Cele is Awful at Pvp...

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  1. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Sorry I dont dps when I pvp but healing wise I consider myself to be a little on the OP side, especially with alot of skill points. However combos are key and what I would do to guarantee a combo would be to stun using weapon attack or starting a malediction--> benediction combo and that would help, also pvp breakout trinket or any other breakout gives you time to get off a combo.
  2. Eminence Dedicated Player

    Combo when your control resistance is buffed (after a breakout or pvp trinket).
    Your welcome.
  3. EzioNight New Player

    Thanks everyone for your inputs I created a beast loadout with everyone's inputs :)
  4. John New Player

    You had me when said Rage
  5. Vyltran Loyal Player

    I always go dps in pvp.. i never had a problem like that.. maybe you are not working good with your actual loadout... i do 1h + dps ... your move debuffs should be a must..
  6. RiskVsReward New Player

    Celestial is def one of the worst classes for pvp, you literally can't do anything unless you have control resistance since combos take way too long to pull off. It's for sure a low tier pop power, unless you fly up in the air in group pvp against a group of noobs and they let you spam your powers
  7. RiskVsReward New Player

    Hard light is another class that shines in pve, yet struggles in pvp, not as bad celes, but still has it's problems. Just look how the best pvp classes are instant cast might based powers. Ice, gadgets and mental, they got good shields, do fast instant damage, outside of weapon attacks, they have no vulnerable to block or interrupt powers (the moves that are viable for pvp I'm referring to).

    Pvp = might based instant cast powers are better

    Pve= precession based combo powers that are vulnerable to block/interrupt are better
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  8. JRsoFLY_123 Committed Player

    Crap I need to get Captain Drizzle on the forums I never seen someone work on celestial and beast with it like him. He was cutting down players like butter...in a scrimmage?!?
  9. General Powers New Player

    I hate fighting celestial DPS! Even in tank stance they melt my health; they kill my brick every time. Poor brick ):
  10. Lacedog Loyal Player

    i will constantly be wrecked by a celestial healer before i am even damaged by a rage player. i am an earth tank mostly, sometimes dps in pvp. !@$#ing celestial...
  11. TrainWreckzz Active Player

    I always get smashed by the air spammer using celestial.. and I can't lunge breaker him :mad:
  12. yayagsc New Player

    i have an alt full elemental pvp celestial and i do crazy dmg put out 500-650k dmg in 4s star labs. I think what you doing wrong is using your powers in the wrong time. I mostly use anoint and admonish once i get a blue and smite that's pretty much it or i use plague when theres a lot of people fighting in one node