Celestial Combo Tips?

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  1. Nikie Karii New Member

    Hey all,

    I am having a heck of a time getting the hang of the new Celestial power. To clarify it's not a build/stat issue, I have leveled almost every other power to 30 and beyond with minimal trouble using my own builds, and have a good grasp of how the game mechanics work. Instead, my problem seems to be getting the combos right consistently.

    When I practice out of battle, I can get most combos to work 3/4ths of the time. My issue seems to be timing; instead of simply pressing the combo and the game understanding that and executing it, each press has to be timed to a specific part of the animation. Problem is, there's nothing to tell me which part of the animation to start comboing; with some, it's right as the first attack begins, with others I need to wait until the first attack's animation is almost over to combo. I'm not sure how to consistently tell which part of the animation I'm supposed to start the combo.

    Then comes the charging animation that links the combos. If I press the second button as this animation starts, the combo is nullified. Alternatively, I'll press it a second too late and the character will do an awkward weapon attack instead of finishing. If any enemy decides they want to hit me during this charging time, the combo is nullified. I've asked some other people in-game who seem to be loving Celestial (mind, they respecced their max-level characters into it with T3+ gear and don't really have experience leveling or using it outside of a max-level fully-geared setting, and insofar as I know they're not even doing alerts with it), and claim that none of the issues I'm having exist for them.

    If I sit by myself and practice for awhile, I can get most combos to work most of the time. Chaining them is still not fluid. But when I'm in battle again, it suddenly feels like I've been crippled and I can't get the majority of combos to execute properly. Naturally this leads to a lot of untimely deaths in areas that I should be having no trouble in.

    So I'm wondering, is there a trick to knowing when to press the first button in the first animation? Is there a way to make it through the charging animation without it constantly being broken by enemy fire? For other Celestials, how do you remember which buttons and timing go with every combo in the heat of battle? What other combo-related tips do you have that might make my life leveling as a Celestial easier? My end-game plan is to respec as a healer and let Celestial serve as my main healer character, but if I can't even make it to 30 that plan is a moot point. =D
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  2. blklightning Well-Known Member

    The trick is to figure out the timing for each combo and do that combo over and over and over again at the sparring target. Then, do that with the next combo.

    Once you can pull off each combo without missing it, then you try randomly casting powers and doing the combos. If you miss, then start over.

    After you're able to combo infinitely, then it gets real fun. Start clipping the combo animation with your next power cast. This speeds up your comboing and will really test your timing. Randomly cycle your powers over and over.

    Are you dps or heal? Which combos are challenging to you?
  3. Red Skorpion Well-Known Member

    u already know wat u gotta do and i know its not the funnest but Practice.... and keep practicing until its natural...
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  4. Alpha vermelho Active Member

    Celestial is aa great powerset you can survive without the combos.
    But combos is bugged with the timing of combos with 2 click having the same time than 3 click the devs already say that they want change this, i dont know when.
    Have same powers that look buged like plague that when hit others caracter after the first die give damage like 1 or max 8.
    Celestial is very good powerset but he is incomplet, i dont need yet combos to survive but i want use the entire power tha powerset say that him have.

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