Chubby body size

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Plower Girl, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Plower Girl Active Player

    Can we get a chubby body size like Trigons son Julius? I would love to make a fat cat that looks like Garfield :D
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  2. GregDawe New Player

    I am surprised it isn't an option to be honest.

    You see that fat little Superpowered Human NPC wandering about.
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  3. Erin Arror Dedicated Player

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  4. Little Sister New Player

    If I remember correctly, it was because the main artist didn't want it back in the day. (Jim Lee)

    But I don't think he's involved anymore ? So it would be a neat addition. That would take a lot of time though editing every single style released to date like 18 times.
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  5. GregDawe New Player

    6 times? 3 mens sizes, 3 womens sizes....
    In saying that though, every style really doesn't work perfectly as it is. Unless of course you are striker male, or female with pure female style.
    I am a brute large and the amount of styles that I would be keen to use but can't cos they aren't quite in proportion is fairly annoying.
  6. thelostczarnian New Player

    in a live stream they said it was due to clipping issues with a ton of styles. and i guess some moves would make the arms clip the belly or something
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  7. Little Sister New Player

    In a Podcast from a few years ago they said Jim Lee doesn't draw fat superheroes.
  8. thelostczarnian New Player

  9. Plower Girl Active Player

    Oh wow where did you even find this? This is so awesome!
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  10. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

    They said no because they dont want to look like they are promoting bad lifestyles
  11. GregDawe New Player

    hahaha yet there is an entire half of the game where you can be a villain?
    Assisted suicide, assaulting officers. hmm, a fair contradiction
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  12. Plower Girl Active Player

    I don't think 25% of the body choice to be fat would be so bad. If you look at America we are like 30%+ overweight. Besides, a fat little hero in the comical stance is too good to pass up.
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  13. Chicago Bull New Player

    Been asked many times.

    Yet, I still support it!
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  14. GregDawe New Player

    Don't want anymore Lantern powers, but If they throw this in the mix, and an Orange power, there is literally no better body type for it.
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  15. Scotty Ohura Well-Known Player

    The problem was and Spytle said this was that the body clipped with some of the armor styles and weapon animations, they origionally had a super skinny body type and fat type. The staff weapon caused a majority of these problems.
  16. X-zero Loyal Player

    And a lot of people will use staff to create the star wars kid.
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  17. GregDawe New Player

    This is an invalid reason.
    The amount of people running around try to pass off being characters from SO MANY other titles and series is not even funny.
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  18. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    My wife said the same thing the first time she saw me!
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  19. Chipacabra New Player

    Titanic Trenton was born ready to fight the bad guys.
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  20. ShadowCyborg92 Loyal Player

    the devs said that they had planed on this body type but the wep kept clipping into the body and i think they couldnt get it to work as intended.
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