Cases of "can't heal stupid"?

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  1. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    Attempted a run of SFFE today through LFG as healer, ran it successfully before as a healer so went in hopefully expecting a smooth run.

    Well, ran into teammates constantly getting oneshot or dropping left and right, a handful of adds far off from the tank's vicinity, and trying to keep people alive while dealing with swarms of adds before inevitably getting overwhelmed. Was already a red flag by the second wipe at the first boss with the lack of communication and some people leaving as well.

    Considered leaving, ended up getting kicked after a few wipes at the second boss while solo healing and anyone else who could heal didn't play backup. Didn't bother to ask the reason for getting kicked, assuming they wanted to bring in a friend/leaguemate instead or my healing couldn't cure their chronic wiping.

    Always open for improvement but could this also be more on them, as healing can't keep up with oneshots or people constantly getting in the line of damage? Hopefully a better experience next time.
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  2. Proxystar #Perception

    I think if you've healed this before, there's a good chance you know what you're doing.

    In saying that, you can't heal people through things that are designed to typically one shot the player if they're ignored, for example if you've got people just casually ignoring the splitting beam on first boss or the crosses on the ground, there's not a lot you can do to save them from their own stupidity.

    It's the same with second boss if you've got people that just think they can body block the the Warrior charge or stand in tendrils or let his one shot go off and just take it to the face.

    With respect to tanking that first boss though, I'd perhaps be a little easy on the tank because the adds in there can be little bastards to pull sometimes and don't always like to come, despite the fact the tank will be pulling them, the tank could use a lasso to better control them, but that artifact does come with its own raft of problems.

    A good group will be well aware of this also and should know they need to be cautious about the adds, but won't always be, and communication is generally key.

    Honestly on face value sounds like you had a bunch of stupid tunnel vision DPS in there, if anything and probably just a case of better luck next time. Without knowing any other surface details, it was probably premature of them to kick you without looking at themselves first also.
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  3. Eve YouTuber

    I had something smiliar. I don't remember the exact omni raid but the tank and his friend never pulled adds letting them swarm me (The only healer) then complained everyone is wiping. After a few tries to ask them nicely to pull the adds off me so I don't get overwhelmed, I went and left the raid. The damage was fairly bad, too. People complain but won't do the minimum teamwork effort to get through a raid.
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  4. ObsceneBoy Committed Player

    I've never taken to healing and, thankfully, I have league mates who grew very accustomed to healing me through my dps blinders. So I'm not judging anyone but, It's more grace than I'd show if I did heal.

    I'd politely bring up the issue and give it a good go but, failing that, if they die they die.

    On to the next group.
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  5. FluffyCloud99 Well-Known Player

    Most of the time, people who blame other peoples roles are only a dps and have no experience in playing said role.

    You said you have done it multiple times, you know you can do it. Those who complain are the ones at fault. Healers by all means are not miracle workers. I too myself have healed SFFE and done so many times. The only encounter i struggle with if we have 1 tank is themyscira zone. That IS hard to heal because the tank is not good enough to pull endless amounts of people, the statues drain your power and over all, is just hard if your group is not good enough.

    Dont let people get you down because sometimes things are physically hard to do given the circumstances or the fact people are just whiney cry babies who cant handle failure and being weak.

    Ego. Its all it is.
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  6. Athena-X New Player

    I was in this run that you described however, I had to switch to heal to get us past the first boss. Yes there were downs related to one shots but many of the instances there was no heal output. The group would be sitting at half health for quite some time which can't happen in elite.

    Players invited from LFG did not seem to understand the mechanics and this along with slow heals obviously does not work in elite runs.

    Additionally, solo healing is reasonable for the entire raid so to call out for another heal shows somewhat of your own shortcomings.

    Just a top-down analysis.
  7. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    The tank was dropping often, I recall them trying to block the charge and got oneshot as well. I feel it was primarily the team itself failing to stay alive and lack of communication that doomed the run. Especially for elite runs I would think it'd be better to prioritize staying alive rather than chasing numbers. I tended to be one of the last to be alive before a wipe and my healing output ended up higher than the top DPS's damage, the burn felt rather lackluster as well.

    Although the group had some people from two different leagues, it makes me a little more weary of LFG players, I went in assuming they'd at least try to make an effort to make the experience better. Hoping the next attempt will be with likeminded players as my experiences with LFG up to now have been mostly successful.
  8. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    I feel like unless the group is mostly friends/leaguemates who will also communicate, it's always a risk grouping up with strangers. People don't really understand the importance of it being a team game and how support roles keep the run together. For omnis, I've just ended up queuing only for instances where I feel I can get done with quickly without issues.
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  9. bboy-rei Well-Known Player

    Agree, the third boss is the only part where I can see any struggle which can be alleviated with communication and coordination. However it feels like the ratio of incompetent to competent players is way too high and I'd think they be more serious or considerate when tackling elite instances.
  10. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    Not specifically healing, but this morning running the SOBA alert, I was in a group of me controlling (cr 395) 2 380 DPS and a CR369 healer. I knew it wouldn't be a fast burn, but it would be doable.

    One DPS insisted on tearing ahead away from the group, and dying as soon as he got around the corner. The healer kept getting themselves into fights by themselves and dying. So we kept wiping over and over. Fortunately with the boss fight, everything is confined so we did all right.

    It was a frustrating run, and took about an hour. Which for that alert is no bueno.
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