Chest, Neck and Weapon Sockets...

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  1. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    This has puzzled me for awhile now and have been given no explanation on these from the game itself but where do I obtain these?
    I notice I also have sockets for Back, Hands and Feet as well.
    Where and how do I fill these sockets?
  2. UltraElite Well-Known Member

    Im assuming ur talking about the white mods and not the Equipment mods. since u mention the neck slot

    The White Mods are found in

    home turf> Ur Lair> Mainframe items

    Theres a tutorial i believe (cant remember if they go over mainframe items)
    found in ur base look for mainframe
    Buy Power cells for Mainframe $$$

    Costs MoT to unlock Mainframe items. 4 mainframe items (sidekick, orbital strike, henchmen, tactical mods)
    There are 4 Levels to each item. The first two only need to unlocked once. The last two level is 30day rental boosts
  3. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    you have to open the option from your mainframe by spending marks of triumph. Once you set use your dead and set up your base just go to your mainframe and buy the boost option. Theres other things to buy in the mainfram you dont have to buy boosts but thats the only way to get the mods of those slots. They run out every month and have to be repurchased and refilled. That what paying rent is all about.
  4. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    Oh... ok. Well I went and checked out my bases mainframe (never knew what I was suppose to do with that thing anyway) and I took a look and I guess what I am looking for is tactical mods to fill those sockets right?
    In any case it says I Require Active Cells :1 to use it.
    Whats that?
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  5. Cataclyzm Well-Known Member

    Scroll over using R1 to your cell generators and activate those, then you can purchase the tactical mods with marks of triumph, I-IV mods will get you the weapon, neck, chest, feet, hands, and back sockets. I-II will only give you the weapon and neck mods.
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  6. Electrothing Member

    I haven't spent the 3800 marks for the t3/4 tactical mods, as they're rented. A better solution, for me, would have been all mods available on each tier, but the strength of the bonuses depending on the tier you purchase, that way i could have level II chest mod instead of spending 3800 for a 30-day level 4 chest mod
  7. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    Oh Ok I get it. I went ahead and activated cell 1 and then wen ahead and purchased all the first upgrades , Orbital Strike, Supply drop, sidekick, and tactical mods. Figured why not I have enough marks. Then went over to my dispenser but I dont see anything for my neck, chest, feet, hands, back sockets. Only ones there say weapon equipment mods.
  8. Electrothing Member

    Tier one- weapon
    Tier two-neck
    tier three - feet
    tier four- chest/hands
  9. Darkness Active Member

    tier 3 also has the back, no?
  10. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    Ok. Wow teir 4 or Boost II you need 3125 MOT??!!!
    I gotta start playing some serious PVP then. I only had 650 MOT and Ive been playing PVP like crazy the past several weeks.
    Couple questions though....
    NOw with all this in my dispenser Is everything there just one time use/purchase only and then its gone from dispenser?
    Also Why are the Chest, hands, back and feet sockets temporary for 30 days? Thats lame.
  11. UltraElite Well-Known Member

    If u want MoT ur prob best off with PVE.

    Not sure what ur CR is but always atleast do ALL FOS raids once a month for the weekly reward box 500MoT

    call them boost 2 not t4
    because people might get confused with Equipment Mod Level 4s
  12. UltraElite Well-Known Member

    U only need to dispense the item once. If ur Mainframe loses power (power cells), the Mod wont be available but it will still be attached to ur gear. I have not Purchased Boost 1 or 2 yet so im not sure if expired Tactical mods disapprear. But Level 1 & 2 (neck & weapon) stay forever till u replace them with a different mod

    All Boost 1 & 2 is a rental. Every 30 days u have to spend the MoT to unlock those. Boost 1 & 2 are part of Chest, hands, back, and feet which is why they expire.
    Level 1 & 2 only need to be purchased once
  13. Darkness Active Member

    PVP? You get MoT from PVP?

    The first 2 level is permanent, you just have to fill the first 2 levels of battery every 30 days. To get to boostI and boostII, you need to fill out the battery3 and battery4, which then gives you access to boostI & boostII, which are every 30 days rental as well.

    It is made that way so you keep playing the content as an upkeep. At the end of the day, it really isn't necessary, I am pretty happy with the first two levels of the mainframe. Even w/o the mainframe, content isn't limited to you.
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  14. UltraElite Well-Known Member

    i thought u could convert PVP marks to MoT
    might be in next update if u cant
  15. Mad9 Well-Known Member

    Only the 1 & 2 of each of the mainframe abilities are permanent. Boost I and II (3 &4) of each mainframe ability is temporary for a period of 30 days.
    Spytle, our game's creative director feels that Boost 1 & 2 ought to be temporary and so they are. it may appear to be lame but that's what the game has to offer. Enjoy the lame things when u can.
  16. cravex15 Well-Known Member

    Ok I get it, Its meant for us to keep playing.

    Well not exactly.

    Oh I didnt know that.... but see guys what Ive been doing is trading my MOStrategy that you recieve in Arena PVP for MOTriumph. Inside the Hall of Doom and and the Watchtower there are vendors where you can trade 20 MOStrategy for 500 MOTriumph. Theres all different trading amounts. But 20 MOStrategy for 500 MOTriumph is the most though. I think you can evern trade MOTactic for too but only for like 10 MOTriumph I think. To me its been a easier way to get MOTriumph than playing duos and raids over and over for only 1 or 2 MOT. Plus I get to play my character against others which for me is what my purpose is for playing and why I bought the game.
    But even still you really have to grind it out and play Arena PVP and actually win the match to get those marks to trade. But I enjoy it more and think its faster than doing duos and raids over and over.
  17. Rykard New Member

    I got a weapon that was already slotted? Is that unusual? It added +6 to a CR 71 weapon...
  18. MEBegnalsFan Well-Known Member

    There is five levels...the last cost 15K MOT....mostly for T6 players...
  19. Random Redshirt Well-Known Member

    The same goes for me. I never unlock the Boosts that require monthly MoT. It's a rather expensive cost for very little gain.
  20. Rykard New Member

    I guess I wasn't clear. I know about the standard socket powers from the mainframe in your base. What I have is a CR 71 brawling weapon with the weapon socket filled with a synthetic 3 precision mod... It dropped that way, and I was wondering if anyone had seen this before?

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