cash restriction is insane

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by cyberspider516, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. cyberspider516 Level 30

    this cash restriction on premium and f2p is ridiculous 2000k and lev 30 pland cost over 3000k +
    how do you expect players to progress if we cant build mods

    now i dont expect it to be unlimited like a sub but 2k really that is unreasonable I have just come back to this game to find servers empty on EU so i moved to USA and rebuilt all my toons

    but its now to the point where cues dont pop you really need an add campaign for this game its such a shame that its losing players,,, i remember turning up and ring war and so on and loads of players now im on my tod

    i think its high time you let go A BIT of the restrictions and the cash would be a good start
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  2. MuTeDx Committed Player

    Don't need mods to progress, I'm 144 tank troll and dps no mods used. Also mods don't effect cr so they do not help progression. Devs decided long ago that cutting the economy in half was worth it and no one ever changed their minds. You can see that was the greatest decision ever.
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  3. kawe Loyal Player

    They need ppl to sub, specially now.So no, it wont happen, they woudl be cutting their own flesh. :/

    (btw, just buy mods with marks, you don't need endgame plans, only snyths and betas)
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  4. cyberspider516 Level 30

    allot must have changed since i played this last then
  5. Fies Committed Player

    Upping cashcap a bit for prem seems reasonable. Small increase per !episode-purchase! adding up to about 10k max imo. Wouldnt make me drop my sub as it would still be to low for my liking. Wont happen though.
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  6. SuperNerdGeekOverkill Dedicated Player

    as mutedx said, you don't need mods to progress, and even if you did, the answer would be easy: become legendary.
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  7. MainMan52 Well-Known Player

    This is something the they are too stubborn to change. Their answer will always be, become legendary. Thing is, I don't want to. It doesn't benefit me much as I buy the DLC/episodes. Unlimited in game cash is not worth $15 a month to me.
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  8. Princess Zero Well-Known Player

    Never happen.
  9. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    As a Premium player facing such heavy restrictions, do these restrictions sour you from sticking around and playing DCUO?
  10. LadyLightning Issue Tracker Volunteer

    You can get mods with just marks, but mods don't do anything for progression anyways....

    So why exactly are you complaining about the cash cost? o_O
  11. cyberspider516 Level 30

    and you do you buy this then

  12. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    It's fine as is. You can always get a subscription.
  13. Venus Void Dedicated Player

    The real question is, why would you be concerned with buying ANY of those plans?
    Just a blatant waste of marks on plans that drop like crazy.
    Even people who CAN afford those wouldn't buy them.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for Premium players getting a cash cap increase, perhaps something like a $500 increase per DLC purchased, but the things you're complaining about not being able to buy are completely unnecessary for progression.
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  14. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    You can also...idk...interact with players and maybe trade with them?
    I know crazy idea for a MMO.
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  15. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    The plans are a waste of marks and cash.
    Just avoid them, Modding has been irrelevant since Game Update 47.
    You just need gear, If you seriously require the urge to mod, there's pre-made mods you buy from the vendor just 5 marks,and it's not over premuiums budget.

    The Premuium cap is fine,
    If you're that concerned with cash, just buy some Soder Colas or something before it drops into escrow.

    The only really time Premuiums budget was ever an issue was when Soder Cola extreme's sucked compared to Limes, but that got fixed during Game Update 44.

    Now you can actually progress through the entire game with just being premuium, if you need cash that bad, subscribe or buy a token from the marketplace like everyone else does.

    And Yes, I am a premuium player, have been a premuium since Dec, 2013.
    I've lived with the cap and acknowledged it's flaws, so I know what I'm talking about here ;)
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  16. cyberspider516 Level 30

    oh yeah tried that to day that was fun with all the mouth and insults from the 3 guilds that are always hanging around the hall of doom and i have stated i am a returning player i have not played this game in maybe a year or more

    when i last played you need to mod your Armour and ok thats changed thank you for that info i have asked many times in chat for info and im met with stupidity or no reply at all now im not trying to be an ****** here but it seems to have gone very toxic since i last played
  17. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    PS huh? *hides from the PS crowd*
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  18. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    Plans drop in content, but I wouldn't mod anything until you're playing T7 (the newest content) You can get to about T4 without paying after that plan on subbing. You could buy DLCs - you'll want 3 or 4, plus the utility belt and base system and maybe power set(s) depending on your preference.
  19. Minnion Devoted Player

    Actually they just need paying customers... (Subscriptions aren't the only thing we can buy...) Retaining players overall increases the odds of them become a paying customer....
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  20. The Blinder Well-Known Player

    I'm sorry but if you cant afford legendary than buy the cash withdrawals. 15$ a month is very low price, if you work you most definitely have an extra 15$ to shell out at the end of the month. The only people i see complaining are the young crowd with no jobs yet, or lazy people who don't want to spend a dime so they complain.