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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by DoctorP2, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. DoctorP2 Active Member

    My main is a lvl 87 dps that's been running entirely in PvE, but I'm starting to eye the PvP feats hungrily because it's getting harder and harder to earn sp running PvE content. So here are some questions for the experts:

    If I try to run arena or other PvP content with my t4 PvE armor, will I get totally thrashed in 30 seconds (no toughness)?

    If so, what's the best way to start gathering the necessary PvP marks to build a new set of PvP armor? (And a side question that just occurred to me: I've never seen PvP gear in the AH. Is that just because of the phase I'm in?)

    Not exactly a noob, but dipping my toes into an unfamiliar environment here...
  2. Gafa Active Member

    They raised the level cap?

    PvP gear is non trade-able, which would explain why you don't see it for sale in the broker. It's bind on equip.
    The best way to get marks in PvP is to participate. On the other hand, you could always just sit in the spawn and wait for the match to end and gain no PvP experience and still get the same amount of marks whether you do anything or not. But that's bad because it annoys people on your team and it doesn't help you learn how to fight and counter, debuff and everything else that's involved with PvP.

    Also, expect to be changing your loadout as well. A PvE loadout isn't going to work very well in PvP.

    The last time I got to play, (I'm a healer so I can last longer than 30 seconds against full t4 PvP... maybe 40 seconds if the player knows what they are doing.)

    Your survivability is really low since they took any and all toughness off of PvE gear long ago but you won't die in half a second either unless you're swarmed on by 5 or more people.

    Other than for that, I have nothing else I can help with. Maybe someone can elaborate more on what I said.
  3. Fourth Well-Known Member

    Silly goose, PVE IS PVP.
    You could always do pure legends until you get T2, or do what one of my friends did and spam 1v1's.
    Or you could just do normal PVP's and burn everything with PVE DPS and try to stay in the background.
    I don't know.
  4. tthedoctorr Member

    the smaller the group, the better you'll do. pve dps isn't a bad thing to even duel with. the damage out for pve is stupid strong and a lot of squishy classes can't keep up with that damage on their own in pvp. against a group though, that damage wont feel quite as op and once they realize you're in pve gear... well, you're gonna go down quite a bit. don't fret, though, you can literally lose your way to t3 gear in dcuo
  5. blazeing fire111 Well-Known Member

    no the level cap is still level 30 he means his cr is 87. people go by there cr as there level after they reached level 30
  6. tthedoctorr Member

    and for the record... cr is the furthest thing from your level. you can literally max your cr in a matter of a couple months at a normal play rate. sp... you're gonna be here for a while maxing that out. literally 90% of the game is max cr... how many do you think are even triple digiits sp?
  7. Spidersting Well-Known Member

    Well depending on what powerset you are and what role you play you could possibly get by doing pvp in your pve gear if you have maxed out t4 with t4 mods.

    Otherwise you can start by doing legends it doesn't require gear and still gets you marks to earn towards t2 and t3. If you want to do arenas you could rough it out with Blue pvp gear that is bought from vendors in HoD or WT and that just costs you cash. If you have money to spare you could mod out the blue gear to help you out a bit till you earn the better pvp gear.
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