Celestial Healer Loadout

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  1. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I was suggested this loadout before:

    Blessing >Renew >Admonish >Divine Light >Malediction >Consume Soul

    I went to get Sacrifice as my SC but it's only good when in raids or in PvP (personally). So far, this load out is pringles but I'm now at CR 78 and hitting more Raids while feat hunting to raise Sp, which is at a laughable number at the moment.

    Since I'm unable to find any Celestial Healer threads due to the abundant count of DPS conversations, I would love to read some load out suggestions.

    Thank you. :)
  2. danielqpk New Player

    My favorite loadout.
    Srry not in the mood to type much... My video is easier to link.

    This was pre-GU32... Would love to update it... But it currently ain't broke so i don't feel like fixing it and honestly I am too lazy/busy to do a re make.
  3. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    That would be the load out I'm using, sir. Minus the SC.

    That would be the load out I wish to update.
  4. Elusian Crowd Control

    Blessed | Renew | Admonish | Consume Soul | Divine Light | Open Slot

    Thats how I run it since day one it was released on test ^^
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  5. Galadorn New Player

    Malediction, Smite, Admonish, Anoint, Bless, Divine Light

    AcB -> Anoint -> McB -> Range -> AcB.. and so on

    AcB puts HoTs , Anoint Raises Resto/Prec, McB Burst heal when i use my weapon for DMG

    Divine Light heals more but costs more and takes more cooldown so i use it only in case of emergency
    Bless for shield group,
  6. Vinny Tireshine New Player

    Any good PVP loadouts?
  7. Proto1118 Committed Player

    Everyone's load out seem similar. I've tried it and it works very well. I like using Cursed Idol for some reason though.
    One question, should I combo Divine Light? It takes a long time and about 30% of the time I get knocked out of it.
  8. Zuse Loyal Player

    Life drain/ the 50% ground sc | consume soul | renow | admonish (cblight) | divine light | blessing
  9. CerberusT Well-Known Player

    I use...

    Admonish/Blight, Renew, Blessing, Life Drain, Divine Light, Consume Souls
  10. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I use....

    Blessing, Renew, Admonish, Divine Light, Guardian's Light, Consume Soul

    Guardian's Light is pringles for pushing back crowds. Managed to even use this in solo missions and works wonderful.

    Everything else is pretty much just the same like the rest here. Thanks guys. :)
  11. Zerefu New Player

    This Video features my loadout solo healing Nexus the loadout being (Consume Soul; Consecrated Ground; Blessing; Divine Light; Admonish; Renew) The supercharge as Celestial is widely interchangeable though. To see how the loadout is effective, watch the heal bars only, to see how to use it in situations look at the loadout for exact times to use what
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  12. Zerefu New Player

    As a Healer? Absolutely not, the only thing you combo is AdmonishcBlight
  13. Zerefu New Player

    Well PvP loadouts are personal, because you can basically use any trash and manage to be somewhat good. It's really what you like to use and feel is effective over a set loadout like in PvE
  14. Zerefu New Player

    Guardian's light is poop, all charge heal moves are poop. No, poop is better.
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  15. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    I use divine light, blessing, admonish, malediction, renew, retribution.

    Usually if not the first loadout then ill do
    life drain, admonish, benediction , renew, divine light, consume soul or wrath of the presence
  16. Solstice Vanguard Well-Known Player

    I disagree.

    Guardians Light pushes back aggro and stuns them in the meantime. It also helped me give heals to myself and other players.

    It has worked for me and has been an efficient asset in my loadout for a month now. I just wanted a good loadout here to see if there were anything different than my own that anyone uses.

    While I highly respect those that give their opinion, stating that a power is "poop" has no comprehension to me. If you wish to elaborate on why it's "poop" as you say great. I'm all ears.

    And I didn't know the power was a charge move. The effects were instantaneous for me. :)
  17. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Fact is that i can cast 2 admonish almost 3 in the duration of guardians light. Guardians light is way too slow for me so I use

    divine light. blessing - death mark. renew-curse. admonish-blight . consume soul. cursed idol( sacrifice when solo).
  18. Zerefu New Player

    Ok, I'll tell you why it's poop, pushing back enemies in raids ( purely talking raids here) is useless. Controllers control the ADDs, not you. Do your job which is to heal the group and in Nexus/Dox, during the time you're charging up for a heal the group is dead because you didn't heal them in time. Nothing you can say will convince me that it is good for anything but PVP arenas because you push the enemy force back and force them to use power breaking out. The worst thing you can do as a healer is sit back and watch and hope and wait when you see significant damage done to the group and you go into one of the charge heals, one being Guardian's Light. You're literally watching everyone cling to life as you pray that the big heal gets to everyone before they die. If you ask any of the best healers around, they'll give you a speech as to why the charge heals are poop and will always be poop. Before you can pop off 1 Guardian's light, I can use Celestial(Admonish-Divine Light- Renew) Nature(Savage Growth Metabolism Blossom Cross pollination) Electric(Bio-electric surge Bio-capacitor Electrogenisis Galvanize) Sorcery(Shard Of life Boon of souls Offering Rejuvenate). You can actually clip all of those moves together faster then 1 Guardian's light will reach its' climax. If the tank loses a bit of health, I'll do AdmonishcBlight. It'll heal the tank a bit and give an HoT out so that if someone gets hit, and I don't notice or the situation makes it so that I need to wait to heal them, they aren't completely alone and they have recovery potential, If everyone's health goes down use Admonish clip Divine Light. Divine Light is what makes Celestial a god, It burst heals, heals over time AND cleanses enemies so their hits heal you, what? That's a life saver of a power and nothing less.

    To confirm my hatred of the move I solo healed the Epic Odyssey with it; couldn't be done. Using the move at any interval was an idiotic choice, people died left and right no matter when I used it nor in what context. And on the off chance it worked perfectly and they got the heal right as they took damage, I was disappointed because I normally do that anyway with other moves and 0 risk.

    If you're support healing (Which is an alien concept to me) then one healer using a charge move actually makes sense....no it doesn't. If both healers are trying to heal people as soon as they are damaged then the heals will be ungodly. Every Healer should solo heal imo because it isn't too hard and there's no need for 2 healers if one can do it themselves but using Guardian's light and cherishing it as you do is what's separating you from being a healer and being an amazing healer.

    If you even dare run with 2 healers for any reason other than a friend/leaguemate needs gear on their healer toon than you should be consulting people to see how you can improve to the point where having another healer offends you deeply, and the mention of a second makes you laugh. GL looks appealing, but it doesn't deliver the optimal performance that you can manually perform, k?
  19. Remander Steadfast Player

    Check out Black Stem's guide in Oracle's Database. Lots of information there and loadouts.
  20. ValkyrieHex New Player

    Actually the first loadout that you said someone suggested is a really good loadout. I'm not personally a celestial healer but my boyfriend uses that loadout and he does amazing with it. But other loadouts work too. :)