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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by walt16mx, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. walt16mx New Player

    Is this no longer a daily? I apologize if this is old news, or a ******** question, or whatever, but I hit 30 a week ago, and did the Cat's eye challenge. I keep reading that it's a daily, but it doesn't show up there. And there apparently are no longer any oracle kiosks in the 3 wings, so I'm not sure what the deal is. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you
  2. Wildboy New Player

    It should appear in your On Duty tab as a 1 Person/Solo Tier 2 Challenge; it's called Gotham University Warehouse now.
  3. Rahiel New Player

    The Mark of Triumph rewards from challenges just drop directly from the boss now, and you queue for them in the On Duty tab rather than walking to the entrance. The missions are no longer available, nor needed, just queue up :>
  4. walt16mx New Player

    I appreciate the replies, thank you. I reckon I wasn't really clear. The challenge isn't showing up on my On Duty tab as I was expecting, that's why I was wondering if there was something else I was missing. Googled it, searched forums, and the only thing mentioned there was the kiosks, which I can't find. Maybe there is a pre-req, but I can't figure what it would be. Already beat it the first time.
  5. walt16mx New Player

    Ah, I do see it now. Missed where you mentioned tier 2. Guess I need to gear up a bit for it. Thanks a ton.
  6. Impact Prime New Player

    Just to clear up any confusion from what you read, those sources you read are out of date. You used to get a bunch of missions which depended on your mentor from Kiosks in different wings of the watchtower after hitting level 30. It was changed a few months ago, though. They only appear in your Duty menu as challenges now, and you can queue up for all of them - no longer being restricted by who your mentor is.
  7. Eternity's_Girl New Player

    The Kiosks being in each wing on the old system is correct but not the restricted to your mentor. You were always able to all of them no matter your mentor.
  8. walt16mx New Player

    Thanks again for all of your replies. Much appreciated
  9. mikekingmuse2 New Player

    We need T4 challenges. How about some mentor specific stages like the chinatown cafe, Gotham star labs, Old star labs, etc? Same with duos.
  10. Alitain1 New Player

    You know what I wish though, is that I had gone on my lv 30 characters(well mainly my main) and gotten the missions for the T1 challenges before the change went into effect. Because I noticed on the couple characters who had just reached lv 30 but I hadn't done anything with until after the change had the missions still and when I did the challenges again not only did I get the marks for completing the challenge but I also got the mark(s) for completing the mission as well. While it was only a one time bonus, it was still nice to get a few extra marks for the same work.

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