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Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Hussler, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Hussler New Player

    Certain Celestial power not balance .Need looking into.
  2. Hussler New Player

    80% DC DPS PLAYERS celestial . Abusing this gone too far . How long does it takes the community to look into this. I understand it's a new power and business looking good off of it, but when's enough is enough. Same thing every time new power drop. One month.is enough.
  3. Decree New Player

    The only problem is that most groups are shouting for only celestial dps for raids.

    Like HL/Mental/Gadgets are bad or something. o_O

    The Community is to blame. When something is a little OP they run it into the ground.
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  4. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    You're like 2 months late on this topic. This has been discussed in length already. I'd put money on seeing some changes here in the next update or two.
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  5. iLove Frannyyy New Player

    Didn't your thread earlier already get locked for the same thing
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  6. Hussler New Player

    I'll keep threading don't hate participate
  7. shaun10656 New Player

    and what server do you play on not ONCE have I seen a paradox raid or nexus raid ask for a celestial dps pacifically everybody just exaggerates the heck out of celestial dps because its the newest power that's somehow overrated i don't ever see any power being pacifically asked for i was even earth and they didn't care i can only see this being a problem with having 2 of the same healers
    no 80% is not that's way to high of a number so the other 20 percent are other powers I find that very hard to believe
  8. Burnt New Player

    Yeah, I was the one who reported the first QQ for a nerf.
  9. iLove Frannyyy New Player

    I know right!! People ask for needs and when it's nerfed it's unplayable. Look at sorcery, it used to be really really strong back then so was lightning and where are they now? Celestial has it's up and downs. Ups is the damage and downs are the cast times. Like light, ups is high damage, and downs is that you have to learn a rhythm for the constructs
  10. Burnt New Player

    Again, why not just ask for your power to get a buff instead of getting other people worked up asking for nerfs?
    It comes down to this, we need to combo to get the most out of our power so it's not just push one button and POW you're a beast DPS These combos are easily interrupted and some of the harder hitting powers are close range. We get high reward because we have high risk. Deal with it
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  11. Burnt New Player

    My bad iLove Frannyyy, I didn't mean to post that last part at you so I edited. I'm glad you didn't think it was intended for you :)
  12. iLove Frannyyy New Player

    No worries man :D
  13. Vrus New Player

    I'm sorry, but I just had to.. lol

    On topic: I do notice many shouts for Celestial DPS for Paradox Wave on USPC Hero side. It's pretty sad, really. :(
  14. Hussler New Player

    Why would any REAL DC PLAYERS ASK FOR A BUFF?? So you acknowledge Celestial is BUFF but defend it so everything remains the same. It's time Celestial get that Mepps TOUCH. CELESTIAL UNBALANCE THE community.
  15. Hussler New Player

    In real life when y'all kids adults.abuse or misuse and try to defend your wrongs we look for common sense adults to.handle the.problem. DC life. We attempt.to.reach out to the adults The THE.PRODUCER AND Gm's .
  16. Decree New Player

    Was just sayin that I have seen it more than once. Dox Need 4 dps 100+ Celestial only. Not saying everyone is like that but I've seen it.

    I have also seen player get kicked because they weren't celestial from raids. PUGin on USPC is like a prison yard. If your not Celestial then your weak.

    Not my idea but what the community has come to believe.
  17. DeathZakid Well-Known Player

    They're not that powerful as everyone is making it seem. Yeah they don't use much power, but that's because the combos take a while to pull off like ret - wither of plague - dl. If you know how to use your power to it's fullest potential you won't be to far behind or not far at all (at least with hl, gadgets, ice, fire, and nature). I can do the same amount of damage just by clipping my hand blasters with a power. I got lots of compliments from a few good one when i was ice/fire. I was in a raid for wave once where they kicked a celestial dps because he was 80k away from me and 50k away from the hard light after stepping in and clearing only the ads in the sentry hallway. They felt i shouldn't be no where near him. /i felt bad for him and told them that ice isn't that weak.
  18. Alpha vermelho Committed Player

    Celestial need be fixed and when you see this if we see you will see that is OP, but no unbalanced, celestial die like any other powerset, he is slowly, you need memorize the combos, you need know right timing of each combo. And is time to we play a game about DC comics, celestial alredy receive alot off nerf i see since start, this make no one or two but alot of players angry. In reality players are tired of nerfs this can be see with quantum power, but quantum is represented by capt atom the most underated hero of dc, celestial is represented by spectre 4º caracter most powerfull of DC only lost to michael, lucifer and presence.
  19. Hussler New Player

    The power is great but certain power in the tree everyone's abusing cause it's over powered, OP. And it's all.on YouTube.
  20. 13igtyme Loyal Player

    Celestial is just easy mode, like ice tanks or nature healers. But a skilled player can and will always do better than any one with any power. People only see a big change because if three bad dps from the same league always get around the same low damage when one switches the easy mode celestial they will look op. But if you take three highly skilled dps from the same league and get around the same amount of damage. If one switches to celestial the damage increase is very minimal.
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