Changing the color of powers.

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    Don't worry, I also wrote this at dawn.

    Here it is, it's exactly what I mean, when they try to maintain that if only one can't, then the other 14 can't either... That's very unfair, and I also think it's a very short and very light idea, because the fact that there is a wide range of solutions and possibilities that can replace the self-inflicted problem that latern has is practically ignored, one of the most appropriate is if you cannot touch the color spectrum, then have a change in your particles , which would be a superior change compared to having color changes, and thus an infinity of alternatives... Another thing, I emphasize that they are not free powers. if not, all powers except laternt, which have no conceptual impediments to a change.
    That thought that everyone should do it, and since lantern can't, then nothing should be done, is going against the green or yellow lantern's own power. that as its name indicates, it cannot be of another color, so it is definitely not something that everyone can do. However, the overwhelming majority yes, and even so, as I mentioned above, it is very easy to think and cross your arms saying that you cannot receive something different as a replacement, such as particles or visual improvements. Another thing, even in the mechanics of powers, not in the aesthetic part, but in the gameplay, there are countless things that cannot be done, that some have and others do not, if this happens in the part of the mechanism of the powers, and that affects both those that are paid and those that are free, it is literally obvious that in the aesthetic part there will also be differences and things that one can and cannot do.

    That being said, Honestly, the first comment in the thread has the most viable chance, which would benefit both Users and Developers ($), to sell tokens of predetermined color and design, and that they are different and recurringly released with a special theme. , There are people who die and pay when they launch a particular style or lair, an aura, a chroma, So, not to mention, if we are talking about different visual renewal packages for powers, I estimate that the investment would be so great, that it would be in second place behind the artifacts, of the things that generate benefits for the developers, surpassing the lairs and surely the allies (which are not so well seen). From this perspective, it no longer matters that a power is paid, because for visual renewals, you would also have to pay, whether your power is free or not...

    Likewise, this can be approached in so many ways that the problems are definitely overcome.
    I finish my answer.


    A game that does the same thing and does it a lot, and it's fabulous, it's Lol, each champion (character) has available the possibility of changing their visual style with the skins, and their default powers are modified without problem, DCUO can take advantage of this and do it definitely can do it.

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    I've heard this before, but I've never been convinced. The entire point of DCUO is that powers are being distributed to civilians in a manner that's not consistent with their comic origins. That's what the exobytes do. Heck, in the comics the rings can declare an emergency and "deputize" new users as needed. That's why you get Orange Lantern Lex Luthor.

    The power isn't "Green Lantern," it's "Hard Light," which is technically a generic concept. There's nothing that says a chainsaw can't be blue, too.
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    Rather than having a new powerset, adding a new ability to each powerset would do it for me...personally. Especially some might powers could benefit from an additional 'pure' single target ability or something new in general.
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    It literally says it in the power description when you pick the power that HL is affiliated with the green lanterns. And do you really think dc comics or WB would let things go because of technicalities? Whether you believe it or not doesn’t really matter. Dcuo has roots within the dc comics. More impactful, dcuo has ties to real world companies
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    Here is an idea. Just add more iconic powers, as all the assets are already in the game. Make all the legends characters' powers available. Instead of having to change colors, or add a whole new power set, make it so legends iconic abilities become available for unlocking. Imagine being able to use Catwoman's or Cheetah's attacks. Perhaps being able to switch weapon sets like Huntress or Joker would be a start. How about being able to do summons with a supercharge like Two-Face.... Endless possibilities, and all the powers are there already. Want to be a Blue Lantern? They have something for that too. I always thought it was lame they only had a handful of iconic abilities. This would be a major improvement and players would appreciate it for sure, I know I would.
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    Right? And besides, we can already change the color of one hard light power. The iconic hard light shield. There's plenty of "justification" for any of this from the comics. It's not creating new powers; it's only making things prettier and more customizable.

    I mean, by this logic we shouldn't be able to put on the emblems of other corps, nor be able to wear iconic outfits that are affiliated with other corps. And yet, we can. Fun fact. If you put on various pieces of equipment, such as the Indigo head, the back piece of a different corp, the emblem of a third corp, and the ultraviolet accessory, you can be a green lantern with the symbols of (gasp!) four other corps. And these are all in their original colors, not the same color as your power ring. Oh, and if you also then put on pieces of the energy armor set, you could depict your green lantern as being able to make constructs of multiple colors. Oh, how awful!
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    And it's somehow fair to exclude one or two power sets from being able to participate in a purely cosmetic aspect of the game, especially when those excluded power sets have to be paid for (sub or purchase)?

    I'm all about fairness, which to me means no special treatment, rules or exemptions. Treat every power set exactly the same as all others, especially when it comes to cosmetic aspects of the game that don't affect combat strength. Give every power set BUT Light and Rage the ability to recolor their powers and you're going to have to come up with something to compensate those power sets for being excluded. And five will get you ten that as soon as any sort of compensation would be announced, you'd have someone showing up complaining that THEY don't get that perk for their chosen power set.

    As odd as it sounds, an "all or nothing" approach is probably the path that would be most fair for all.
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    Im thinking that this summer well either see power coloring or the ability for all powers to play any role. these two concepts were once super farfetched but its clear that they see we need something new and these are easier options then creating new powers. it wouldn't be as tough as it seems, instead of adding new animations they would just make it to where if your in troll roll or healer your buffs would heal accordingly, quantum's gravity well would easily work as sorceries healing circle. tank role being the easiest of the roles to fill, every power already has a pull, every power has a taunt and every power has buffs. while this idea might be 2-3 years down the line imo its more likely then us getting new. id like to nature tank, even think mental would be pretty good with all the cc.

    but to be on task, id make earth and mental white
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    I get why you'd say that, but copyright, trademark, permissions, and IP matters like this are much more complicated than that. The game does let us break the rules some, yes, but even when DC/WB lets us break the rules they're only gonna let us break them so much. They're still gonna wanna keep it somewhat in check. For instance, they let players make some wild characters like a Green Lantern furry with a noir aesthetic (referencing one of my own toons, AmeliaGL) or run around fighting supervillains in nothing but boxers with the Batsymbol all over them, but they're not really gonna just give us completely free rain and let us make horribly offensive and bigoted versions of their characters with slurs in our names or something. Basically, they give us a yard to play around in but they still keep the fence up so we don't stray into the road lmao. Or like allowing your teenager to go out on their own but giving them a limit of where/how far they can go alone and setting a curfew. They give us some freedom but still have to have some rules.
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    If you're talking about Hard Light there is...WB/DC. It's their Intellectual Property, and they can impose restrictions on things that are definitively DC Comics. When they first introduced basic auras in the game, we had many colors. Do you know which color we didn't have? If you guessed Green you deserve a prize. The same went for certain emblems, and some styles. Over the years WB/DC have relaxed on some of these restrictions, but not all of them.
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    I'm down for this.