Celestial Powerset Guide/Discussion

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  1. Ogat New Player

    Over my cold dead body DP for life! lol.
  2. ItsHard New Player

    Who you have been running with ? Pugs?
    must be because in league runs we just want to finish the raid.
    Also you are hurting your "selfish number chase" ,because the buff its not granted to
    go for the other dps meaning you will have the buff 100% you use it, while the other dps might not even get
    in a 20min run.

    I will gladly use it in my league or pugs runs to make it go more smooter and faster.
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  3. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yeah I don't understand this selfish thought process I'm def popping annoint as often as I can.. Hard light will be top spot again but at least they will be the only op power for dps... I think celes just got brought in line with all the other power sets dps wise ...
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  4. OmegaWarlord New Player

    I just switched powers to celestial over the weekend. As of right now I only DPS but I plan to learn to heal so I'm wondering being that I just switched from nature and I'm currently modded with might mods in might gear is there a viable loadout that I can use take advantage of my might or should I consisder modding with precision and might because currently I spam retrib after clipping dark pact with malediction and I can do decent damage but its more of a baked than microwaved burn. Also I'm wondering has anyone been able to find a speed tick for DoT like gadgets or nature instead of the slow poured burst damage you see from a power such as ice.

    Dps stats
    Might 3000
    Precision 992
    All crits unlocked
  5. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    There are many ways to heal with Celestial. Check out Black Stem's guide. Seems like you'll make a decent tranisitional or battle healer..
  6. blklightning New Player

    If you're USPC, hit me up when I'm on and I'll help you w/ the healing aspect of things.
  7. OmegaWarlord New Player

    Sadly I'm still on ps3 but ill take any and all advice as I move forward in my pursuit of beating wave finally
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  8. stryker145 New Player

    I need some help. When I play in anything besides Paradox and Nexus I am always a top DPS. However, when I go in to Nexus or Paradox I am mediocre and the damage just doesn't seem the same. Of course, no one wants a mediocre DPS in those areas and I struggle to stay in groups.

    Load out: McB, Retri-Wither, cSmith-Haunt, P-DL, Idol

    Might 2332 and Precision 1330

    Any suggestions?

  9. Captain Cold Level 30

    What's your rotation like? I use same load out except I use about as well and usually am well ahead of 2nd dps in those raids
  10. Captain Cold Level 30

    Anoit* not about. Damn autocorrect
  11. Ogat New Player

    Your stats are low compared to what people run with atm so there is that,also whats Your sixth power?:>
  12. Captain Cold Level 30

    My stats are around the same and I have never had too much of a problem doin obscene amount of damage in nexus and pw. A lot of it will be in how his rotation is done.
  13. Ogat New Player

    I'm not saying you cant do good dmg , all i'm saying that there are people running with 1,5k-1,6k prec and 2.7-2.9k might they should do more dmg by default, if they know what they are doing.
  14. Zur-En-Arrh28 New Player

    • Wither's animation has been adjusted to allow you to start weapon attacks earlier.
    Just thinking out loud here. Maybe this will allow us to squeeze in Rifle taps or other Ranged taps in between rotations.

    I can't wait to start testing (on PS3) a new rotation with the "changes"

    Ret>Wither(tap)Smite>Haunt.. is probably going to be just as good as pre-nerf Ret SPAM.

    Well... hopefully..fingers crossed.

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  15. Ogat New Player

    You can already do that via deile clip, I doubt wither gnna be faster then that..
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  16. mgkaenzo Committed Player

    Does some1 managed to find the number for the cleansed wither ?
  17. Ogat New Player

    Altho my hope aren't to high for this change have any of ou tested how fast wither animation is right now?
  18. Remander Steadfast Player

    Ran part of Nexus on test last night with a Celestial DPS. He was still destroying things with ease. :D
  19. Bamf 7 New Player

    The damage reduction is not significant enough to worry about. If anything speeding things up will make for more possible damage output imo. People will still scream that the damage from Celestial is still to high. The second nerf is the one we should be worried about. That is when Celestial will take the big hit and fall in line with sorcery and nature dps.
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  20. Remander Steadfast Player

    Well, sounds like Nature got a boost in DPS. Sorcery, not so much. While the power cost of Ret and the animation (and therefore damage) time of cWither took a hit, we'll now have access to a 45% precision buff. That's pretty major. I wouldn't be surprised if Celestial DPS gets better as a result.