Character records for DCUO US temporarily unavailable

Discussion in 'Developer Notes' started by airmetforums, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Can this thread please be locked? The original statement is far past done and is pretty much not even about API discussion anymore.
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  2. Ghoul Well-Known Player

    Will see my friend ...
  3. Dr Blastwave Well-Known Player

    Is there some kind of issue with the paper dolls from the census apps? I have tried switching characters, logging in and out and updating my appearance in the league hall and it still shows a blank outline. Its had a blank outline since the cross play update. Any ideas?
  4. Emrah2017 New Player

    • help me my charechter was deleted :/ why
  5. Jemarixavier 111 New Player

  6. veri Active Player

    started a new account and no email what gives?!!!!!
  7. Apoc2222 New Player

    Is this why theres no PLAY button at the character select screen?