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    Hand's down the most annoying "mechanic" I have ever tried to do in an event version of a raid. Today, trying to run an alt through the raid, first time we spent nearly 90 minutes before I logged out of the game. The problem is the raid being open to basically anyone. In that 90 minutes, by the time I left, there had been 23 people in that raid instance. Many many had been kicked, for jumping into the portal and grabbing any card that was closest to them. Then some low level at the board would start grabbing the cards and throwing them wherever.

    After trying to explain to these people what to do, they are again the first into the portal grabbing cards. At that point someone tries to innate a kick. Most of the time it fails due to a low level not knowing what to do. Then the cycle starts all over again. Can't let these people know what to do, can't get them into voice chat, they have no purpose being in a raid that has mechanics. They're going to mess it up every time and waste others game time.

    Tried it a couple more times since this morning, same thing each time. Isn't the purpose of the event version is to be easier and to just be able to que in and be good to go regardless of roles? I've never seen someone trying to build an event group in lfg. Not sure if a lot of these low levels that were in the raid today even know what lfg is.
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    This section of the forums is for reporting bugs and other broken mechanics. Random players having a lack of common sense isn't something the devs can fix.
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    Its more issue of players attention and perception.
    changes that could solve issue and not frustrate so much.
    1. The player who activates laughing knight gains card aura and becomes the only one that can use the cards effectively being a solo card room.
    2. The card portal will allow only 1 to enter and per round player in card room die only.
    2A. Enemy no longer appear in card portal.
    2B. Last round group are no longer wiped by grundy gamers , if not acceptable instead fight random knight appear like murder machine or red devil that will disappear after 50% health in game zone unchanging final battle to restart card game.
    3. If round lost player with the card aura is teleported into the card room for the next volunteer to interact with the laughing knight for next round.

    This would do 2 things kill the grundy that ussually gets every one killed and encourage the next joker to play their cards seriously because they will be next in the portal.
    2nd thing it does is allow the card loser to resurrect the grundy so they can die twice or leave the grundy to respawn all the way back at the start rally point giving the 2 jokers a chance to ace it with out grundy breaking the game .
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    Another problem is there is no reference to the cards to see which cards have arrow on them to counter cards. Found this post while looking for card references on the internet.
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    Nope, bad ideas. These changes would enable one or two people to hold the raid hostage- as opposed to now where anyone in the group can foul it up. It's the balance everyone is always clamoring for- everyone is able to mess up the fight equally.

    Seriously, build a group. I don't even like people screwing up the ritual in FoA so you know what I do? Build a group.
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    Um Reread 2 , 2b and 3 they ain't holding no one hostage they will be the ones being ko'd ,I ran the mission campaign public que on all 7 alts have even managed to get aced it feat first 3 of then card runners realised they was a feat for losing all apart from final round so they kept getting card selection wrong on purpose , Only the first two of the raids on same day as patch were had chaotic issues , Actually got aced it feat on first raid after being wiped out in double digits I decided not to leave and drink a dulce gusto mocha while they argued to allowing me to try , After the bad ones realised their armor was flat broke they leave and allowed rest of group to continued .
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    I'm confused- does this mean the normal episode version?
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    um how is this a bug report? Complaining how people have no purpose of being in a raid with mechanic then come on forum and don't put a post in the right section. Am I missing something here?
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    The version is "Read the forum Topic Title ".
    Strategist and Lemort combined should work well with hardlight rage and nature aoe finishers.
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    Don't get all defensive just because you failed to answer a question.
    Now wtf is this about artifact combos? Why are you talking about those now?
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    Are you on drugs ! The topic title is "The card game event version" the card game is exactly same in all versions ,the version is irrelevant which is why your question which fails logic or reason to be answered ,To obtain 5 artifacts on all 7 alts requires player to complete into the dark universe 7 times ,I did all 7 champaigns using PUG (Player Unknown Groups) aka public queing, The url i linked is a mini guide to the card game I wrote on the very first day of the update patch before hotfix turned laughing knights cards to grey scale making it even easier .
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    The La-Mort Card is the only artifact you get from completing IDM. You do not get all 5 artifacts from completing IDM, each is a mission reward from completing individual content:
    Strategist Card: complete Batscape
    Gem of Horus: travel to Thanagar
    Page of Destiny: complete Damage Control
    Transformation Card: complete Phoenix Cannon
    La-Mort Card: complete Into the Dark Multiverse
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    lol I never typed you get 5 from the raid ,Isn't the story Champaign locked ! Like literally have to run mission steps in sequential order to gain artifacts in all previous episodes before hand too.
  17. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    No, you don't have to follow the story mission. That's a separate mission with its own reward.
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  18. Chia Death Well-Known Player

    Yes, yes I am on drugs- yet I'm still making more sense than you. I'm still wondering wtf "Strategist and Lemort combined should work well with hardlight rage and nature aoe finishers." Is all about...
  19. Walvine Well-Known Player

    Nice to know they fixed the reward issue from previous episodes thanks.
    When people tell me not to feed trolls i do the opposite because its more fun watching them explode into nothing, Lemort is finisher power artifact from this raid and strategists is end game tier artifact which boosts all primary stats by 4% ,They are compatible to any role but most benificial to aoe finisher.
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    Ok, but why did you mention that in a reply to my comment? It makes no sense. Were you drunk posting?