Central City Christmas: Origins of Hyperwarp

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    Today, in Central City News it has been reported to us by our very own super hero, Flash, that Santa is revisiting us early once again!


    (Reporter) Flash, we see Santa is here early again this year. Can you tell us why, and what this means to our city?


    (Flash) Well, we heard a little bit last year how Santa is able to fly his reindeer, and sleigh using the residue left by a mysterious being known as Hyperwarp. Hyperwarp, as he explained, has the power to fly and run at super speed, open warp holes to distant galaxies, and move with instant like transmission. My super speed pales in comparision. I asked Santa to come here today to give us the origin story of how they met.


    (Reporter) Santa, thank you for once again taking your time out to visit our city early once again. Can you tell us... who is Hyperwarp?

    (Santa) Well, last year I spoke a little concerning him. People likes Christmas stories. So, I'm here today to give you all one. This is the story of the origins of the super hero known as, Hyperwarp!

    (Origin Story)
    Many millennia ago Hyperwarp was a being of immense power, and great responsibility. Not only did he have the power to traverse deep space, but he had the power to travel time as well instantaneously. He wasn't the only one who could do this, oh no! There were an entire race of these beings who lived in a distant galaxy so far away even we haven't discovered it yet.

    One day Hyperwarp was out in space guarding a sector where his homeworld is located...


    ...when all of a sudden the star in that sector exploded destroying his homeworld, and everyone on the planet. The cosmic radiation saturated the time portal Hyperwarp just exited drawing him back in with tremendous gravity pressure where he lived on for millions of years viewing each and every moment of history as it took place throughout the centuries. Forever trapped with no way out, and impossible for him to escape.

    Which leads us to my past. You see, as I stated last year, I wasn't always Santa Claus. I was a brilliant scientist in my youth. Well, in my day we had to ride horses, and carriages. However, I always loved to go into the woods.
    One day I ventured into the woods, and found many reindeer gathered together drinking out of a nearby river. I was fascinated with them! Absolutely fascinated!! I thought to myself that I would love to use reindeer to pull a sleigh I had just sitting in a barn I owned, but then I thought if I got close to them they would run off, and I would never see them again. So, I kept my distance content with just watching them.

    Then, one of them turned his head to look at me, his nose glowing bright red. I thought this very peculiar to say the least! Then, I discovered a residue of sorts on the ground. This reindeer had it's nose in it, and it was causing his nose to glow. The other reindeer seemed to be keeping a little distance from this one as if they were afraid.
    Then, I saw something else that surprised me. A kind of portal that seemed to be phasing in and out of existence with a little of this residue coming out everytime it phased into existence. I stood there pondering what to do, but nothing came to mind. So, I decided to just go home.

    Later that night the snow started pouring down heavily outside my cabin near the woods. I heard something rustling my wood pile outside. I threw on my coat, and night cap and went outside to find out what was going on. I could hardly see anything with the snow coming down so hard, but I did see a red glow that seemed to be moving near the wood pile. I went to investigate, and saw all those reindeer there.

    In awe I approached them, and they didn't run from me. Each one allowed me to pet them. Curious, I decided to hitch them up to my sleigh to see if they would allow me to do that as well with the glowing nosed one at the front, and see if they would work as a team. Sure enough they did, and none too soon. The snow had covered the ground, and I couldn't use my horse carriage to go anywhere.

    Then, from the corner of my eye I saw another glow coming from the woods. It was the glow of the portal I saw earlier that day. Scared of what it was I decided to take a box of dynamite to see if I could destroy it. So, I loaded up the sleigh, and off we went into the woods.

    After getting close I slowly approached the portal on foot. The reindeer didn't want to get any closer. As I approached a haunting chill came over me. A chill that was colder than the winter air. I sat the dynamite down, lit the fuse, and ran back to my sleigh.

    When I got back I took cover, and the box of dynamite exploded. Somehow it seemed the portal amplified the explosion causing the portal to expel whatever was inside it, and then the portal vanished.
    Whatever it expelled was now buried in the snow. I ran to take a look to see what it was. As I got closer I could see something glowing inside of the snow. All of a sudden it burst out, and flew into the air a little ways causing me to fall to the ground. I looked up to see this being covered in golden armor with wings, and glowing red looking down at me from the air. We both staired at each other for a few seconds, and then he just flew off red residue falling to the ground.

    From that time forward I made it my mission to discover the secrets of this being as well as the residue he emits from his body.

    (Reporter) That's a very interesting story. How did you find out the back story of Hyperwarp?
    (Santa) Ho, ho, ho!! That story is for another time! Long story short though we became friends many years later...

    Hyperwarp became a beacon for truth and justice after many millenia of torture within an inescapable prison of time that nearly drove him insane...


    Wherever there is evil Hyperwarp is there. Sometimes as a watcher, sometimes as a protector...

    As a watcher he observes with a purpose only he knows about...


    As a protector evil knows to fear him, and good knows to trust him...


    Hyperwarp is a being like none other we've ever encountered...


    Now that you know a little about his origin you know a little more about me as well!
    (Reporter) Santa, thank you for taking the time to tell us a little of yourself, and Hyperwarp. What's next for you?
    (Santa) Ho, ho, ho! I've got to get back to the North Pole, and start packing!! Thanks to Flash, and the rest of the Justice League I've really got my work cut out for me this year. Not many people are getting coal in their stockings! Merry Christmas, Central City!!
    (Reporter) Merry Christmas to you too, Santa! Thank you for stopping by our city, again!


    (Reporter) As Santa once again flies off from our news building here in Central City let's all take the time to be with our families and friends, and let them know how much they mean to each of us. Have yourselves the Merriest of Christmases! Stay safe, and Happy Holidays, folks!!
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    Christmas will be here in a few days. Just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone!! Hope you enjoy this little comic. Let me know if you like, and want to see more. :)
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    merry christmas to u too !! , i loved it ^_^ hope u can make a green lantern one ;)
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    Thanks, Fadi. I'll see what I can come up with. Merry Christmas to you!! :)
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    these forums need more things like this and less things like the other things....

    that make sense? i had whiskey for dinner.
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    Hmm... I think this thread belongs in the Funhouse. Interesting story, though.
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    Thanks guys! :)
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    I love this comic...bookmark!