Clarion or Demon fang or both?

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  1. Lucidex New Player

    So i'm a healer, but i'd like to explore the battle support side of healing because it's interesting...i'll still use all restoration augments, and all healer gear, after all i should be a healer first and a battle healing second.

    That being said the two arts that take a percentage of your resto to weapon damage are clarion and demon fang.

    Which one should i use? Or should i use both, which deals more noticeable damage?

    Clarion has a lot of utility, healing while damaging, a shield and a damage buff.
    But i have to use a weapon buff in my loadout, and i don't know if i'm supposed to do that as a healer.
  2. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    As a battle healer, doing dmg and healing is the goal.
    Clarion + demon fang is what I use, and in full healer gear I use these in elite to heal as well. In regular content, I'll use mostly DPS gear, these artifacts, and the group makes it through just fine: while I'm also putting out a lot of damage.

    How much SP you have, will affect how you will want to spec.
    If you have a lot, then here's my tip.

    Hybrid spec (1 point) movement speed (1 point) dual wield to flurry shot in weapons (15-16 points if I recall)
    All critical attack and critical healing first (120 points).
    Precision (340 points)
    Resto (100 points)
    Dominance (100 points)

    If you don't have that many SP, then spec with what you can first, in (after weapon/movement/hybrid) to get 100 precision, and 100 resto first.

    Demon fang will activate bonuses when you have shields up (Clarion and your power shield will activate this).
  3. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    I personally do not like demon fang. I know pale is but I just don’t like it. I prefer using clarion and trans in combination with either strat, page, purple, or EoG.
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  4. Lucidex New Player

    Clarion's damage relies entirely on the damage buff ability, and i really don't want to sacrifice my group heal for it, in addition, i am using page and transformation card, with the last third artifact slot being for preference, and that where demon fang comes from.

    i know demon's damage is no where near Clarion, but my build is kind of tight, not to mention it's only useful at 160 and only really great at 200
  5. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    As far as the original post goes, they both work great together, and have excellent synergy towards the others passives.

    There's really no need to sacrifice a group heal for weapon buff. Here would be my suggestion for your loadout for battle healing:

    Weapon buff, 12 sec Heal over time (electrogenesis, solace, virtuous light, benediction, circle), priority heal, group heal, shield. The 6th power slot could be whatever you wanted, another heal, hot, dot, SC, etc.
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  6. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    Clarion and Fang are pretty similar in damage. Used separately, Clarion will tend to be more useful and give more damage. This is because you will be running Weapon Buff (so you automatically do more damage), and the free healing ticks means you spend less time healing. And the shield is very strong.

    The benefit of Fang is that you don't need Weapon Buff, it's already serviceable at 120, and it's automatic.

    Generally I would say - Clarion if you have it at 200 and you can fit in Weapon Buff, Fang otherwise. Most of the time by the way, you'll be able to fit in a Weapon Buff. You don't need that many healing moves.

    Also for loadoutd and artifacts, I still recommend Superpowered so that you don'g run out of power (stats from Hybrid aren't that uaeful IMO). You should use Purple Healing Ray in 90%% of any Healer build. The other artifacts are preference, Trans is good damage but can potentially suck depending on your loadout and RNG (like I only use Group + Prio as Elec which would result in high variance healing because it's so few ticks), Page of Destiny is generallly good but also overkill a lot of the times.
  7. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Don't forget, if you're using fang, it replenishes power greatly. So going hybrid with it in your slot, will give you even higher restoration (plus the other support stats, which dominance is nice on healers). I use fang on an electric healer with Clarion and trans, same have no problems healing, or being low on power. Since the rework on fang, it's proven extremely good at power replenishment.
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  8. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    That's a good point. If you're good at continually proccing Fang then Hybrid seems pretty good for the extra stats. I'd probably go Superpowered still since I don't value the 5% resto as much and I just like having power, or even try out Weapons Expert.
  9. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    How's Ionic Drain spam? It's a 4.4 second cool down but can be lowered with that one artifact.
  10. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    For DPS, it's great on single target. I'm using heat vision, arc, Tesla blast, and ionic. RSK and circuit breaker too. It hits.
  11. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    For healing. It heals 7 other players. I figured if your restoration was really high you can theoretically just spam it by using that one artifact that reduces it's cool down. I haven't seen a video talking about that specific finisher.
  12. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    With the LA mort card, I think the cool down is reduced to 3.2 seconds. So you can't really spam it. I don't recall it's numbers for healing, but if I remember correctly, it's not something that is gonna boost health like a priority heal or group heal.

    In a might based (and superpowered) healing rotation, it could fit in. Arc lightning, overcharge, ionic drain for adds. (Can't remember if overcharge is one or more ppl heal).
  13. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Priority heal only heals yourself and another player. Sure you can spam it but I find more use when a power has more support such as being able to heal 7 players instead of 1. I'm going to live test EOG, La Mort and Clarion. A group heal only heals yourself and three other players. I was thinking more in line with raids than alerts. Recover the group heal only heals three players and cost 300. Ionic Drain heals 7 players and cost 200. Recover is a 3 second cool down and Ionic Drain is a 4.4 seconds. Having La Mort would make it ideal to have than Recover. Plus you can add Empowered Channeling to it.

    I don't think I seen videos of electric healers healing like this as this is an unorthodox way of playing. Regardless, my first art I want to level up is La Mort and only until I'm able to get Ionic Drain cool down reduced. Then it'll be Clarion not sure. This is still just theory crafting but I'm in the midst of leveling my electric toon.
  14. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I will say, before ionic drain became the direct electric channel it is now, back when the character held hand in the air, it was in my healing loadout.
    For the artifacts you mentioned, here's an idea, to help keep you doing weapon combos to keep Clarion activated:

    Weapon buff, electrogenesis, ionic drain, then either:
    Arc lightning clipped to flux, with whatever SC you wanted in slot, or
    Flux with 2 SC's.

    You could really live on the edge and go with 3 SC's, removing Genesis, but without scrap you would suffer not being able to use SC as often.
    Maybe that first loadout above, using circuit breaker if you wanted to boost damage, or pheromone to have more EoG activations (every 30s)