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  1. Konialis Well-Known Player

    i played neverwinter for the first time last monday and when i finished my first group instance (btw it was a pug) i noticed somthing really good about that game, the scoreboard.

    The difference between that scorebord and the one here in dcuo is that instead of just a table that has all stats on it (dmgin,out healing in,out power in,out) and then ranking the players solely based on dmg out, they actually had a different table for each stat and ranked all players based on the corresponding stat. E.G in the dmg out table the dpsers were allways first, in the dmg in it was the tankks and the healing out it was the healers (there are no controllers in neverwinter).
    Surely smthing like this could be done in dcuo too right.

    I know that all players are not all scorebored chasers, including me, but when i play my tank in a group with another tank i find myself pressing the aarrows to find the dmg in stat and see which of us had the most. Whether or not it was me or the other guy wont stop me from tanking but even if it is only subconciously i think everyone wants to be ranked higher than the rest. This type of scoreboard i think would finally make some players who whether they realize it or not prefer to be dps instead of support because the y are always on the bottom of the list.

    Thanks for reading sorry if it was too long
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  2. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    Tbh like I've told many many friends 'idc if im below the tank in dmg as long as we finish' this was when I was ice and HL, and its overall how I look at it.

    I focus more on things that will help the group finish the instance instead of worrying if I'll get beat in dmg, b/c idc already I go in to finish' not to look at scoreboard xD
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  3. ProfessorKanua Committed Player

    They should just remove the scoreboard, I find myself obsessively checking it throughout the raid to see if I'm getting the optimal damage out and I think it discourages people from doing objectives like lunging, getting the gizmo, picking up the weapon to get the machines and so forth.

    well you should care because if that's your skilllevel hypothetically then the next group you are in might not have enough to balance out your lack. you should always care and improve yourself. educate yourself!
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  4. Backseid Devoted Player

    I assume you mean that figuratively ;)

    Yeah? Idk. I don't believe anyone that says things like this. Not saying this to you personally, or calling you out, but...
  5. Roomba Dedicated Player

    I believe the devs have expressed interest in "upgrading" the scoreboard
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  6. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    Just get rid of it.
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  7. AberrantAngel Committed Player

    Would love for the scoreboard to adapted to how you played your role and what you did to increase the chances of success of the overall mission. Then rank the person who had the highest percentage of benifit to the instance first.
    Tanks and heals would still take a hit because you don't want them on pick ups and artifact running. So you would maybe have to give them a waited start somewhere to even it out.
    Doubt this would ever happen because it would seem like to complex a formula to put into the game. But if it's not.
    Let's get her done.
    And to the op as a tank watching to see who took more damage in is not always a better way to tell who did a better job of tanking. Tank powers and gear have a lot to say about that. I tanked hh with my 122 earth tank, other tank was 125 ice tank. I took in about 4 times more damage. Did this make me the better tank. Nope. I'm squishier and ice defense capabilities negate a lot of damage. Don't get me started on the damage a rage or fire tank can take in.
    You are doing a good job tanking when no one is dying.
  8. Theblackcat456 Committed Player

    U dont care if a tank is beating your damage? Its your primary role to defeat enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible,if the instance is completed and a support role is near your damage,i easily say you were carried by the other dps, ever think what if the dps were like you? The instance would take 5 years and would probably fail, HH is a great example of Where dmg is incredibly important. Carry your weight,its decency.
  9. Konialis Well-Known Player

    Wait you're telling me the damage absorbed by shields isn't being countes as damage in? I thought that all damage done wether actually done or mitigated or absorbed was part of the dmg in stat in the board.:(
  10. Sarcasm Committed Player

    Nope . Don't change the scoreboard . There is always someone who wants to be a bit more competitive than than the other and there's nothing wrong with that . If they change/take away the scoreboard there just making it this game more for the casual player .
  11. Konialis Well-Known Player

    I never said that competitiveness is a bad thing. I just said that with the current scoreboard the more competitive minded players are less likely to roll support because the ranking in it only caters to dmg out, therefore seeing their names always at the bottom bums them out and they switch to dps. That does not a "healthy" community make.

    What i suggested will instead bring in new forms of competition in not only dmg out but also healing out, power out and dmg in (which btw i think sheild absorbed dmg should really be added to). Basically instead of just competing in Burn players would be competing in everything else. So basically more competition will actually meke a more rounded and "healthy".

    How does extra forms of competition make the game more casuall oriented?
  12. Broken Soui Dedicated Player

    Oh god..This again. I KNEW there was a thread missing that wasnt posted yesterday !

  13. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    Yes please.
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  14. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I don't know why they won't just change the sorting order.
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  15. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    im sorry but when theres FIVE damn DPS in every raid 1-2 can afford to slack / do other things to make sure the raid is completed. There will be 3 other ppl there doing dmg while the oher 2 are making sure the other 3 are constantly being picked up, so the SOLO support roles dont have.

    you can argue all you want, but if you only think dmg out is the only thing DPS' have to do then I feel sorry for you.
  16. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    well obviously but I'd rather but known for completing content then chasing scoreboard like almost every DPS ;)

    so I do what I have to when Im DPSing to make sure my group gets through. Rather its popping shield as a DPS and reviving, running across room and reviving ect ect, I will idc all while the spam happy DPS near this downed person is still 12345-ing lol
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  17. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    my point is that I rather complete content then chase scoreboard, theres too many who do that already. So I do w/e I can to be more team based even as DPS, hell even more as a DPS since alot of ppl claim DPS are never team oriented lol

    perhaps that phrase is a tad exaggerating but its true (as far as telling it to friends)
  18. megamanexe Committed Player

    idc what place im in as a dps. just care about having fun. this is a game not a job.
  19. ProfessorKanua Committed Player

    Still if I ran NGN and I did lunging and gizmos in the first room, then I didn't attack half the second fight to get the machines, I would still not be below the tank in dmg.
  20. Broken Soui Dedicated Player

    No. The people who wouldn't like this are the people who like to be informed. If you're 8 mil behind me, and the adds are pileing up in throne. Or black adam/superman is buffing. You deserve to go. I'm sorry.