Catalysts "Cannot Trade Across Platforms" now?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TI99Kitty, Mar 28, 2023.

  1. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Oh, that's the only reason I have them right now. I just don't always have enough exobytes to rank up the augments. But I am working on them. Well, the T6 ones, anyway.
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  2. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Okay, an update: I went into the game, and took a stack of Legion catalysts, spread them out to stacks of 1, and was able to send them. So I went back to my shared bank and pulled out 5 stacks of catalysts that have been giving me problems in the mail, and was able to send them.

    So I'm going to assume that there was some kind of glitch, and if I have this trouble again in the future, I will do what I did today. Thanks to BumblingB for the idea.

    Edit: I signed in again to check the League bank, and still can't put them in there, but that's probably by design. Oh, well.
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It will allow you to attach it to the mail, but it won't send with something like 'there was a problem sending mail' or similar. Remove the offending attachment and it will work. Similar to if you try to send something account bound, like the grant exobytes we get.
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  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    This is correct. 'Cannot trade across platforms' items cannot be added to the league bank, but still can be mailed. It's one of the reasons all my 'free' accounts eventually got the $5 spent on all the mountains of catalysts they'd farm for me, could be mailed over to my mains once they were premium. I mean, what's the use of farmers if you can't profit off their crops?
  5. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    That's kind of annoying, too. Like, "But I'm sending it to another character on this account!" But, whatever. Usually, I don't have that much account bound stuff that I share with other toons, so it's no biggie for me to take something out of the shared bank temporarily.
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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'll give you my answer if you don't mind. I keep the old cats for A) returning league/friends or B) if I decided to bring an alt up to full time (this will probably never happen again anyway) but I also don't keep them in my shared bank anymore save current episode ones. I have a single mule toon for each platform PC and PS that get them mailed to them when I get some from old content or omni boxes.....assuming they don't sell well of course (canary cry's and a few others still sell pretty well).

    I've had a few returning people come back that needed to play catch up and sending them the catalysts from a few episodes they missed was not a big deal when I have 100s of them stacked up. Now that they stack to 999 it's not really a problem to mail them off and just go to that mule toon once a month or so to collect all the mail in one visit. Way easier than transferring them via shared and having to toon hop multiple times a week just to collect them.
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  7. Korlick Loyal Player

    I just tried it. Mailed 1 Augment Catalyst and 1Rare Alliance (both cant be traded across platforms) and had zero issues.
    Are you sure you dont have the items pinned as "an important item"? Because if you do, it wont let you mail it.

    Putting them on League Banks was nevers possible. Because that would completely avoid the premise that those items cant be traded across platforms.
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  8. Reinheld Devil's Advocate would be nice to be able to send to your own toons 'account bound' items, but I'd guess the mail system doesn't have that check built in, and just assumes all mail is going off account. 'Possible mail improvement' #139 on the list I'd guess.:oops:
  9. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Going back through the thread, something BumblingB said made me think of a question: I know the DLC vendors sell the Omnipotence catalysts, but is there a vendor that sells the augment catalysts? specifically, what I need is some Boon of Horus catalysts. Just before the double XP week started, I finally got enough to breakthrough to Rank 28, but I forgot to use a seal. Right now I only have 1 Horus, and it took me several days to get. I seem to get Anubises left and right, and occasionally a Sobek, but the Horuses almost never drop for me anymore, and I never see them on the Broker.

    Is there a vendor that sells them?
  10. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Yeah, pretty low priority, really.
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    No. They may get added later (I think JLD did this...maybe others) but not while the episode is 'current'.
  12. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Yeah, I never had any problem with the Alliances. And about the League bank, I kind of guessed that was the case. I never tried putting anything in there until a couple of days ago, because I wasn't so desperate for space. I guess that also answers my unasked question of whether PC and PS players can be in the same League (which I never asked because I figured the answer was "yes").
  13. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    I know Wonderverse has a vendor that sells augment catalysts, and I think LLL does, too. I'm not sure about Flashpoint, because I haven't had a problem with catalyst drops there. Ditto for Legion of Doom.
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  14. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    good ol' Tiff!
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  15. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I think you can buy that from the DCUO Marketplace for Daybreak Cash which is purchased from real $$$.
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  16. TI99Kitty Committed Player

    Ah, thanks. I'll just keep grinding then, and hope I get lucky. :(
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