Troll is on the forums either", I actually do not care what a troll is on the forums, fact remains that all you are doing is saying nothing but "this other guide is better, yours sucks" in different words.

    I care and wrote about what a troll needs to be capable of doing in DCUO the mmorpg. I did not write about something that sounds good on paper or what someone who reads up on the game without actually playing thinks should be going on.

    I wrote about one of the basic and the most essential duty of a controller in DCUO, thats its. No more, no less. If you can not see that then, that is to bad, I wrote this in the most simple and straight forward way I know how.