Up-Votes Needed Chat has been restricted for this account.

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Pale Rage, May 18, 2024.

  1. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Upon logging in on PS5. Which was EXTREMELY slow, I get a message saying:
    "Certain content may not be available because you have user generated content blocked on this account."

    Then when I finally can log in, my chat box says,
    "Chat has been restricted for this account."

    Generally I'm not a very vulgar person, but what in the *beep beep* is *beep* going on with *beep beep beep beep*!
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  2. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I got this today too. I logged out, closed app, reopened app and logged back in and have yet to see it again. I guess it's just "one of those things".
  3. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Two days in a row for me. Didn't see it this morning though.
  4. ApokalyptikNM New Player

    Yeah this has just happened to me.. I have been taking a break from dcuo and when I came back it said chat restriction.. I rarely type in dcuo so I'm a bit confused.. I hope Uninstall / reinstall fixes it
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  5. SweetMarie420 New Player

    Same thing has just happened to me for the first time after my internet took a break on me for 2 hours.
  6. Forum Junkie Committed Player

    A league mate of mine has had similar issues with chat box not working properly. Further more it has prevented him from posting anything on the broker. This occurs while he is on PS5 using either the PS4 or PS5 client server. This does not occur, however, when he logs into his account on the PS4 console.