Clarion healing builds:

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  1. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    There's been some requests for information on loadouts lately for good Clarion healing, so I decided to just put it here. I use Clarion on two on my 3 healers, and can heal the elite content just fine. So, for those curious:

    You'll need a Clarion, demon fang, and a 3rd artifact. The 3rd artifact, in my opinion, is:
    Purple ray> page >transformation.

    Purple can give you (and another) an extra shield, plus power return. Page will give you a safety net, but at the cost of slowing your attacks/heals. Transformation will give you higher criticals and magnitude, but at the cost of consistency.

    No matter what power you use for Clarion/Fang healing, you'll want a few permanent powers.
    1- weapon buff
    2- a 12 second HoT
    3- priority heal
    4- a group heal
    5- group shield
    6- wildcard.

    You'll want to spec your SP in hybrid. Max critical healing. Max resto. 50-100 in might/power. 50-100 dominance. Once you have 100 in both of those, you can increase precision.

    Dual wield-flurry shot mastery.

    Take note that the demon fang will increase your restoration and precision when you have a shield running (while attacking), so keep the Clarion shield, or group shield running, as often as possible. Keep in mind, the 12 sec HoT and Clarion healing, will generally keep your team easily managed.

    My suggestion for electric:
    Weapon buff, electrogenesis, galvanize, flux, priority heal.
    For the 6th slot you can use group heal, or bio capacitor for the safety net.
    Clip your weapon buff and electrogenesis together, and start attacking with your dual wield to flurry mastery. You can jump cancel the last hit and go right back into attacking. These two heals alone will usually keep the team filled up, especially considering you are using your shield as often as possible. Flux will overwrite Clarion shield, so watch for the Clarion shield to activate, and don't cancel it.
    Clip your galvanize and priority heal to get the team filled up after a big hit, and keep your attacks constant.

    My suggestion for water:
    Weapon buff, solace, priority heal, bubble, riptide, mending wave.
    Clip your weapon buff and solace together, and start attacking. Clarion shield will overwrite bubble, so clip riptide with bubble to clear it's timer. Clip your group heal and priority heal to top the team up after big hits. Water can keep a shield running almost %100 of the time, maximizing your buff from the fang.

    My suggestion for celestial:
    Weapon buff, virtuous light, priority heal, admonish, blessing, consume soul. You can replace virtuous light with benediction, and then replace consume soul with virtuous light.

    Clip your weapon buff with benediction or virtuous light. Admonish or consume soul with priority heal top off the group. Blessing or Clarion shield running as often as possible.

    Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for nature (not a nature healer), but the same principles would apply:
    Weapon buff, 12 sec HoT, group heal, priority heal, shield, and a strong heal or SC.

    Using this, I keep the team healthy, and fork out anywhere between 40-60 million in boss damage by the end of a no wipe run.

    Good luck!
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  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Can you explain what you mean by page slowing your attacks/heals? I haven’t found this to be true at all. If anything having that added safety has has given more more opportunities to do extra things because the safety net it gives.

    Also, what do you mean by trans lowering your consistency? I’ve found the opposite to be true. When I heal using trans, yes by base heals would be lower but I get more crits which means they tend to be more reliable and more consistent. So I’ve found the opposite to be true. At least for me.

    Also, when I use clarion as a pure healer I personally use clarion in conjunction with both page and purple. I find demon fang less useful since purple gives me enough power back and page gives me the extra safety net.

    This seems to be more of a battle heal than a clarion healing set up. When I use clarion I basically only need priority heal, group heal, group shield and weapon buff. These are the loadouts I’ve used with each power:

    Base loadout: priority, group heal, group shield, weapon buff

    Electric: bio cap, word of power/galvanize
    Water: tempest, solace
    Celestial: consume soul, guardian light
    Nature: savage growth, bloom (or blossom. Always get them mixed up)/cross pollination

    Sorcery: invocation of renewal, arbiter of destiny
    Arbiter loadout: priority heal, group heal, circle of protection, soul well, sc generator, shard of life

    I’ve been able to solo heal elite raids just fine with these. And I always max might/power followed by resto (I do put 100 into dom). I don’t put any into prec.
  3. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    It sounds like you need upwards of 600 SP to run elite content, I was wondering if the 400-500 benchmark is still viable for regular content. I assume resto augments but if you're going for a more battle heal build would you use DPS gear and also spec into max attack crits in addition to your max heal crits then put the remaining into resto? I've seen people running Clarion and two of the three healing arts you listed without Demon's Fang as well. Some even run EOG.

    Also you replied in my Celestial thread but it was a blank post.
  4. Henoshock Well-Known Player

    Good post overall, a few things I'd do differently.

    I treat Clarion as a mini-HoT. The point is if you're constantly doing weapon combos, 4 group members are constantly getting ticks of healing. And they're actually not that small, almost double of Sorcery's or Water's circle/pool. So the first thing I'd remove is that 12 second HoT. Of course in some content it's still useful to have that, and there's other purposes it can serve, but it's not really necessary in general because of the constant Clarion ticks.

    The shield on Clarion is just a bonus. I actually find it kind of annoying because it doesn't stack with your own 4-man shield, so you have to kind of mentally time it to get the most value out of it. But it is a bonus, so don't worry about it too much. As a Tank it's nice to be able to save a shield because it randomly popped up on me (but the same could be said of the 4-man shield).

    The damage portion is IMO the main draw of the Artifact. If you're not trying to do damage, then you shouldn't run the Artifact (unless you're doing some meme shield spam build). You're giving up a loadout slot to fit in Weapon Buff instead of another heal. It's generally better to just run and actual HoT if you need an actual HoT, or rely on PHR's HoT (200 Page helps here). And the shield is not that much better than a 4-man shield so it's harder to time reactively, and if you mistime 30s you won't be able to proc it.

    Now if you're trying to do damage... this Artifact is not necessary. It's just a bonus. You can do plenty with just your normal weapon combos and Weapon Buff. You'd do more with Clarion, but it'll depend if you can fit it in your 3 Artifacts slots (Clarion is not swap friendly). I usually run these setups for an actual battle heal (lots of Precision specced):

    EoG / Scrap / Clarion
    Weapon Buff — 4-man shield — Group — Prio — 2 greens
    Make sure you have your Aquaman ally when you're spamming greens. Swap out Clarion for PHR when you need to actually Heal a lot.

    Clarion — PHR — Page/Quislet
    Weapon Buff — 4-man shield — Group — Prio — an SC — XX
    This depends on your power. The SC is for damage and so you're not wasting your SC bar, CB if you're Elec or NVB as other powers are fine. XX will also depend on your power. If you're running Quislet (more damage), this ideally is a damaging ability that also Heals; for Elec this would be Arc Lightning. You could just put in Whirling Dervish to clip if you really wanted too. If you have Page then run an actual Heal (Galvanize).

    I would not run the above 2 builds in an actual raid where I need to heal often. With good tanks/group that respects mechanics the first build can be used in raids, but usually I only run it in alerts or smaller. The second build could be used in raids more generally but definitely use the Page variant. I run Quislet in Omnibus a lot (the burn otherwise is just too slow). I think having a 4-man shield is pretty good because when people don't take damage, since you don't need to heal and can just keep attacking.

    For full healing with Clarion, I would only consider it when a supercharge (Group Transducer) is not required and when the random shields actually save people (from random things killing them). Any raid that requires me to full heal generally means I need to actually heal and heal a lot, so I won't be getting a lot of value from the pseudo-HoT because I won't have time to attack. Or I'm the second heal in a 2-heal setup, and I'm kinda off doing my own thing (really just SGe 1B where this happens). I treat it as an extra shield. The only time I recall using this is in some old Elite raids, specifically Ultimate Soldier (Elite Victory) and Blackest Day. Maybe FGSe LB if I'm soloing and standing in the center. Group Transducer usually ends up being more useful in content so I don't run full heal Clarion often. I see full healing and Clarion to be contradictory, because I'd only full heal when I need to actually heal, but I don't think Clarion has good value unless I'm constantly attacking and doing damage.
  5. Tilz Loyal Player

    Nice overview. I don't like Demons Fang artifact, but I seem to have success with it, so I don't even want to argue about it. :)
    Also you forgot sorcery :(

    About the loadouts for each power (just my approach)
    (Most of the builds are more of a burst centric build, because imo burst healing is stronger than putting focus on HoT)

    Following loadouts will focus on the more "classic" and "pure" healing approach
    Weapon Buff - Bio Surge (Prio) - Recover (Group Heal) - Flux (Shield) - Galvanize - Bio-Cap or Group Transducer

    Weapon Buff - Renew (Prio) - Admonish (Group Heal) - Blessing (Shield) - Consume Soul - VL

    Weapon Buff - Soothing Mist - Mending Wave - Bubble - Tempest Guard - Blessing of the Depths or Riptide

    Weapon Buff - Rejuvenate - Ritualistic Word - Boon of Souls - Soul Bolt - Invocation of Renewal or Transcendence

    Weapon Buff - Blosson - Metabolism - Swarm Shield - Flourish - Regeneration or Cross Poll or Bloom


    For EoG Spam build you want WP + Prio + Group + 2 SC + 1 SC/Shield/bigger Groupheal


    For alerts (even elite alerts) it's often enough to play trans / Strat / Clarion as a prec DPS. Like GPe currently is super easy with Tank + 3 DPS :D
  6. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Yes: this build is centered around maximizing healing while still retaining a battle ability.

    1-Page: It slows down the damage/healing from Clarion/fang because you more frequently need to hit your group heal in order to stack revivify. With this particular setup, your primary/maintenance healing covers from weapon attacks. So getting that dual wield flurry in quickly and repeatedly is the goal.

    2- Trans: it lowers your base healing ability, and yes increases criticals. But from a primarily maintenance aspect in conjunction with Clarion/fang healing you want your base healing to be as high as possible. In the runs I've done, if I don't get consistently high crits, I'll have to stop the attacks more often to give a group heal (galvanize) more frequently. The primary objective in this particular setup, is keeping the group filled with just weapon/12 sec HoT.

    Essentially, this is a battle healer (type) that works very successfully with elite. Absolutely there are other ways to heal in coordination with Clarion and other artifacts. This is just one of those methods.
  7. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I realize I forgot sorcery lol, thanks, but the same basic principle supplies with sorcery for this particular setup. Weapon, pancake, priority, group, shield, wildcard.
  8. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    You don't really "need" 600+ to accomplish this setup, but the more SP the better.
    I'll have a revisit to that celestial post and see what I may have missed. Thanks.
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  9. Tilz Loyal Player

    Not a fan of pancake heals, but that's just me :D
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  10. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I'm not much of a fan of solace either. But it does help cover that little edge of healing for water (in this particular build).
  11. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    Gonna try that more offensive build I have in mind when I level Clarion up, currently not quite there sp or art wise to consider battle healing in elites aside from the easier ones.
  12. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    I do have a pretty powerful battle healing build (not for elite) that does require about 600sp to be fully functioning. It's extremely fun, in my opinion, to rival the dps', and still keep the team alive.
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  13. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    That's nice, would like to hear about it.
  14. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Artifacts: Clarion, fang, trans

    Sp: hybrid, all critical attack and healing. 100 resto, max precision, (leftovers into dominance to strengthen shields up to 100 for bonus %10).

    Full DPS gear (electric power is what I'm using for this).
    Critical wired in head
    Escalating precision in neck
    Penetrating strikes in chest
    Accelerated flux in back
    Legs mod worthless
    Tumbling in feet
    Max damage hands

    Weapon buff, electrogenesis, galvanize, flux, bio cap, circuit breaker (use only when full or all of it on bosses).

    Allies: good ST for active (dog, HoL) passive allies cyborg and bwl or Oracle if you hate repair costs lol.
    Primarily weapon attacks and shield rotation. On bosses, you can get some really high damage numbers.
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  15. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    You get more DPS out of clarion and fang as a healer filling your resto over prec. Tested this as a tank against a healer with the same 3 artifacts equipped and the same spec. Clarion and fang healer DPS absolutely broken in healer role. Dump your prec and fill up your resto for your battle build. The prec is useless (even if the artifact description tells you you get great big prec gains.) Stat hybrid, fill all your crits and dump the leftovers into the resto bin. Dual wield, brawling AOE spam or hand blaster, heck, you can spam shield toss. Resto>prec
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  16. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the info, once the server goes back up I'll have a look at the difference in damage potential: then I'll post the results.

    Before the rework on the demon fang, I had found the sweet spot to resto vs precision on battle healing, but I never thought to check the numbers again after fang rework.
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  17. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    These artifacts made me rethink tanking to possibly switch to healer just because of how broken they are, especially in a duel. Overpowered is an understatement.
  18. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Similar type of setup is good for solo'ing open world bosses or group content. Although I usually rely on PHR and page to keep me alive while doing the damage with flurry shot.
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  19. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Still haven't gotten a chance to check the numbers yet, but getting to it this evening I hope.
  20. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    So, I ran the numbers with 4 different setups initially.

    The following remained the same on each setup:
    Healer role.
    Trans, Clarion, fang.
    No augments.
    No allies.
    Gear mods.
    Hybrid spec
    Critical attack/magnitude.

    The following are 4 variable setups used:
    Full healer gear. Tested with full precision no resto. Tested with full resto and no precision.
    Full DPS gear. Tested with full precision, no resto. Tested with full resto, no precision.

    Tests were done on 30 second parsers, 5 parsers each. The following is the results.

    1st place was full DPS gear, full precision, no resto, at 58k dmg/s.
    2nd place was full heal gear, full precision, no resto, at 52k dmg/s.
    3rd place was full DPS gear, full resto, no precision, at 51k dmg/s.
    4th place was full heal gear, full resto, no precision, at 44k dmg/s.

    From what I'm seeing, a precision setup for battle healing still gets higher damage than using a resto build (if damage is the desired outcome). For each test, I kept shields up as often as possible to proc demon fang.

    So for a battle healer build, DPS gear, full precision spec (with critical healing and 100 resto as well) will get the best damage results while still healing (non-elite) content.
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