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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Black-Zero, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Black-Zero New Player

    I have seen a few posts recently indicating how some players feel that certain stats should be account bound not character bound, namely feats. Also the idea of maintaining and regrinding an ALT really is a major time sink.

    So just throwing an idea for the Dev to consider: Character Cloning.

    For 5000 SC or XX MoT you can buy a ticket that is account bound. You take that ticket and give it to the Toon you wish to Clone. When used the game will make an exact duplicate of the Toon saved to an un-used character slot with a random name given. The clone has no equipment, just a character bound respec ticket: for Name, movement, size and power.

    All collections, styles and feats remain. The clone could even be of the opposite faction and/or gender (tho they lose feat point related to opposite faction only feats/styles).

    This way some of the worse grining is bypassed yet they still have work to do to gear the new toon.

    Just a thought I had to breathe life back into the concept of having ALTs.
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  2. uXix Committed Player

    I would pay for something like this but it will never happen.
  3. Black-Zero New Player

    I know but something is needed to make ALTS viable.
  4. PKMN12 New Player

    they are viable, you just need to want to put work into them
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  5. Comixfan Committed Player

    Except SOE keep making it harder and harder for the casual player to keep alts viable.

    There's no way that a casual player can keep up with the mark requirements for mainframe accessories on multiple toons. Heck they'd have trouble maintaining that monthly rent on just one toon!
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  6. WonderValkyrie New Player

    I cant have more then just my 1 character. I can't imagine going through that sp grind all over again.
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  7. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    This was exactly what I brought up in the "sp should be account bound" thread.... There's no way we would see it for MoT though since they wouldn't make money. I tossed out a figure of $29.99 to do this and one person jumped on it saying he would, and another said "that's too high".... $50 would be too much in my opinion, but to me my time would be worth the $29.99 price to make a new toon and transfer all my info except name, movement, size, and powerset.

    This is likely the only way we would see this happen since they are a business that likes to make money.
  8. Black-Zero New Player

    Agreed SOE is a business and I do not begrudge them wanting to make some cash, so maybe 1 cloning ticket 19.99, 2 for 30 and 5 for 50.

    What I do find difficult to swallow is when their idea of entertainment is just mindless grinding. Work is not entertaining IMO.
  9. Abstrakt Loyal Player

    No its just another shortcut that does not need to be taken . If you want to have alts put the time in ive never paid for a power respec ive worked hard on my toons and my alts. My troller healer and my dps have full t4 100+ sp a piece they are viable they may not have all the marks for full orbital strike ive got the white mods to t4 on all and all the others to t2. If people want to pay for something like that ....fine but i see no need
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  10. PlatypusMessiah New Player

    One of my league mates has 4 toons, each with at least 125 sp and his main has 150. Why aren't alts viable?

    I think you get out of alts what you put into them. If the premise is "I have done it once, I can do it a thousand times", can the devs just hand me my lair battles trophy now?
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  11. Black-Zero New Player

    That's great for him, and in all MMOs there are always "those" guys that lived on the game day and night. I am not one of them and they account for a very small % of players. I am a casual player that may not login for a couple days if I get busy. The Casual player should not become the DCUO leper.

    This is a service that many would use, increase class role availability and SOE can make some money...Win/Win for everyone.
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  12. Lelouch New Player

    u have no idea if the person with 2 toons u are quoting plays all day and night

    so why even say a statement like that
    seems petty and a pretty weak excuse
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  13. Black-Zero New Player

    True but grinding that many SP across 4+ toon will take 100s of hrs and I am not being "petty" by say that.

    Oh and he stated 4 toons not 2.
  14. M15TER ROBOT0 New Player

    with power, movement, body type, and name respec tokens, why not just spend loyalty points or buy marketplace tokens to make one character BADA55? I have a lot of bank toons, but I generally am superman mentored and male. everything else can be changed, already. and i never have to grind collections in watchtower, or find people to walk me through their mentor missions.

    so i have 15 bank characters, lol. and they are sort of ok for level 10-25 toons... wever.
  15. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    problem with that statement is you dont need the mainframe to beat any current content in this game now or before it was added granted it in pvp you will be at a disadvantage but PVE there is no problem and besides that your not suposed to have everytrhing unlocked just the ones you need
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  16. Brit Loyal Player

    No. No they are not. There are only 24 hours in the day. Even if you are some trained Zen ninja that only sleeps when the server is patching, the 16 character slots of Legendary split evenly gives you 90 minutes daily to each character, which is simply not enough to complete everything needed in order to be competitive.

    There is a huge difference between saying "Sink 10-15 hours a week into an alt and slowly earn his teir gear" and "hey, sink 200 hours into an alt in order to get your 500 Alerts feat all over again." At launch, we could maintain 6+ characters. By 2012 we could juggle 2-3. Now if you're splitting your attention between 2, you're holding them both back.

    The game is not alt-friendly. Unless you are Brice Allen, you do not have 2 characters with 150+ skill points.
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  17. YodaDog New Player

    NO! No and a thousand times NO!
    I just made an alt and got him from the ship to run Ace Chem in like 1 week. If I can do it, so can anyone!
    Just stop being lazy! If you want an alt, you gotta work for it!!!
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  18. YodaDog New Player

    holding them back from what? you dont need 150 sp for anything... This topic really bugs me. Why do so many people think having the game handed to them is a good idea?? Ill never understand it..
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  19. Lelouch New Player

    Ya , the game is already too "handed it to them" as it is
    pretty soon ppl are going to want to buy pre made toons with pre made loadouts and pre allocated SP, with stocked amenity bases
  20. PKMN12 New Player

    you level to 30 in about a week at the most, and all you need is about 80-90 sp for one role, 150 skill points is in NO WAY NEEDED. I got 30 SP by just leveling up on an alt and making sure to get most of the hideout and the easy race feats done and that was without even trying at all or even grouping to do alerts and bounties. To get max gear is supposed to take a while but of you sub lke a lot of people then you get 150 free replay badges every month and that makes it even easier and as everyone else says you do not NEED the mainframe at max at all.

    So please tell me why alts are a horrible idea

    BTW I do not play all day and night.
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