Up-Votes Needed Channeled Powers stop mid channel if I open inventory

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by PsychoPuddin, Dec 18, 2021.

  1. PsychoPuddin New Player

    Few days ago started noticing this. I am used to swaping trinkets or artifacts while I am usually channeling Heat Vision or mental's finisher so I don't lose damage while swaping. It always worked perfectly but now if i open inventory while channeling a power the power just stops mid channel. Is this intended or a bug?
  2. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Worked fine for me. Tested on a sparring target in the HoL. Were you being tagged with a status effect and/or not using empowered channeling? Where did you notice it?
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  3. PsychoPuddin New Player

    I have Solar Amplifier at 200 so empowered channeling is active, in hands I use the stealth white mod. To me it still happens but to a couple of leaguemates I was with before it doesn't. Up until now I have tested in new duo elite and normal, in the alert elite and normal and in both HoL and the sparring target at my base. It's when I open the inventory for changing trinkets or swapping Trans for EoG or PPF.

    It is a silly thing but at the end of the day it does take away a lot of damage.
  4. Plowed In Dedicated Player

    Oh, yes, certain swaps will knock you out immediately. I believe it’s intended (could be due to damage calculations changing?) since it only occurs on some of the artifacts (pretty sure Trans is one of them). What else are you running besides Solar? You might want to put Trans in your 2nd slot and tac. swap something else.
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  5. PsychoPuddin New Player

    I will do some more testing tomorrow and get back to you. I'll try different artifacts and back up/orbital swapping.
  6. PsychoPuddin New Player

    I have been absent for a few days from DCUO so I apologise for my tardiness in keeping this post updated.

    I tested as I said the day after my last response and I have noticed the following:
    • Inside an Instance opening the inventory DOES NOT interrup any channeled powers.

    • Outside an instance (In house of legends sparring targets or in my base when I test stuff) opening inventory DOES interrupt channeled powers.

    This might seem a silly thing but I usually do lots of testing in my sparring target for many different things and having those powers cut if I open inventory for any reason prevents me from actually seeing correct results.

    Could anyone check if the same happens to them? Heat Vision always cuts if I open Inv. outside instance so good power to check this with.

    Thank you in advance :)

  7. AV Loyal Player

    Not happening for me. Confirm you're not swapping Strat? Swapping Strat interrupts whatever you're doing.
  8. PsychoPuddin New Player

    Nop mostly I swap back-up for orbital or EoG for HV just for SC (without changing it in the middle of HV or using HV while have EoG