CBS announced new Star Trek series for January 2017

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  1. Elusian Crowd Control

    CBS announced earlier to bring to its anniversary in 2017 a new tv series into their program.

    Official announcement link

    Cutting information down cuz wall of text:

    - not related to the upcoming movie Star Trek Beyond
    - a new crew will be introduced
    - CBS produces and hosts the show
    - Alex Kurtzman will be executive producer, he was working on the last 2 movies and series experience currently with Hawaii-Five-0, Scorpion and Limitless
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  2. Saami Loyal Player

    No more captain Kirk?
  3. Elusian Crowd Control

    Star Trek Beyond will comes as planned. With Kirk. If there will be more with that crew is smth just time can tell.

    They trying to establish a new crew with the classic premise of the first series the franchise had.
  4. Saami Loyal Player

    I ment William Shatner as captain Kirk.
    To me he is one and only Kirk. Though ive been surprised happily before with cast changes.
  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    I'd be a little more interested, but the "only on the CBS online subscription service" after the premiere episode kills a lot of that interest. I like me some Trek, but not enough to have to subscribe to what CBS offers.

    Fox, ABC, NBC and even the CW all seem to have deals in place to air new episodes of popular shows on services like Hulu along with offering their shows on their own sites. CBS seems to be the exception, which mystifies me a bit.
  6. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    Subscription service only?
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  7. CHUD Loyal Player

    I think the subscription fee is for watching every past episode of Star Trek.....unless I'm reading it wrong. But then again....why pay subscription when YOUTUBE HAS IT UPLOADED FOR FREE!!!!!!

    But considering that X-Files is coming back to Fox.......seeing a new Star Trek series will also be interesting.
  8. CHUD Loyal Player

    *re-reading the report again* to watch a new show online???? Seriously???? Ummmmmm.......
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  9. montazumas revenge Devoted Player

    Reports of a new greatest American hero show sounds better
  10. The 14th Doctor Dedicated Player

    Will Star Trek Beyond be following up with the previous Into Darkness and the newest Star Trek movies?
  11. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    Because they are the number one network on television....well so they say...which gets annoying when they brag about it too they think that they could pull enough of they CBS faithfuls and Trek fan boys to their online service which I think they will be making a huge mistake and miss an opportunity to make something a lot of people want.
  12. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Yeah, I'm thinking they may just be overestimating things a tad. Sure, you'll get the die-hards that will buy into it to watch the show, but there will be just as many (and quite possibly more) casual fans that will say, "Eh, it's not worth it" and not bother at all.

    The latter could hold easily true if the premiere episode comes across as hit-and-miss as the Supergirl premiere episode was. If they really want the most subscriptions from both casual and die-hard fans, they're going to have to knock it out of the park right off the bat.
  13. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    Haha, they probably think it's a Marvel property.

    From an outsiders perspective, it seems the "Trekdom" has died down a bit since the last TV show, and the new movies are a bit of a mixed bag for the diehards. Even though as a casual fan, I think the new movies are the best thing to happen to the franchise in a long time.

    Disney should buy Firefly from Fox, and put out new episodes...
  14. TheArmorsmith Dedicated Player

    I agree with that Firefly part well all of really. I loved that show and that movie Serenity.
  15. dngnb8 Devoted Player

    More information has been released by CBS. The series will be done in the form of Political Debates between the Federation and the Romulans. CBS will be the moderators
  16. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    So it's written by George Lucas now?
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