"Changing on the fly"

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Original Kal, May 3, 2013.

  1. Original Kal New Player

    Wasn't there supposed to be an update where you can set up your toon for example, as a controller with control armor and you hit a button and your toon can be dps with dps armor and loadouts? I also thought you were supposed to have a few different looks/style with this.

    Not sure what you call it. I remember them say they could change on the fly....

    Is this still in the works? Is there an estimated release date?
  2. TrueMarvel New Player

    Hall of powers DLC.
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  3. Nitefelina New Player

    Next dlc after origin crisis I think.
  4. thenewkidd New Player

    Funny, because a friend and I were literally talking about this very thing.

    We were just saying that it was a pain to take each piece of armor and switch it out one by one when it would be so much quicker that you could put your armor in a "group" of sorts and put on the 'group" and it would automatically switch out one group of armor for the other group of armor....

    This could be used for PVP gear, Role to DPS gear (or visa versa).

    And to take it further, have a "group" of skill points.... after being spec'd... save those specs as "Role" or "DPS" and then when you want to "respec" just click on "Role Spec" and all your past SP will go towards what you previously saved as "Role Specs" and then when you want to change back... have a "DPS Spec" and all your SP will go back after a respec. (this would also include the movement tree).
    "DPS Spec"
    "PVP Spec" (Maybe if you use different innates or movements?)
    "Role Spec"

    I don't know about you guys.. but I have noticed when you have 100 SP (or close to it), respec is a pain and would be nice to hit 1 button to place 100 SP than hit a skill 100 times (I can imagine those that have 150 SP would take quite a bit of time)....
  5. Original Kal New Player

    Thanks for the info all. now that I know what its called I can research it a bit.
  6. BatDubb New Player

    On the fly? But I am acrobatics. Not fair that one movement mode gets an advantage over the others.
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  7. Original Kal New Player

    On the fly means not having to respec or change out armor and hopefully more than one look. It has nothing to do with movement mode. It's a figure of speech.

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