Celestial Boot Camp

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    With most powers, you want to start out by getting your PI setup. With celestial, there are 3 powers that "setup" your PI. Divine light, Retribution, and the SC generator (I don't use it, so I can't recall the name).
    But wait, there's more (and this one of the secrets of celestial). The corrupted version of Divine and Retribution will also setup your PI. Meaning, don't waste your time trying to setup PI from the start, you'll be able to keep it going through combos.

    So, if you start your rotation (let's hope your tank has aggro) using plaque with the full combo, you've already got your PI setup with corrupted Divine light.
    If you start your rotation with Wither, your pi will setup with corrupted Retribution.

    Start with plaque, as you light your hands at the end of plaque, you hit Divine light (no combo). Divine light and corrupted Divine light, both hit hard. So clipping this as your start, is going to land you 2 really big hits at the start of your power rotation. A suggestion for a rotation to try:

    Plaque clip Divine, Wither combo clipped to heat vision, back to plaque combo (Divine light is still on cool down), clip to wither combo, clip to heat vision. (Repeat) and get really good numbers.

    If you're up close, you can replace Wither with blight combo, and get about the same numbers. Blight can also hit hard even if the pi is not setup. So in alerts like VMF, if you've just used plaque, and the enemies die (while plaque is cooling), you can lunge the next set of adds and go straight into blight combo, heat vision or Wither to finish them off.
    Celestial dps is very active response based, in that you have to know which adds will die faster, so you can position yourself for the most damage, with whichever combo you need to get the job done. Blight is direction based, meaning the last hit of combo needs to be facing the adds to be hit.

    Another thing you can do is the death Mark combo, as when the shield breaks, it hits hard. So you can setup the shield before jumping into the adds, and get a nice hit in the short seconds it takes to break the shield.
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    So, wanted to update this a little earlier, going along with the whole "boot camp" idea, to include some healing information as well. Specifically Battle Healing.

    Surprisingly, in my talks with some other (a handful) celestial healers on their loadouts (for battle healing) were unaware of a another little helpful fact, that I'll share now:

    Healing powers will still heal, even on their corrupted version. Let me give you a couple examples. Plaque, combo into virtuous light, will still hit the enemies, as well as put a corrupted virtuous light under allies (up to 8) and heal them. Wrath of the presence combo into consume soul, will also give you the healing effects of consume soul.

    So, this little bit of helpful info could assist you in your making of a Celestial Battle Healer. Of all of the powers (as healer) that do damage, one that really shines is Wither into corrupted Retribution. So keep in mind, that if you want to do damage, healing is your primary function, but adding this power in will also increase your damage output.
    Another tip, want Wither combo to fork out some healing? Try using Malediction combo into corrupted benediction, then clip into Wither combo. You will heal allies based on a portion of damage dealt, capped at a percent of resto and dominance. So, put a few sp into Dom (maybe 50 if you got high enough sp to get a good little boost). Obviously, at least 100 in resto, 100 in might and power (always get crits).
    Now you can try the Malediction combo, into Wither combo, into consume soul combo (stay in close range), back to Wither combo, and consume soul: until Malediction is off cool down.

    You're going to need to make sure you have your Admonish in your loadout at all times, as that is a strong group heal combo into heal over time. Keep virtuous light in there for emergencies when big hits are taken by the group. And the shield is generally always welcome.

    Keep in mind, these are just tips to help you create your own comfortable battle healing loadout, now knowing that the corrupted versions of heals will also heal, as well as knowing that Malediction can make your damaging powers heal also.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the help!