Character recreation token?

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    I know that the gender respec token isn't possible due to the male/female styles (I believe thats what I read), but I've seen things in this game they said couldn't be done that are in the game currently.

    My idea is that what if they created this massive respec token where it would take your character to the character creation screen, and there you can change the gender, power, size, and name like at the very beginning of the game. Doing so, you would still keep your gear, styles, feats, etc.

    Some other games already have this method (Rockstar Games' GTA 5 Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 Online for example.) and I would love to see something similar implemented in DCUO.
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    Those games have a better game engine, a massive budget and multiple devs teams to bring that QoL choice to their games. DCUO does not have those shineys.

    You are correct; some styles are specifically male or female only (for example, Heart of the Predator is a female-only Star Sapphire style), so changing genders would cause conflict with those styles. So, even if your suggestion was implemented, some styles would no longer be available to that character. Some male/female styles have a different look between them for the same style, especially the enhanced versions; if your character's costume had a certain overall design, that could change when changing genders and the end result may not be desirable.
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    But we already have everything that you have counted except for gender reassignment. We have tokens for changing powers, weapons, movement mode, size, name ... Changing gender is technically too time consuming, and everything else is already there, so why do we need a duplicate system? Sorry if this sounds harsh, but the idea leads to an absolutely useless waste of developer resources ...
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    Alternative solution for you with small window risk of name loss .
    Buy two name change tokens I'm unsure if this item has level restrictions !?.
    Create new toon with random generated name reach level acceptible to name change token.
    Switch character to old character create new name , immediately switch character to new toon .
    Rename new toon to old toons name.
    Wella gender swapped figurine.