Changing primary weapon?

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  1. Craigo2104 New Player

    Hey guys I started with one handed weps then at level 10 i respeced my skill points into staff. I then equipped my staff but still just a sword with no skills... doesnt look like its equipped also its not in my inventory anymore and I have done this with two staves. There is also no staves in the primary weapon styles either. What am i missing?
  2. Worlok New Player


    you have to have a point in the skill tree for whatever type of weapon u want to use. if you don't have the skill point, you can't equip the weapon.

    you have to have a weapon type equipped to pick the style for it.

    if you have skills in staves, you have a staff equipped and there is still something wrong, try re-logging.
  3. Craigo2104 New Player

    Yeah i moved all my skills points from one handed too staves thought there might be an option to switch :p