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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Rvdo, Aug 30, 2013.

  1. Rvdo New Player

    Hey guys, I got a couple questions I hope you guys can help me with. My load out for Pve is: Renew, Admonish, Cunsume Soul, Devine Light, Blessing and Life Drain. Now I know that you can do combo's with Admonish, CS and DL and Blessing. But the combo's won't work somehow. If I use one of those powers and I tap melee, range or hold either one I just see weapon attack. What am I doing wrong? I've been HL for a while so I know how to combo but it won't work right now. Is it a bug or..?

    Besides that, do you guys got any tips for a pvp load out? Especially a 2v2 and 1v1 load out would be great.
  2. Rvdo New Player

    Only combo that works so far is Smite/Haunt
  3. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    You need to practice the combos on sparring targets. You can't button mash like Hard Light. The combos have a definite rhythm and you have to watch your animations.
  4. MrGankU4262 New Player

    sorry to tell ya this but you need to practice more when I was using celestial yesterday i was a bit confused too but after a while I got all my combos memorized, and i was ready for raids. tip: (your supposed to hit the melee when the animation is just about done then hit hold melee after that animation is done)
  5. BrotherMutant New Player

    Hard to get those combos down right off the bat man. Just practice some more and you should get most fast. New problem I am having is I messed up my mouse from all this "practicin" and now my range HOLD isn't guaranteed. Gonna look for an older mouse at my place to get back into it until my replacement arrives.
  6. Solace New Player

    To actually do the combos you have to have both versions on each tree so you can corrupt of bless that version...if that made sense
  7. Rvdo New Player

    Thnx Solace! I feel like such a noob lol.. I got it now :)
    Which combo's are the most important to spent your power points? Because if I get all the powers to make the combo's for the powers in my load out I don't have enough to get the two healing iconics.

    Anyone got any good Pvp load outs?
  8. kraptastic Well-Known Player

    Remember to check the opposite tree power and read the bottom to see if that combo is what you want to use. Not all combos are used every time. Some heals only pop when something dies so not real usefull to combo into when in a bossfight.
  9. blklightning New Player

    If you're healing, then pick combos that will add to your healing:

    Wrath of Presence/Consume Soul

    These are the three that have the best heals for their combos. You don't need the Cursed counterpart for the rest of your Blessed tree heals. That's what it's fun to play around with though.
  10. Solace New Player

    It' kl, only reason i know is because the live streams they did
  11. blklightning New Player

  12. Solace New Player

    lol sorry i quoted on the wrong reply :/ was ment to be to the person who i replied to about the counter power
  13. Rvdo New Player

    Thnx a lot, will give this a try :)

    Btw, what SC would you recommend? And what do you use for pvp? And wich power does the debuff for tanks?
  14. blklightning New Player

    I like SC's that prevent damage. So, my go to is currently Consecrated Ground (which would also be great in closed-space PvP). Life Drain is next on my list to play with. I'm on the fence about Sacrifice. I just don't like dying. LOL

    I don't PvP, but can tell you that ANY power you use that causes damage will debuff a tank..

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