Celestial Healing What Not To Do

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by AIpha, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. AIpha New Player

    With Celestial healing soon to hit test these are some big points that should not be in the power,

    1.No Cast Time Heals unless it does more than heal.
    This is probably going to be a big issue with having the ability to combo into heals. The developers toted this power as active healing which doesn't always work in this game where reactive healing is king. They say Celestial shouldn't have to stare at the UI to heal which at first sounds great until you really think about it. With Nature having huge INSTANT group burst haling any cast time powers are going to be skipped. No point in using a heal if another power can heal the group to full before you are even done comboing. This will be one of the first things I look for in celestial.

    2.No absence of group shields. It is well know that electric not having a 4 man shield puts it a little behind nature and sorcery for pickups and group protection. If celestial is to be "active" it needs a group shield.

    3. It shouldn't have a normal healing supercharge. What I mean is its healing supercharge should do more than just give health and power. Electric set the bar high with its safety nets for Invigorate and Arbiter remains one of the coolest healing supercharge in the game imo.

    4. Shouldn't have PI healing like electro burst. While electroburst is a pretty unique power its limited range and need for a pi setup makes it almost exclusively a pvp power.

    5. Lastly, NO USELESS HEALS. Thus is the biggest thing i will be looking for. I don't want to see any useless heals, no life elements or roars should be found. Every heal should be useable in a loadout and be worth putting on. the tell tale signs of a good power is when you actually struggle with what to LEAVE OFF your loadout.
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  2. Lokkii Committed Player

    So you want it to be OP? Nice, but i'd say there will be a cast time heal, one that's risky with big payoff, probably some heals some deem "useless".

    I think we know for the most part its copy and paste with animation changes.
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  3. AIpha New Player

    If by op you mean it won't need a revamp then yea that is my goal to have the power release without the need of a revamp sometime down the line. There is no such thing as risky with a big pay off when a nature healer with blossom is in the group. Group heals with cast times become useless if you are healing with nature. Its not because nature is op its because this game is about reactive healing and instant burst is ALWAYS better than cast time in a reactive healing environment. Its the same reason why you rarely saw biocaps going off before t5 it was prevenative and simply never got used up because of reactive healing being much better.
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  4. Lokkii Committed Player

    Yeah, I don't use the cast time heals at all, with either power set and agree with you, jus sayin they will most likely implement one with celestial.

    And your right, I guess im just so used to the healing sets desperately needing a revamp and having a plethora of broken powers I assumed this one would lol, hopefully its complete and each power somewhat adequate and even more so, I hope the nature sorcery revamp comes soon.
  5. AIpha New Player

    Yeah my goal for this test cycle is to prevent the need of a celestial revamp. Whether the devs listen is up to them but I will be very vocal on the test forums.
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  6. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Electric does have a shield, it's a super charge because it wouldn't be balanced to give them safety nets and a group shield. The safety nets are so useful it's not a must to run with a shield.

    I'm really excited for this power. I don't care if it doesn't top the healing charts. I play for well-roundedness over resto out anyway. As long as it's quick and clips nicely, I'll be happy. They had me at battle healer. That's essentially how I run nature now.
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  7. Lokkii Committed Player

    Yea battle healer sounds good, tho I doubt it will be as good as it sounds, I expect a power similar to a intimidation, giving tick heals instead of might damage during weapon combos
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  8. AIpha New Player

    How are those safety nets when you are trying to pick someone up while getting attacked or activating a switch in pvp? Are they still as good? Reactive vs prevenative once again favors the reactive shield.
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  9. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I don't think this was intended to discuss electric, but there are different strategies when you play without shields. All I'm saying is there has to be balance in the game. Some people like strategically setting up their heals like in sorc while others like to be active. They're two different playstyles and everyone shouldn't be lumped into reactive because it works easier. I like variety and teamwork.
  10. AIpha New Player

    No no no, it doesn't work EASIER it works BETTER there is a difference. Its not easy for nature to be active it takes alot of attention and power management but it is better hands down. Premptive healing is only useful when the other healer is also preemptive you can alternate being preemptive but if you are going to try to cast IoR or Ionic Drain with a nature healer in the raid you are wasting power plain and simple.
  11. Tikkun Loyal Player

    Each power was designed to work well with an opposing healing power set. They all have strengths and weaknesses. The restoration out numbers don't make a better healer. By design electric was intended to be secondary heals which is what it sounds like celestial will be. The only thing that matters is that the group survives. When there's no power those electric safety nets will time and time again save a raid. When I ran electric I didn't use ID unless the raid was spread out. I don't believe in keeping the group topped off to fluff the scoreboard numbers. I'd rather focus on damaging because that's my thing.
  12. DrewCheech New Player

    I have not played the healer role in over a year, but I like everything stated here.
    Do it right the first time so you don't need a revamp 6 months down the road.
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  13. AIpha New Player

    What does rrsto out and topping off have to do with burst instant healing. All I'm saying is if someone takes a hit nature is better at ACTUALLY healing them with instant burst, not fluffing numbers by toping them off actually healing them. Ifna tank takes a 5k hit the nature hqler can use blossom and rrstack pheromones before electric can get off a ionic drain thus proving that instant burst is better. All I'm saying. I didn't say electric was a bad healer or anything like that. Also we don't need another back up healer power,we have 2 already. We need another main healer power like nature.

    NOTE: im not saying nor have I ever said electric or sorcery can't solo heal nexus or haven't out healed a nature healer. Its sad I need to clarify this but I do.
  14. BrotherMutant New Player

    Problem with this is heals only heal SO much, whereas a shield protects for up to your RESTO x 1.3(?) which is way better than criting for 2000 health. Shields are really highly useful and any Sorc healer can tell you its one of the only real reasons sorc holds its own in the nastier content. That 4 man shield and its fast recharge have saved my bacon many a time.
  15. BrotherMutant New Player

  16. AIpha New Player

    I mean it's true though when a really good nature healer is in the raid they usually fall to the backup position. Like I said it doesn't mean they can't be main gealers but generally they fall to the backup position.
  17. Tikkun Loyal Player

    ID is used for topping off, not the burst at the end. I rarely had use for it. That's where I was coming from. Electric is all about burst heals. Safety nets are like little freebie burst heals. I've played all healing powers through T4 and Electric and Nature in T5. My focus for both electric and nature is burst and shields (or safety nets which I consider the same thing activations and pick-ups aside).

    I agree, shields are useful, but I would never count out an electric healer even if they run without the shield SC. All I'm saying is the lack of a non-SC shield in electric is because of the safety nets. Just imagine how OP electric would be in PVP with non-SC shields and nets! It's all about balance.
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  18. BrotherMutant New Player

    Oh I agree. BUT it is different and therefore some are better at SOME content naturally (ha, no pun intended). I just hope Celestial isn't a reskin of Elec healing as I already have two of those. Want something with a different mechanic and it sounds like the devs plan to deliver that.
  19. AIpha New Player

    Then you agree with me burst is better but only when it's instant which is all I was saying.
  20. BrotherMutant New Player

    Now that I def agree with. I usually get lazy on raids when a Nature healer is there too. Not the best thing to have happen as another DPS would probably have been better than my elec healer who isn't healing beyond some safety net applications and bursting when really needed.

    Having seen the above posts, I was hoping our Celestial shield would be the HALO above your toon. REALLY hope so cuz that would be kewl.

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