Celestial healing and dps question

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by x2TMx, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. x2TMx New Player

    Haven't found too much info on it. I for one am excited to try a new healing power but does anyone know if it will share heali g with another celestial healer? Reason is I know a lot of players will switch over but I would prefer it not sharing healing or dots for that matter like nature phermones for example.

    Say I spec into the dark side and the other healer specs into the light tree will that have our own seperate hots and not override? Or is one tree dps 1 tree healing? Thanks for any info that can be shared.
  2. Drathmor Devoted Player

    most moves will be able to do both damage or healing dependent on role like all the other powers I would assume but noone knows the details yet
  3. YodaDog New Player

    It doesnt matter til they release the power. By then you'll know all about it.

    Patience, Daniel-san.
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  4. Tikkun Loyal Player

    With all healing powers there are certain moves that will either overwrite or be nerfed when running with two healers of the same power. You could also see some overlap when mixing dps and healers as we see with Harvest in nature. I wouldn't expect anything different from Celestial. Part of being a good healer is knowing how to heal with each power including your own and of course communication. Healing is not a competition...at least it isn't until you're geared enough and there's no risk of wiping the group. Once it's on the test server we'll have more specific information.
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  5. Wizz Tron New Player

  6. Shadow Vlad New Player

    I do remember hearing that it was similar to how HL works but in a different way, so hopefully in that aspect powers wont cancel. We can only hope.
  7. Tikkun Loyal Player

    I was thinking more along the lines of clipping. I'd love another fast-paced, in-your-face healing power that takes a lot of skill to play right...like electric.
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  8. Luthia1281 New Player

    All power sets cancel each other, dont see why Celestial would be any different.
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  9. ZEUSofGODS New Player

    The reason u haven't found too much on it is cuz there isn't much on it... Only info available is 2 pics, name, and tree descriptions (not power descriptions!!)...
  10. x2TMx New Player

    Been working like crazy the past 2 weeks so wasn't sure if I missed anything in FNL or some spoilers out there.
  11. P1nk13 P13 New Player

    I hope healing with Celestial will be a challenge, like Electric.
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  12. Dogzday New Player

    But I hope it's not a pain and not similar to the other Healer Powers... D: Electricity can be a pain sometimes when people are spread far apart and they're all taking damage.
  13. P1nk13 P13 New Player

    True, I still have problems during those kinds of situation but that is also what many people like about Elec: It's not as easy as the two other healers and I hope Celestial also gives players excitement and challenge, much like Electric ;)
  14. BomombRook New Player

    Thing is electric uses the most power out of the healing powers. Also it has a pretty short range. Rather celestial be like a combination of sorcery and nature. Have a aoe heal but also range burst heals.
  15. YodaDog New Player

    Neither of those assertions are true.

    I dont want to argue, but Im fighting the good fight for electricity. Its actually very power efficient, especially compared to Nature. And its range is just fine.
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  16. Lights Derp New Player

    As a controller I agree with Yoda, Electricity is way less power hungry then Nature.
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  17. HumanoidThrills New Player

    I hope blessed is something like a combination of priest and monk; it would be cool to heal or damage as either by giving an aura making a player into a beacon, gold aura type effect, and buffs. As for cursed, I am thinking dark priest and warlock; it would use an ionic drain type move that drains health from an enemy and would give back health to the group, bad-karmaesque effect, and terrorize effects.

    I know this seems like an overpowered combination of the other three healing powers; however, I am sure the devs have thought about this and put a satisfactory amount of time towards the power and balancing with the current power sets. Plus, Nature and Sorcery have yet to have their updates, so many of their powers could change.

    Obviously, these are just guesses and hopeful wishes as no info on the powers has officially been revealed.
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  18. P1nk13 P13 New Player

    Well, It depends on how you use Electric. If you just spam powers like a madman then you'll be more power hungry. I, personally, use less power than the other healer most of the time, unless the power isn't a problem and I can afford to be a little power hungry. Thing is not a lot of healers even bother looking at their massive power in because all they care about is healing out and how much they out healed the other healer. Also Electric's range is fine, but many Elec healers, including me, have a hard time timing Ionic Drain, which is Electric's only long range massive group heal
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  19. BigAl Loyal Player

    What I want to know, is how well the Unicorn powers I keep hearing about will interact with the other powers.:rolleyes:

    Why don't we wait and see how it goes come this weekend?
  20. BomombRook New Player

    I used to play electricity as well but did not like it's play style, and I prefer the range of nature over electricity. Just hope celestial is a combo of all three really, then it would be the best healing power.

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