Celestial Healing In PvP

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Ekaterina, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. Ekaterina New Player

    I just did a little 4v4 with celestial healing and i hate to say it but it wasnt so good, the supercharges are all to slow and doesnt heal that high, it needs to be burst heals. I have healed in raids and it is great so no problems there but i will point that admonish needs to heal more. I dont know if there is something wrong with crits in arenas other then the crits reduced in past updates. Divine Light heals great but the cooldown is too long. admonish to blight is a nice HoT but it too short it needs to last longer. Consume Soul is another nice HoT but once again the healing HoT it too short needs to be increased. i have over 3k resto in pvp and renew only healed for 1200(base) idk if thats intended but i know it should be healing for more i did receive to many crits from it, only heal i got a nice heal from was Guardians light.


    admonish(toblight), Divine Light, Renew, Consume Soul, Guardians light, (ALL OF THE SUPERS All WASnt really wirth using)

    I love celestial and want to see it prosper in pvp as well as in pve, please devs (Spord) look into this thanks.
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  2. ApolloMystique New Player

    agree....celestial healing needs buff...
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  3. Ekaterina New Player

    I think the best thing to do its just keep letting the devs know the problems, i feel that the more people voice out the problem the more they will look into them.
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  4. Teravolt New Player

    I agreed I've just level up a level 30 villain celestial even thought I'm like T2 in pvp the healing seems lack luster is pvp like others have said in pve its great like a mix between nature and electric with some sorcery. But in PvP the heals are hitting like the other healers at the same level. I've tested it I have healers all with around the same CR and resto at around 1500 SP I set it up for all of them to match my weakest character that have 40 SP. Nature Did the in the Fortress of Solitude for example with around 75k (remember these are T2 plus I'm fighting and dodging too so these are low for me since my best healer avg 200k in PvP at times for FoSPvP) the next best was Sorcery the followed by Electric but they was around 60k-65k but Celestial was around 38k I couldn't heal big or the animations took too long and I knocked down. Which I had expected. Power I want to do well I like the idea of combat healing. Some of the cooldowns are too long and the power is slow on the combos alittle for pvp. When I stopped trying to do combos I healed got like 50k. So if the DEV's look into it it would be nice.
  5. Ekaterina New Player

    I really hope the devs look into this
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  6. BadJade New Player

    What ?? some people have a perception about a healing powerset in pvp ??? /sarcasm off

    Look it was the same with Sorcey, everyone wanted nature. This is no different and the simple fact is the power hasnt been out long enough to make that judgment - its ALWAYS the player and not the powers.
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  7. Miss Martian New Player

    I think Celestial is actually pretty op' so far.

    Yes the supercharges are like the only concern I have ( sacrifice seems to work okay though in PvP)

    and the HoT Symbol (green heart right?) never appears when I use malediction.

    Loadout: Renew, Admonish (my main heal tbh), Shield, Malediction (Guardian's Light sometimes), Divine Light ( uses quite a lot of power, and an SC
  8. Ekaterina New Player

    this is a pvp post if you dont pvp then please dont post i understand its new we all do like i said before the power in pve is great but in pvp its a different story but if you actually sync up against different team who also know how to pvp you will see what im talking about.
    p.s i still dont see sorcery being used in 4s unless its pug runs.
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  9. Ekaterina New Player

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  10. BadJade New Player

    Nice troll mate, but Ive been pvping since launch, so not sure why you feel the need to badly troll me about pvp.

    All I said, as always someone will come in here and complain about a new powerset being op/no good in pvp after a few days of it going live. This thread is no different So calm down im not trolling you. The fact what you said about sorcery at the end of your post kinda proves the mis conception I was being sarcastic about, back in the day I was one of the few sorc healers in pvp that pugged and everytime I got so much crap from it because nature is and still is better. But of course I proved them wrong. Celestial is no different, its always the player and not the powerset. Thats the truth and not a troll.

    Anyway have fun with the game or at least try too. Try not to pug pvp too much as well, as you also get more misconceptions on what is ok and not too.
  11. Red Skorpion New Player

    they keep nerfing sourcery because it was the best for PVP... the watcher soul wells floors and transmutation were all annoying powers (and still are) i agree w/ Badjaa the power hasn't been out long enough to make this assessment....
  12. Cadens New Player

    Not to mention you would be interrupted trying to get blight off in that combo.
  13. Ekaterina New Player

    and thats the strongest healing over time you have
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  14. Ekaterina New Player

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  15. Ekaterina New Player

    there is no tricks to this power... most of the healing over time is combo'd powers which you wont really get off a lot because teams focus healers.
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  16. Aqua New Player

    Agreed. Consume souls needs to hot for longer or increase base heal on admonish, or make cooldown on divine light shorter or maybe even just make renew a 4 man heal.

    I could get an expert consumable to hit for a minimum of 800 for goodness sake, while the base heals on admonish with over 3000 resto is only about 700. That's not balanced at all, celestial has to put in the most work with interruptible combos to get less overall.

    I and many other people really love this power, don't let the healing side of it turn into some myth in competitive pvp like HL dps and earth tanks.
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  17. PaperGirl New Player

    Why don't you just wait 2 years and half for a small revamp power that took them 15mn to do ?
  18. Aqua New Player

    Ok ... I laughed.
  19. Ekaterina New Player

    I get tired of changing my powers because the pvp side is lacking.
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  20. Ekaterina New Player

    hopefully they listen lol
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