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  1. DCUODPS Active Player

    I started playing the game way after the central city trinket was introduced, I have little to no experience with its use and benefits. I want to know if is still relevant nowadays? Any tips and suggestions are more than welcome.
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  2. KDICHU Well-Known Player

    yes but not necessary I would use on your utility belt either

    Ult Belt - Supply Drop, Role Trinket, Role Cola, CC Role Trinket, the CC trinket can stack with the cola and the normal Trinket
    or if no CC
    Ult Belt - Supply Drop, Role Trinket, Role Cola, Orbital,

    Its relevant stil im 114 and I use it now and again it also has a shield and a extra attack and its fun
  3. DCUODPS Active Player

    Evertyime I activate the cc trinket after consuming a nitro soder to boost my might for 30mins, the effects of the soder are gone once the cc trinket runs out why is this? Is this a normal behavior?
  4. Xolag Well-Known Player

    Can you make a video and show us :) .

    I don't think is normal behavior the soda effect should be there after the CC trinket runs out.

    You can check this video about CC trinket
  5. blklightning New Player

    Which role do you primarily play? The CC trinket has special moves that kinda benefit each role a bit. I only understand a few of them

    First. the trinket has 5:45 cooldown once it's exhausted. Upon initial activation, you get a stat boost for 20 sec. You can reactivate the trinket 2 more times w/in 60sec from first activation. This allows you to get the stat boost for up to 60sec total, if your timing is impeccable. If you try to activate the trinket after it's exhausted, but before the cooldown is complete, you will be stunned. You know the cooldown is done, as you'll hear a charm sound and see an electric sparkle around your toon.

    One the trinket has been activated, you can activate it 2 more times, as I said above. On those additional activations, you can follow by using certain mouse presses for certain benefits. Holding melee, for example, will give you a shied. If you're in healer stance, that shield will extend to all group members. Holding range will get you a long AoE attack. Holding range while in Tank or Troller stance will cause a massive AoE juggle. I think tapping melee, while in healer stance, does a group heal. I haven't played with it to figure it out.

    The CC trinket is largely mysterious for most people. It has good uses and is a truly unique trinket in the game. I don't use it while DPSing, but definitely keep it for the shields while healing.